I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 33 : Instagram

Justin's POV


"Why do you have to wear a hijab?" I asked.


"Well, Muslim women wear hijab because God has told us to do so." she simplified for me to understand.


"I see." I nodded.


"Why did you ask me that?"


"Nothing. I was just curious." I practically lied. I actually wanted to know more about her religion but I tried to keep it to myself for now. Hell no! I'm not ready to tell her that. Just like I said. I'll try to respect her religion.


"Sure." she smirked.


"You know what? We're about to graduate high school soon." I tried to change the subject.




"I was wondering what you're gonna be doing after you've graduated?"


"I don't know. I haven't think about that yet." she shrugged her shoulders.


"Me neither. So, what about your family? You told me yesterday that you've got a sister."


"Yea. She's 4 years older than me. Her name is Mia."

"Lucky you. I've got no one at home. It's just me and my mom."


"Don't say that, Justin. You're lucky that you still have your mom with you."


"It's easy for you to say, Camila. She's never there for me. I went out partying and so did she. I gotta learn how to take care of myself since I was...I don't know. 10 maybe." I half yelled at her just because I couldn't control myself when I talked about my parents.


Camila didn't dare to say anything after that. She sat there and looked frightened already because I shouted right in her face. Shit! Way to go, Justin! Fuck!

"I'm sorry, Camila."


"I'm just..." I paused, my head was in my hands. I didn't know what to say to her.


"It's okay, Justin. I know you didn't mean it." she tried her best to soothe me. God! I shouldn't be doing that in front of her ever again.


"I gotta learn how to pull myself together when it comes to my parents." I said.


"I think so." her voice was low and calm.


I lifted my head up and saw her glancing at her watch. We've got English Literature for the first period of the day so she's still gonna be stuck with me after this.

"We better go to class." she suggested and I nodded.


We stood up from the table and started making our way to class. She was wearing a long red blouse with a pair of white jeans and a pink hijab wrapped loosely around her head. Her curves were always invisible under her blouse but she's sexy as hell. I tried to snap that thought out of my head instantly. Damn it!


We entered the class and there were only a few people as it was still early. She went to take a seat at the back and I followed her. I took a seat in front of her as usual. She sat down and took out the books from her bag. I turned around to look at her and she seemed uncomfortable.


"What?" she asked after a few seconds of silence.


"Do you have an instagram?" I asked. I loved to see that expression on her face every time I stared at her. It kinda annoys her sometimes.


"I do. Why?"


"Can I have your username name?" I smiled.


"Just type in my name at the search box."


"Got that, babe." I smirked and she rolled her eyes.


I typed in her name at the search box and several accounts with the name Camila came out. I kept scrolling down until I saw a profile picture with her cute little face on it. I clicked on the picture and her account was displayed on my screen.


I started to look through her photos and clicked the follow button. I could feel that she was trying to see what I was doing from behind me. She was probably be wondering why I asked for her instagram username just now.


"What are you doing?" she faked a serious tone.


"I'm following you on instagram." I said, holding out my phone in her face.


"For what?" she frowned.

"Maybe because you're gonna be my girlfriend soon." I smirked and winked at her. She looked at me like as if she wanted to smack that smirk off my face. I tried my best not to laugh at her.

"Dream on, lover boy." she faked a smile and focused back on her book.

"We'll see about that." I whispered quietly to myself.


A few minutes later, Mrs. Melek entered the class and the first period of the day started.


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