I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 53 : The graduation day ( Part 1 )

The sound of my alarm went off at 6 a.m woken me up from bed. I climbed out of bed and went straight into the bathroom to take a shower. I blew dry my hair off, tied it up into a ponytail and prepared myself to pray Fajr.


I opened my closet and decided to be in my best appearance ever for today. I slipped on my black jeans and a white long sleeve peasant blouse that covered most of my curves. I grabbed a royal blue hijab and wrapped it perfectly around my head.


I stood in front of the mirror and placed my hand on the locket that was hanging proudly around my neck before grabbing my bag and went downstairs.


"I'm ready to go." I said to my mom and Mia who were sitting at the table.


"You look very nice today, honey." mom smiled and Mia raised her thumb at me.


"Thank you." I gave mom a kiss on her cheek and waved Mia goodbye before heading towards the door.


"We'll see you at school later." Mia called.


"Okay." I called back and shut the door behind me.


My mom and Mia had promised me that they would be going a little bit late for my graduation just to give room for me to hang out with my friends before life tears us apart and we would be going our separate ways sooner or later.


I started making my way towards the bus stop to catch the bus with my bag hanging over my right shoulder.




The gymnasium lights were shining bright at us, the graduates as we gathered on the football field. It was crowded and packed but I couldn't be more happier because I was about to graduate high school. The school principal chose Derek Gibson, one of the best students in high school to give a speech, representing all of the graduates today. He kept it short but sweet and compact. It was a happy day for all of us.


It's finally here. The moment of truth, the stepping stone to the real world. This is what they've been preparing us for. After those memorable years. Through the good, bad, idiotic, fun and change. It was finally time. Time to step out into that bright light, shake the hand of an administrator and grab the ticket to freedom. The piece of paper that would remind me forever that I've accomplished something in my life.


The moment I grabbed my diploma, everything was over. High school would be a bittersweet memory for everyone. Some friendships had ended and some didn't. We were no longer high school students.


We were jumping, screaming in our graduation gowns and no one even cared. I couldn't explain how happy I was at this special moment. What did come through my mind at that time was my dad and a boy with blue eyes that I finally get to call my boyfriend.


"There's my happy pill. I thought I'd lost you in the crowd." a familiar voice interrupted me from behind. I turned my back around instantly with a twisted mouth.


"I thought I'd lost you too then." I looked up at him.


"I'm always here." he gazed down at me with the best smile on his face.


"Well, you look handsome today." I grinned nervously.


"And you look stunning." he flicked my cap.


He was wearing a white long sleeve oxford shirt with a black tie and dark pants. His hair was pushed back as always. The recognisable cologne of his lingered within the thin fabric of his shirt.


"Thank you." I pursed my lips at him and he chuckled.


"Hey lovebirds! Am I interrupting something here?" I heard Derin's sweet voice calling out to us. Adam was following her from behind.


"Hey you!" I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tightly.


"Hey man." Justin smiled and greeted Adam with an awkward handshake.


"Hey." Adam returned his smile.


"How does it feel?" Derin asked.


"Graduating? I feels great. I couldn't be happier than ever." I spread my arms and felt the cool breeze hitting my face.


"Me too." she crinkled her nose.


I glanced over at Justin before turning back to Derin and he apparently was busy chatting animatedly with Adam. Boy! They did get along just fine after all.


"What about you and Adam? Did you guys work it out? I saw how you look at each other so don't try to fool me." I narrowed my eyes at her.


"Fine." she sighed and gave in.


"We're still working on it I guess. We've spent a lot of time together." she said with a nervous smile on her cute face.


"That's great then. The perfect time will come soon. I promise, okay?" I stroked her left arm.


"Okay." she nodded.


"Are you dating Justin?" she turned the topic back on me. Crap! What to do? Should I tell her the truth? Maybe it's time. Fuhhh. Here goes nothing.


I let out a deep breath before answering her question, "Yes, we are dating."


Her jaw dropped and her eyes grew wider all of a sudden, "Wh...What? I mean...How?"


"I don't know. I just happened. He's beginning to change you know? He has stopped being rude and started being nice to me but he's still working on it." I blurted.


"Wow! You're so lucky. I didn't mean to piss you off but he's cute. I mean super cute." she clasped her hands together in excitement.

"Shut up!" I rolled my eyes and we both burst into laughter.


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