I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 52 : My Angel

The Day Before Graduation...


As the time passed by, we started to understand each other more and dealt with life's circumstances together.


Justin kept his word and did a great job of protecting me from everyone at school especially that Ashley Wilson. She wouldn't stop bugging me for the last 2 weeks at school. That was just because she knew that Justin Walker would never hit a girl.


Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the day. I was on cloud nine and looking forward to graduate high school. No more school, no more bullies, no more teasing and the most important thing is no more Ashley Wilson.


We spent the last 2 weeks on spending our time doing enjoyable things together almost every day after school. There was that one time when he decided to take me to The Ice Cream Bar to get some ice cream. He likes vanilla and I on the other hand like rocky road.


I could feel the bond between us became stronger every day. He loves me and I love him. That's all that matters. I pray to Allah every night after performing Isha prayer that nothing could keep me and him apart. In sha Allah.


"Camila!" I heard my mom's voice calling me from downstairs.


"Yes, mom?" I called back.


"Let's eat."


"I'll be down in a minute." I said while looking at myself in the mirror. I smiled and twisted the letter 'J' that was hanging around my neck.


"Forever and always." I whispered quietly before slipping it back into my shirt and headed downstairs.


I approached my mom and Mia who were already sitting at the table and took my seat approach from them as usual.


"Someone's happy here." Mia teased me probably because she saw me smiling for no reason the last few seconds.


"Let her be, Mia. You know she's gonna be graduating high school tomorrow. Everyone would be excited for that." mom backed me up and I stuck my tongue out at Mia.


"Of course, mom. I'm super excited for tomorrow." I was swinging and drumming my fingers on the table.


"Before that, let's eat first." she put one finger in the air and both Mia and I chuckled.

"I can't wait to see dad tomorrow." my voice was filled with excitement.


"Me too." Mia interrupted.


"We're all gonna meet him tomorrow, okay?" mom tried to soothe us.


"Okay." we both answered at the same time.




After we finished dinner, mom stood up and began gathering the plates. For a moment, I was wondering how my mom could still have time to take care of us and do the house chores at the same time although she was busy with her career every single day.


"Just leave it there. I'll do the dishes. You just go ahead and rest, okay?" I gave her a sympathetic look.


"Yea. I'll help." Mia said.


"Alright. I'll be upstairs if you girls need me." she said while making her way towards her room.


"Okay." I called.


"Bring me those plates and I'll wash it." I demanded and headed towards the kitchen sink.


"I'm coming." Mia said, gathering the plates in her hands.


"Hey. Am I gonna meet this Justin Walker of yours?" Mia smirked.


"Nope." I pursed my lips.


"Why not? I'd like to meet my little sis' boyfriend."


"I'm not ready to tell you guys about him. We just got started and we didn't want to rush things." I glanced over at her.


I was very comfortable with telling Mia about everything including Justin. I know she wouldn't say a word about anything to anyone. Ever! I know my sister very well. She is the best sister that Allah could ever grant me. I love her so damn much!


"I see. When are you gonna tell mom and dad then?" she asked.


"I don't know yet. Only time will tell I guess." I half smiled.


"Okay." she gave me a nod of understanding.


"I'm all done. I'll be upstairs in my room. Goodnight, Mia." I pulled into a hug before heading upstairs.


"Goodnight." she called.


I entered my room and launched myself on the bed and I really loved how it bounced when I did that. I reached over for my phone on the bedside table. I received a text from Justin as soon as I unlocked my phone. Weeeee!




"Babe?" Justin called when I was enjoying my ice cream.


"Yup. What?" I put my spoon down and rested my chin in my palm.


"I want you to call my phone. Please?" he pleaded.


"Why?" I frowned.


"Just call." he reassured me.


"Fine." I sighed, grabbing my phone and dialled his number.


The phone rang on the table seconds later. He picked it up and held it front of my face. I didn't get the picture at first until I felt my cheeks were beginning to turn red when I saw the contact name that appeared on the screen.


The word 'My Angel' appeared as my contact name on his phone. I bit my lip nervously when I realized that I saved his contact just by the name of 'Justin Walker'.


"Why 'My Angel'?" I pretended to ask.


"It's because you mean the world to me." his blue eyes pierced into my soul.


"Thank you." I smiled nervously.


*End of flashback*


Hey babe! How's it going? Are you excited for tomorrow?

- Justin


Hey! I'm super excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to see my dad. Everything's great. So far so good 😃


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