I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 66 : The Heart Of An Angel

"Are you sure that you're okay?" he asked once again, scanning my condition from the bottom to the top.


"Yea." I nodded.


"Good." he let out a deep breath and let go of my face.


"Let's get in the car. You're freezing out here." he said, leading me to his car and opened the door to the passenger's seat for me. I climbed in and he closed the door before jogging over to the other side.


"I'll turn up the heater for you." he said when he got in.


"Okay." I wrapped my arms around my body to keep warm.


"Here." he took off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders.


"Thank you." I smiled and he started driving afterwards.


Justin's POV


The moment I saw her waving on the streets, it felt like I was the luckiest person in the whole wide world for being able to see Camila's face one more time. I thought I had lost her because of my mom's sinister plan.




When we shared our first hug, it was a miracle. In that embrace, I felt her soft skin and gentle squeeze on me. The arms that held me was soft, yet strong. The feel of her body close to mine soothed me more than I expected. I didn't want to leave. It felt as if when I was in her arms, all my pain went away. Mental and physical, mostly the depressing pain.


For a moment, I was thinking about kissing her. Oh! How I wanted to feel those beautiful lips on mine so damn much since the first time I laid my eyes on her but...


I know that I had to respect her one way or another. I'm gonna keep myself from doing those things that could jeopardise our relationship. I DON'T WANT HER TO HATE ME!?


"Justin?" her voice suddenly interrupted me from my thoughts. Jesus! I was driving with my mind elsewhere. Fuck! You're gonna kill both of us, Justin!?


"Yea? What is it?" I glanced over at her.


"How did you find me?" she asked, obviously confused. It's true. If I didn't go home and find out about my mom's plan, she would probably be dead right now and I would have never find out where she kept her.


"I'll find you anywhere." I responded.


"That's not what I mean." she frowned, snuggling into my jacket with her arms crossed.


I kept my silence for a few seconds and she was waiting impatiently for my answer. I didn't mean to drop the bomb on her like this but she has the right to know.


I exhaled a harsh breath before answering her thought, "I heard my mom was talking to someone on the phone when I got back home and it turned out that..."


"She was then one who hired her men to kidnap you." I ran my fingers through my hair.


"What?!" she exclaimed, her big blue-green eyes grew wider and she dropped her jaw.


"I'm sorry, Camila. I wouldn't think that she would do such a thing to you. I'm not gonna forgive her for what she did to you. She could have killed you for God sake!?" I shouted, hitting the steering wheel with my fists.


"Justin, STOP!?" she squealed, grabbing the sleeve of my shirt to stop me from hurting myself.


I pulled over to the roadside and rested my forehead against the steering wheel in an attempt to cool myself down. Mom is really getting on my nerves this time. How could she do such a thing!?




"Calm down." she kept her voice low while patting on my back to soothe my temper. God! I just had to control my temper before I do something stupid!?


"I swear to God, Camila!"


"I would never forgive her if anything happened to you." I lifted my head up and glanced over at her. She plunged her eyebrows together and gave me a sympathetic look.


I could tell by the look on her face that she was deadlocked. She got nothing left to say because she didn't know what she supposed to say about this. MY MOM HAD CROSSED THE LINE WAY TOO FAR!?


"What now?" she asked, her eyes locked to mine.


"I don't know." I placed one hand on the steering wheel.


"We've got to lodge a report. I don't care what's gonna happen to her anymore. She can rotten in jail!?" I looked the other way and rested my elbow on the window.


"Are you sure about that?" she asked. She gave me that 'Unbelievable' look on her face. It's true. Who would dare to put their own mother in jail? That's just madness!


"What do you want me to do then?" I gave her a brief look and she dropped her gaze.


"I don't know." she shook her head while picking at her nails.


"I'm safe. That's all that matters." she said proudly. OH MY FUCKING GOD! Is this girl for real?! My mother could have killed her if I wasn't there to stop her just in time and she told me all that matters was that she is safe now? What the fuck?!




I guess I've made the perfect choice to call her 'My Angel'. I couldn't myself but giggled.


"What does that supposed to mean?" I asked, bringing back my serious expression.

"Do you really want to put your mom in jail?" she bit her lips nervously.


"For her attempted murder against her son's girlfriend? Yea. I think so, Camila." I said sarcastically while shaking my head in disbelief.


"Okay." she gave in and made herself comfortable in her seat.


"But before that..."


"I've got something to do first." I put one finger in the air.


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