I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 50 : Marriage?!

I entered my room and heard my phone was buzzing on the bedside table. I climbed onto the bed and reached over for it. I have received a text from Justin so I unlocked my phone to read it.


Hey! I really wanted to fix our relationship. Let me make it up to you. How about we go out after school tomorrow? Just you and me.

- Justin


Can you tell me where we're going to?


I'm gonna treat you for dinner and maybe we can work it out. I love you! I wanted this to work between us. Please?

- Justin


Fine. I'll meet you tomorrow.


That's good to hear. I'll see you tomorrow. You should get some sleep. Goodnight, my love! ❤️

- Justin


Goodnight, Justin!


That was all that I can reply to him. No 'I love you' and no the red heart emoji. My heart wasn't strong enough to ignore the fact that everyone at school was insulting me just because of my relationship with Justin. It was too painful to forget. What should I do now?




I waited for him at the parking lot when I finished my classes. I was trying my best to stay away from him all day long during school hours and he respected that. He understood how I felt about being seen in public with him.


A few seconds later, I saw him walking over towards me. He was wearing an unbuttoned blue checkered shirt with a royal blue t-shirt underneath it and dark pants. He looked very fine today.


"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Mr. Jamal dismissed us a little bit late today." he apologised, digging out the car keys from his pocket.


"It's okay." I shook my head.


"Let's go." he opened the door for me and I climbed into the passenger's seat. He started the engine and began to drive afterwards.


"Is there someone bothering you at school again?" he asked.


"Well, no."


"That's good but just tell me if there is, okay? I mean it." he demanded, his lips pressed into a hard line and his tone was serious.


"Okay." I bit my lip and leaned back against the seat.


A couple of minutes later, he stopped in front of an outdoor dining restaurant which was called 'Atlantis Barbican'. The place looked pretty fancy but I wouldn't doubt that he couldn't afford to eat here. He is completely loaded!


"We're here." he said, turning off the engine.


"Uuuu, fancy." I said, eyeing the restaurant from the car window and crinkled my nose at him.


"You think so?" he smirked and I rolled my eyes. I got out of the car and he closed the door for me.


"How about we sit out here?" he suggested, pulling out a chair for me to sit.


"Sure." I nodded, sitting down and he sat across from me.


The restaurant was fancy and not to mention, the excellent view. It was close to the sea port and the sound of the seagulls cawing can be heard from here. The ships could be seen floating nearby. It was so beautiful!


"Do you like it here?" he asked, probably because he was gazing at me for the last few seconds when I was busy admiring the view.


"Very much." I flashed my best smile ever.


"Of course you do." he leaned back against the chair.


A while later, a young waitress approached us with the menus and poured some water into our glasses then left.


"Do you see anything you like?" he asked while flapping through the menu.


"I don't know. I've never been here before. What's good here?"


"How about we try their pasta?"


"Okay." I nodded and closed my menu.


"Are you ready to order?" the waitress asked.


"Yea. We'll have the Cajun Pasta, please." Justin ordered for both of us.


"Coming right up." she took our orders and left.


"So..." he trailed off, clasping his hands together on the table in front of him.


"What?" I frowned.


"Can we forget about that Ashley, please?" he tilted his head to the side.


I didn't say a word and shrugged my shoulders.


"I'm not gonna let that whore get anywhere near you ever again, okay?" he looked in the eye.


"Fine." I pouted and looked the other way.


"Don't worry. I'll text her now and tell her that I'm gonna murder her if she dare to talk to you again." he joked, digging out his phone.


"Go ahead." I challenged him.


"No problem, babe."


The boy in front of me is perfect. His hair is the colour of dark roasted beans and his eyes are the ocean, so full of life yet so uncertain. The icy blueness is breathtaking and so intense. I love and enjoy this moment. Is there anything more beautiful I can do with this moment?


For a moment, I realized that I haven't got his picture taken on my phone yet. Not that he didn't have hundreds of photos in his Instagram. I just wanted his picture for myself. A photo of him that has never seen by anyone else except for me.

I dug out my phone, placed it slowly on the table and turned the camera on. He was too busy looking through his phone and didn't even notice what I was doing.


"Justin?" I called, trying to steal his attention.


"Hmmm..." he made a humming sound but didn't lift his head up to look at me.


"Justin?" I called again but a little bit louder this time and he glanced at me. I immediately snapped his photo before he even got to process what I was doing.


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