I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 56 : It’s time

I finally reached home at 3 in the evening. I grabbed my bag and got out of the car. I waved him goodbye until he was out of sight. I began walking towards the door until I saw a white Honda Civic that was parked in the driveway.


MasyaAllah! I've never seen this car before. Is this the car that dad gave me for my graduation? If it is, it's more than I could ever ask for. I went closer to the car to take a good look at it.


A gasp escaped my lips at the luxurious one hundred thousand pounds worth of Japanese engineering. I dug out the keys from my pocket and noticed the Honda logo on it. Yup. This is definitely my car. Thank you, dad!

After few minutes of eyeing and touching the vehicle, I then realized that I was already late to perform Zuhr prayer. I quickly went inside and headed straight to my room.


I entered my room and took my hijab off. I grabbed my towel from the closet and hurried myself into the bathroom to take a shower. I got dressed and performed Zuhr prayer. I took my phone with me and went downstairs afterwards.

"Perfect time." my mom said while setting up the table. My dad and Mia has already taken their seats.


"It's been a long time since we had dinner together." I smiled, taking my seat approach from them beside Mia.

"You're right." dad nodded.


"Hey kiddo. I figured maybe you would like to tell me about your new friend, Justin Walker." he suddenly brought up the subject. Great! I haven't answered his question yet but my hands were already sweating.


"Well, he got transferred here because his mother decided to. His parents used to run a business together in the past before they got divorced. A fresh start was what she needed. That's why she moved here and brought Justin along with her because his father remarried and currently living in England with his new family." I blurted.


For a moment, I actually wanted to slap myself hard in the face. Why did I mention about his parents' divorce anyway? I hope he's not gonna be mad at me if he finds out.


"I'm so sorry for him. I didn't know that his parents were already divorced. Poor child. He seems like a good kid." he formed a sympathetic expression on his face.


"He is a good kid, dad." I whispered, playing with my food.


"His parents used to run a business together, huh?" he asked and I nodded slowly.


"Who are his parents?" he questioned, probably because he runs a business all around the world and might as well know them.


"They are Aaron and Susan Walker, dad." I responded and he rubbed his chin.


"I didn't think that I knew any Aaron or Susan Walker."


"Oh, maybe they haven't done business with you."


"Maybe." he said, finishing up his food.


"How long have you been friends with him, honey?" mom interrupted.


"A few months I guess." I lied. Technically, we're not friends anymore.


"I see." mom nodded.


"Someone's turning red over here." Mia intervened, pinching my cheek.


"No I wasn't." I protested. Why can't she be more annoying than this? Allahu!


"Stop teasing your sister, Mia." mom scowled at her and she dropped her gaze.


"Serve you right." I whispered into her ear and she rolled her eyes.


"Uh, I forgot to ask. Do you like what you see in the driveway?" dad asked, definitely referring to my new car.


"It's more than I could ever hope for. I totally love it. Thank you, dad." I flashed a smile that reached my ears.


"Anything for you, kiddo."




I took a shower right before going to bed. I slipped on my night gown and went downstairs to drink some warm milk. I made my way back to my room and started tucking myself under the covers until I heard my phone buzzing on the bedside table.

Hey babe! Are you asleep? I've got something to tell you.

- Justin


Something? Wow! That sounds pretty serious. I wonder what it is.

Hey! No, not yet. Really? What is it?


You know what? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I finally made my decision. I figured that it's time for me to come clean with my mother about you, Camila.

- Justin


Wait! What?! Is he for real? Seriously? I didn't even know what I should say to him. Why is he being so serious about me anyway? It's not like we're getting married tomorrow or something like that.


What?! Are you being serious about right now? Don't you think that it's a little too early for that? You said we can wait for the right time to come.


I know that, Camila. I'm sorry. I just wanted this to work and nothing matters most to me in this world rather than you. She can't live her life like this forever. I'm following my father's footsteps whether she like it or not.

- Justin


I don't know, Justin.


You don't have to worry about anything, Camila. You're gonna be safe. I promised, okay?

- Justin

Okay. When am I going to meet your mother?


I asked, hopefully it's not tomorrow because I'm totally not ready for this. I don't even know when I'm gonna be ready.


I haven't think about it yet. I'll tell you that later. It's late. Just go to sleep, okay? Goodnight. I love you forever and always! ❤️


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