I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 46 : The uncomfortable thoughts

After we finished dinner, Mia and I helped mom to do the dishes then I ran upstairs to my room. I sat on the edge of the bed and unlocked my phone to read Justin's text.


Hey babe! I've been thinking about you so I decided to text you. What are you doing?

- Justin


Hey! I just finished dinner with my mom and Mia. I'm here in my room and not doing anything. I'm so bored! 😞


That's sad. Don't worry. Let me cheer things up. What do you think?

- Justin


Sure thing. What do you have in mind?


I can sing for you. How about that? 😏

- Justin


Did Justin Walker just offered me a free concert? Oh my God! If he can really sing, I'm gonna go jogging around my neighbourhood every day for a week right after school.


Are you for real? You can sing? I doubt that very much but it's okay. Let's hear it then.


A while later, my phone buzzed and I've received a voice text from Justin. Wee! I'm so excited to hear him singing. I plugged in my earphones and opened the voice text.


When I clicked the play button, a weird sound suddenly came through my phone. Oh my God! He sounded like Stevie Wonder with a really bad cold or something. It was so hilarious.


For a moment, I was thinking about posting it on the internet but I know it's the wrong thing to do. I was laughing hysterically on the bed until my stomach hurt.


Hello! How was it? It was good right? I told you so 😉

- Justin


Seriously? It was bad. Bad! You sounded like a wounded moose 🤣


A wounded moose? How dare you! I thought you wouldn't call your boyfriend a moose 😡

- Justin


It's okay. I appreciate it very much. Anyway, you did it tho! You've cheered things up. Thank you! 😘


See? That wasn't so bad.

- Justin


Okay. I'm gonna go to bed now.


Alright. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you, Camila Ahmad! ❤️

- Justin


The 'I love you' that he just sent me really made my heart flattered. After I recalled every moment we had together, I finally realized that I've never told him that I love him. This was the second time he told me that he loved me. Do I love him? I think so!


Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I love you too, Justin Walker! ❤️




When I got off the bus, I noticed that I've got about 20 minutes left before the first period started. I walked into the school building with my bag hanging over my shoulder.


"Hey Camila!" Derin came running towards me and pulled me into her arms.


"Hey you!" I smiled and she released me.


"How are you doing?" she asked.


"I'm great." I said, making our way towards the hallway to our lockers.


"What about you and Adam?" I narrowed my eyes at her.


"What do you mean?" she pretended like she didn't know. Her face reddened and she smiled nervously.


"Oh, c'mon. You know what I mean, Derin." I pinched her left cheek and she grinned.


"We're just okay."


"Are you guys like dating or something?" I asked.


"No. Of course not. Don't worry. If we are, you're the first person to know, okay?" she put my hands in hers and gave me the 'reassuring' look.




"You know what? I have to go to the library to borrow some books before class. I'll catch you up later!" she kissed my cheek and went sprinting towards the staircase to the library.


"Alright." I called.


After she left, I opened my locker and gathered all the books that I need for class. Gee. I have to clean up my locker every once in a while. It's chaotic. I thought to myself.


"Hey there." a familiar voice suddenly interrupted my train of thoughts and I turned around.


"Hey." I smiled at Justin who was gazing down at me. He then looked past me and stared at my locker. What's up with that?


"Why are you staring at my locker like that?" I asked.


"You know what? You should put a picture of me in your locker." he rubbed his chin.


"Oh, really? What for?"


"I don't know. Maybe I think that it's cute to have a picture of me in my girl's locker." he gave me a seductive smirk.


"Dream on!" I shook my head and closed the locker.


"I was just joking, okay?"


"I know." I responded and he chuckled.


"How about we go to class, lover boy?" I suggested.


"Sure thing."


We went our separated ways and I entered my class. I took a seat at the back as usual and dropped my books on the table. I sat down and started preparing myself for today's lesson.


I heard a group of students led by Ryan, the famous American boy who just got transferred here last year were buzzing about something but I didn't actually hear what they were saying until I finally realized that they were eyeing me every so often. Are they talking about me? What did I do wrong this time?


A few minutes later, Mrs. Ally entered the class and we began the first period of the day. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable with them eyeing me like I've grown a set of eyes on my forehead but I tried to shake those thoughts out of my head and focused on the lesson.


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