I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 42 : Go swimming

We walked together towards the lake. Adam and Derin took a seat at one of the tables under the trees while Justin led me to the jetty.


Justin and I walked down the jetty as if it were a personal catwalk. My flat shoes clacked over the various hues of the wooden boards, some newer planks with their bright unworn look while others were dull and beaten.


"What exactly did you do every time you come here?" I asked.


He stopped in front of me when we reached half of the jetty and turned his back around to face me.


"I'd go for a swim." he simplified.


"I see." I nodded.


When I was keeping my eyes serenely on the horizon, he suddenly pulled his shirt over his head and bent down to take off his sneakers.


"What are you doing?" I asked in a clear and firm tone and my eyes began to grow wider from accidentally eyeing his bulging back muscles.


"It's pretty hot today, you know? I'm going for a swim." he responded but still focusing on taking off his sneakers.


"You're kidding right? You're not gonna go swimming in there." I frowned while pointing my index finger towards the water.


"No. I'm not playing around. There's nothing to worry about. I do it all the time." he said and started to unbutton his jeans and I forced myself to look the other way as I didn't wanna catch the way the muscles in his back moved when he bent down to pull his jeans through his legs.


"Ehem." I cleared my throat and he turned around to face me with only in his boxers. The black boxers were tight against his body. Astaghfirullah! This is not happening again! I've seen him shirtless before but this is just too much. He's standing in front of me with only in his boxers now. Oh, please forgive me!


"What's wrong, babe?" he smirked when he noticed the uncomfortable expression on my face and I found myself blushing all of a sudden.

"You didn't even tell me that you're going swimming when you asked me to come here with you." I gave him the confusing look.


"That's because I know that you're not gonna go swimming with me. Am I right?" he raised an eyebrow and I just kept myself silent.


"Wow! I see someone is turning scarlet. What's bothering you? Is it because I'm only in my boxers?" the corner of his mouth turned up and I could trace the sarcasm in his voice. He's so annoying!


"Don't be ridiculous!" I rolled my eyes and looked away.


"Well, care to join me?" he smirked while holding out his hand towards me.


"You wish!" my eyebrows plunged into an angry frown and I smacked his hand aside.


"Suit yourself!" he smirked once again and shook his head. I'd like to slap that smirk off of his face one day! I thought to myself.


"Jerk!" I whispered quietly to myself.


He left me and started walking until he reached the end of the jetty. He glanced at me over his shoulder before jumping into the water.


"Hey! Why don't you come and sit here?" he called from the lake while pointing towards the end of the jetty.


I hesitated at first so I turned my back around to see what Adam and Derin were up to. I found them were chatting and joking around animatedly with each other. I think they didn't even notice their surroundings anymore. I couldn't help myself but giggled.


"Fine." I sighed and started walking.


I got to the end of the jetty and sat down. I've decided to dip my feet in the water as it was clean and crystal clear. I took off my flat shoes and rolled my jeans a little bit and put my bare feet in the water.


On the surface of the lake, was the reflection of my own face. I gazed at the pale girl in the velvet hijab with blue-green eyes that were probably too big for her face who was staring back at me and sighed.


"See? This wasn't so bad." Justin said and started swimming closer towards the jetty.


I was eyeing him carefully when he was enjoying himself in the water. I could see the drops of water falling from his hair and nose. He looked at me and smiled while pushing his soaked hair back and wiped his face with one hand.


When I was wasting my time laughing and splashing him with the water, the thought of the necklace that I was wearing around my neck came across my mind. Gee. I didn't tell him that I'm wearing it. Wait! Do I have to tell him? Am I really ready for this? God! I don't know. I thought to myself and sighed.


"What's the matter?" he asked. He must have noticed my sudden change of mood.

"I...I wanted..." I stammered and my voice was getting shaky. I bit my lip nervously and avoided eye contact.


"What is it?" he asked again but I still kept my mouth shut and looked away.


"Camila. Look at me." he persuaded. His voice was low and calm. I turned my head to face him. He swam near my feet and looked at me in the eye.


"It's okay. Just tell me. What is it?" he waited impatiently for my answer.


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