I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 61 : The spy

Mrs. Susan Walker's POV


There it was. My life is completely ruined for the second time by a girl who wears a scarf on her head and called herself a Muslim. But this time, that type of person who once took my husband is about to take my son away from me too. I thought bringing him here to start a new life together was a good idea, in fact it turned out to be the worst nightmare ever.

The moment I raised my hand to slap that little bitch, he immediately stopped me from hurting her by grabbing my wrist and I didn't even see that coming. The finger marks are still visible around my wrist. He would hurt his own mother just to protect that Muslim girl? How could he do this to me?


At one point, I thought he was the only person left who truly loves me, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, his head was turned by a girl with a scarf on her head just like his father.


I don't understand it. What made them so attractive anyway? Before this, Justin is like any normal teen. He would go out partying with his friends, got home drunk in the middle of the night and bringing along different girls every night just to sleep with.


That's why I would never see my son making the same mistake as my husband did 2 years ago. My Lord, I've been completely wrong. He is no different than his father.

What made the sudden changes in him? He ended up quitting all the partying, the drinking, the sleeping around and began to hate his own mother for God sake.


We started screaming at each other hours ago and I on the other hand ended up being alone in my bed waiting for him to come home but he didn't. Where could he possibly at this hour? It's already past midnight and there's still no sign of him.


The Next Morning...


The sound of my phone ringing on the bedside table woke me up. Is it Justin? It must be him. I immediately rose from my bed and reached over for it. I hit the green button without looking at who's contact name appearing on the screen.

"Hello? Justin? Where have you been? I was worrying sick about you all night. Why didn't you come home, honey?"


"Hello? Susan? It's me, Elizabeth. Why do you sound so worry?" one of my business partners' voice oozed through the phone and it really made me disappointed. I really thought that it was him.


"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I'll call you back later." I said, hanging up on her. I'm not feeling so well today and not in the mood for any business meeting or going to work.


I hit the off button on my phone and placed it back on the bedside table. I curled myself back in bed, thinking where Justin might be sleeping last night.




It was 1 in the afternoon and still no sign of him returning home. This is getting out of hand. Justin is starting to give me a headache already by bringing home that girlfriend of his.


I stormed into my office room, thinking of the things that I should do to make sure that girl never gets anywhere near my son again. That's it. If this is what he wants, I'll show you what I'm capable of.

I've decided to give my worker a call. He usually does the dirty work for me. This time. That's just what I needed.


"Mark? Meet me in my office now." I demanded before hanging up.


A few minutes later, the man with blue eyes and a short beard appeared in my office dressed in all black and ready for the job. He has been doing this job for me for almost 5 years and never fails to amaze me. I'm telling you that he is the man for the job.


"I need you to do something for me." I said.


"What is it?"

"I want you to find out where my son is right now. He hasn't come home since last night." I demanded.


I stood up from the chair and leaned forward against the table.


"Please inform me if you see him with a girl wearing a scarf on her head. Do you understand?"


"Of course." he nodded and disappeared from the room instantly.




"Ma'am?" I heard a few knocks on the door before I saw Mark pushing the door slightly open.


"Did you find out where he is?" I asked.




"I spotted him at the Sakarya Park with this girl." he informed, dropping a picture of Justin and her on my desk.


I grabbed the picture and took a closer look at her face just in case. Yeah. That is her in the picture with my son.


"That is her." the corner of my mouth quirked up.


"If you don't mind me asking, who is she?" he asked.


"This little bitch..." my finger landed on her face in the picture.


"Is my son's girlfriend." I blurted and he gulped. Jesus! I don't think he believes that my son would date a Muslim girl either.


"What do you want me to do with her?"


For a moment, I was thinking about threatening her to stay away from my son. But that wasn't enough, it's time to face the real world. This is Susan Walker we're talking about. They've taken my husband away from me and I'm not gonna let the same thin happen to my son.


"I want you to kidnap her." I demanded.


"Bring her to me."


With that, he nodded in understanding and disappeared from my office.


"You'll never see her again, Justin." I whispered quietly to myself.


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