I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 45 : I trust you

"But I don't want you to spend your money on me, Justin."


"Then what do you want?"


"Loyalty. That's all that matters to me." I , lowering my head and pressing my lips together.


The moment the word 'Loyalty' came out of my mouth, he immediately stopped the car without me realizing that we've already reached my house.


He unclasped his seatbelt and started leaning towards me, resting one arm against the seat right above my head. He was closing the gap between our seats. I could feel his breath on my face and his body was close to me. I was stunned and couldn't be able to control myself. My mind was riveted by his mesmerising eyes. Every time when he's around me, my body seems to become numb.


"You want loyalty? You want me to be loyal to you?" he whispered. He regarded me shrewdly and I nodded slowly.


"Camila." his tongue caressed my name and my heart was frantic.


"The moment I laid my eyes on you, you've always been the only girl that I've ever wanted in my life. I don't know what you've done to me but I got the feeling that you're meant to be mine." he confessed, maintaining consistent eye contact and tone of voice.


"When you told me that you've been wearing the necklace since last night, I've already made a promise to myself that you're gonna be the only girl for me."


"I know it's stupid for a boy like me to fall in love with a Muslim girl like you. To be honest, I've never pictured myself being with a Muslim. Never in a million years. Not after my dad left my mom to marry a Muslim." his eyebrows were pulled together and it formed a sad expression on his face. Wait! Is he gonna cry? I hope not!


"What makes the sudden change?" I asked.


"It's you. You've changed everything inside of me. I really wanted you to be with me." he was eyeing me speculatively.


"So...Camila, would you trust me if I told you that it will always be you today, tomorrow and forever?" he breathed out, meaning each word that came out of his mouth.


The atmosphere between us began to change, charging with an electric, exhilarating anticipation. My breath quickened and my heart was racing in my chest. His piercing eyes looked deep inside my soul and I bit my lip.


"I trust you." I whispered, finally made up my mind.


"I'm gonna make that worth it." he smiled.


"You better!" I joked and he chuckled.


"Well, thanks for the ride. I'll see you tomorrow at school." I got out of the car and waved him goodbye as he rolled down the window.


"I'll see you tomorrow." he waved back and I began walking towards the door. I unlocked it and went inside.



"Camila! Dinner's ready. Come and get it while it's still hot." I heard my mom calling me from downstairs.


"Okay." I called back.

I made my way downstairs to the kitchen table and sat across from my mom and Mia who were already sitting at the table. I grabbed a plate and my mom handed me a bowl of salad and mashed potatoes.

"Did you have fun with your friends today?" my mom asked.


"Of course. We had fun together." I smiled, taking a bite of a cherry tomato in the salad.


"That's great, honey."


"Hey little sis? Since when did you wear a necklace?" my sister suddenly asked, I tilted my head and her eyes were eyeing my neck. Crap! It's a good thing that I slipped the locket inside my shirt so that the letter 'J' was invisible.


"Oh, you know me. I..." I mumbled.

"And I didn't even know that you owned a necklace." Mia said. Arghhh! Back off! Mind your own business Mia!


"Well, it's a birthday gift from a friend." I said proudly to reduce the suspicious.


"Really? I wanna see it." Mia stood up and tried to reach for it across the table.


"No, Mia!" I covered the necklace with my hands.


"Girls!" my mom shouted and Mia immediately stopped what she was doing.


"Mia, sit down!" my mom demanded and she sat back down.


"What's wrong with you two? You're not 5 anymore, alright?" my mom scowled at us and I dropped my gaze.


"And you, Mia. You should have shown the perfect example for your sister. If she wouldn't allow you to see it, then let her be." my mom added and Mia nodded slowly.


"I'm sorry, mom. I won't do it again." Mia apologised.


"Sorry." I whispered.


"It's okay. Let's eat." my mom smiled and continued to enjoy our food.


A few minutes later, I heard my phone buzzing in my pocket. I dug it out and saw a text from Justin. I was grinning to myself like an idiot without noticing that my mom was watching me.


"Aaaa aaa. No phones during dinner!" my mom interrupted when I was about to read it.


"Oh, sorry. I forgot." I dropped my phone on the table and rubbed the back of my head.

"Good." my mom smiled and my sister stuck her tongue out at me. I gave her the death stare and she chuckled.


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