I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 49 : Not my mahram

We walked together towards the parking and he opened the door for me. I climbed into the passenger's seat and he closed the door. He jogged over to the other side and climbed in.


He put the key into ignition and started the engine. A few minutes later, he started driving and we rode in silence.


"Is there anyone home right now?" Justin asked, breaking the silence.


"No. My mom and Mia will be at the university at this hour." I responded.


"It's okay. I'll take care of you." Justin said. What?! Take care of me? What does that supposed to mean?


"What do you mean?" my eyebrows plunged into a confusing frown.


"I'll send you to your room." he said. Is he for real? Oh my God! It looks like I'm gonna have to explain this being alone with him thing.


"Justin." I sighed.


"You can't enter my house and send me to my room just like that, okay?"


"Why not?" he asked, obviously confused.


"We can't be together in a private place. A place where no one could see us you know? You're not my mahram. There's no one home right now and we can't stay together even if I'm sick, do you understand?" I asked for confirmation.


"Okay. Is this one of the things that your religion forbids."


"Yes." I smiled.


"Alright. I understand. I'll just drop you off and be on my way, okay?" he glanced over at me.


"Okay." I nodded.


We finally reached my house and I got out of the car. He rolled down the window and we both waved goodbye to each other. I unlocked the door, went inside and quickly ran upstairs to my room.


I entered my room and dropped my bag on the bed. I took my hijab off and went into the bathroom to wash my face. I got out, let myself fall onto the bed and before I knew it, I instantly fell asleep.




The sound of my phone ringing beside me woke me up. I reached for it and saw Justin's name appeared on the screen. I rose up in bed slowly and hit the green button.


"Hello?" I whispered through the phone.


"Hello, Camila? What are you doing? How are you feeling baby?" he voiced his concerns about me.


"I was just asleep until you interrupted my sleep."


"Oh God! I'm sorry. I wouldn't have called you if I know you were asleep." he apologised.


"No. It's okay. I'm already awake now anyway."


"I'm so sorry. I just wanted to check on you. That's all."


"I'm fine. You don't have to worry about me." I said.


"You're my girlfriend. It's my job to worry about you."




"C'mon. Don't be like this. Please? We can fix this mess."


"I don't know. I mean how did they know that we're together?" I asked. It's true. I didn't tell anyone about Justin and me.


"I guess that I keep getting so much attention from everyone at school. That's how." he guessed. He's probably right. He is known as the school hottie and some girls call him lover boy. I automatically rolled my eyes every time I think of that.


"Okay." that was all that I can say.


"Have you eaten anything since I dropped you off at home?" he asked.


"No. I instantly fell asleep as soon as my body landed on the bed."


"You should go and eat something. I'll call you later."


"Alright." I said and hung up.


I placed my phone on the bedside table and forced myself to get out of bed. I grabbed my towel from the closet and headed into the bathroom. I took a shower, blew dry my hair off afterwards and tied them into a ponytail. I slipped on my sweatpants and a dusty pink shirt.


I quickly headed downstairs to get something to eat as my stomach wouldn't stop growling. I went into the kitchen and saw my mom was already preparing dinner. She noticed my presence and turned to face me.


"Hey honey. How's school?" she asked with a warm smile on her face.


"Great." I lied.


"Can you help me set up the table?" she held the bowls in her hands.


"Sure." I said, taking the bowls from her hands and walked towards the kitchen table.


"Hey little sis." Mia squealed when I was busy setting up the table.




My mom came out with a pot of chicken soup. She asked me to get macaroni from the kitchen counter and I did. Mia took her seat in front of me when I returned.


"Aren't you girls excited to see dad? He's coming home during your graduation, honey." she said, pointing her index finger towards me.


"Of course." Mia and I both said at the same time.


"I called dad the other day and he said he's coming to my graduation next month." my voice was filled with excitement.


Yes! I am gonna be graduating next month which means I've got 2 more weeks before finishing high school. Out of the blue, I had to skip a few classes today because of a girl named Ashley Wilson called me a bitch earlier. That's just perfect! I thought to myself.


"That's wonderful." my mom said.


"What do you think that dad will give you for your graduation?" Mia asked, shoving a spoon full of macaroni into her mouth.

"I was thinking about a car." I smirked.


"Maybe." she pursed her lips.


"You'll see." I responded proudly.


"I can't wait." she lifted both of her eyebrows.


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