I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 51 : Forever and always

"Wh...What did you say?" my voice was trembling and my eyes began to grow wider.


"I'm asking you if you would marry me now." his tone was serious.


"Why? We just started this relationship. What's the rush?" I scowled at him, nearly losing my mind as well.


"Excuse me. Here are your orders." the waitress suddenly approached us with a tray in her hands.


"Thank you." we both said to her. She smiled, placed our orders on the table and left. We continued our conversation right after she had gone.


"Chill out will ya? It was just a question, okay? I mean we're gonna be graduating high school in 2 weeks." hia facial expression was so calm. How could he expect me to chill out and act so calm about this? Marriage is not something to be played with.


"So what?"


"Nothing. You wouldn't understand if I told you." he tried to drop the subject. Hell no! I'm not gonna let him get away with this.


"Enlighten me then." I leaned forward.


"Fine." he sighed.


"I don't want anyone hurting you anymore. I'm the one who's supposed to protect you." he pulled his eyebrows together, maintaining eye contact.


"So you decided to marry me? Is that what it is?"


"I'm not saying that we should get married now. It's just..." he trailed off, thinking of the perfect words to explain it to me.


"Justin, we just turned 18. Don't worry. You're here to protect me now. That's good enough for me." I tried to soothe him from this madness.


"Yeah, I know." he tapped his fingers on the table, looking down at his hand.


"Are you excited for graduation?" I rested my chin on my palm.


"Of course." he raked his fingers through his hair.


"Is your mom gonna be there when you graduate?" curiosity came flooding through my mind.


"I don't know. I wouldn't her to be there anyway." he massaged the back of his neck.




"I just wanted you to be there with me during graduation. No one else matters."


"Not even your mom?"


"Maybe." he let out a harsh breath.


"Well, let's dig in before it gets cold." I said, taking a fork and gathered a small number of strands between the tines of the fork. I lifted the bundle into my mouth.


"Yea. Let's eat."


"Hmmm..." I hummed.


"You were right. It's good." I smiled, pointing towards the pasta in my plate with the fork.

"I told you so." the corner of his mouth quirked up.


"Anyway, who's gonna be there for your graduation?" he asked.


"My mom, Mia and probably my dad."


"Probably?" he frowned.


"Well, my dad had promised me that he is gonna be there during graduation. I haven't seen him like forever. I missed him so much." I played with my food.


"Why? Where's your day then? You didn't talk much about your dad."


"Yea. I know that. My dad runs a business so I barely see him. He is busy with his schedule as always."


"Well, where is he now?"




"I see. At least you still got your father." he rubbed his forehead.


"And so do you." I snapped.


"I haven't heard from him for a long time." he lifted his chin up.


"Did he call you?" I asked.


"He did."


"And you didn't pick up because you wouldn't let him speak?"


"I guess so." he tried to keep his emotions steady.


"You should talk to him. I bet he loves you very much. Don't do this to him. He's still your father. Please?" I pleaded with gleaming eyes.


"Alright." he said but I didn't think he mean it. Boy! He is quite stubborn to handle with.


"Do you usually come here?" I asked while impaling a shrimp with my fork and brought it to my mouth.

"Yeah. I like the view here."

"Okay." I nodded, finishing the pasta.


"Are you done?" he asked, wiping his mouth with a napkin after finishing his meal.

"Yes." I crinkled my nose while nodding.


"Alright. I'll get the bill." he said, leaving me and went inside to pay the bill.


A few minutes later, he got out of the restaurant and walked over towards me while digging out the car keys from his pocket.


"Let's go." he said.


"Okay." I stood up from the table and followed him to his car.


He started the engine as I climbed into the passenger's seat. I buckled up and we hit the road afterwards.


"Do you have plans after graduation?" he asked.


"No. Not yet." I shrugged my shoulders.


"What about you?" I turned the question back to him.


"Hanging out with my girl." he glanced over at me and smirked.


"We can't be around each other 24/7 right?" I threw my hands in the air.


"Why not?"


"I would say because we have our own lives."


"My life wouldn't be worth it without you in it." he pretended to be romantic and I looked out the side window.

"You know what?" he spoke and I turned to him.


"I think I should tell my mom about you. It's been a quite while. Maybe after the graduation." he rubbed his chin.


What's wrong with him? I thought he told me that we should take our time before popping out about our relationship to his mother.


"I thought you told me that this thing could wait." I gazed at him with a curious frown on my face.


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