I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 60 : The negative thoughts

Justin's POV

I entered Steve's house and he led me upstairs to his room. When I parked my car in the driveway, I noticed that his parents' car wasn't there. I figured that I should ask him that.


He asked me to wait for him in his room while he went to get me some extra pillows and a blanket. I got into his room and sat down on the edge of his bed with my head in my hands.


A while later, he approached in his room with a blanket and pillows in his hands. He approached me and dropped them onto the floor. I looked up at him as he was standing in front of me with a confusing face.


"Hey man. Why don't you tell me what happened to you?" he patted my shoulder and took his spot on the bed beside me.


"I brought Camila to see my mother." I blurted. I glanced over at him and he nearly dropped his jaw out of surprise.


"And..." he trailed off, probably guessing what did actually happen.


"Well, she started screaming at her all of a sudden and called her a bitch." I said, running my fingers through my hair.


"You know what? She nearly slapped her right in front of my damn face. I don't understand it. How could she be so furious as soon as she laid her eyes on her? Plus, she dared to slap her even though I told her that she is my girlfriend. Damn it! That was unacceptable!" I shouted out of anger, standing up with both of my hands clasped behind my head.


"You need to chill out, man." Steve interrupted, doing his best to help me gain control of myself.


"I'm sorry." I said, turning around to face him.


"I couldn't help myself every time I remember that shit. I don't think that she deserves to be treated like that. That's all." I explained, finding my tone back but still could feel the flame inside of me burning.


"I know that. But..."


"Why did you bring her to see your mother in the first place? You already know that it's a bad idea." he asked, waiting impatiently for my smart ass answer.


"It's because I wanted to be with her in a normal kind of way. Why can't we be together just like any other couple out there?" I shouted once more.

"She is the one who couldn't let go of the past and she put the blame on my girlfriend now. What kind of mother does that?" my deadliest gaze landed on Steve.


"I understand how you feel, man. I really do but you have to think about her too. Your mother probably needs some time to think about this mess." he said.


"Just remember that..."


"No matter what happens, you have to protect Camila." he blurted the shit that I knew he was keeping in his head since I first told him about what happened.


"What do you mean?" I asked. Of course I'm gonna be protecting her no matter what happens. I know by the look on his face that he has something more to say.


"Look..." he said, closing the gap between us.


"I didn't mean to accuse your mother of anything, okay?" he gave me a reassuring look on his face.


"I'm just afraid that she might do something to hurt Camila. You know what I mean, right?" his caramel brown eyes searched my face for some answers.

"I get it." I said, probably faking a smile.


"We don't know what she's capable of." I added. All those negative thoughts began flooding through my mind when I think of her but I tried to get rid of them.


I guess he was right. I wouldn't doubt that my mom could do something to hurt her. She got money and power and with that she can ask anyone to do almost anything for her. For Susan Walker, anything is possible. That's how my mom rule her world.



"I think you should get some sleep." he rubbed the back of his head.


"Okay." I nodded. My head was spinning like hell thinking about all this shit. I would die of head explosion if it keeps fucking with my head. I was being paranoid for no good reason.


"By the way..." I said and he turned his back around towards me.


"Where are your parents? I noticed their car wasn't in the driveway." I asked. Luckily, I didn't forget about that.


"Oh, they are out of town for a few days." he said.


"When are they coming back?"


"I'm not sure." he shook his head while preparing his bed.


"Okay." I responded.


Steve grabbed me a comforter for me to sleep in. I took the pillows and blanket and made myself comfortable sleeping on the floor. In this moment, I'm missing her so badly. I dug out my phone from my pocket and one of her pictures appeared on the screen when I opened the gallery.


I was staring at the picture of her wearing her favourite baby pink sweatshirt and velvet scarf. The colour of her scarf really lighten up her pale skin. That sweet smile playing on her lips that I missed so much really drives me crazy. I want her. I want her so damn much!

"I love you, Camila Ahmad." I whispered to myself before closing my eyes.


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