I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 67 : I CHOOSE HER!?

Camila's POV


I leaned against the seat and snuggled myself into his warm jacket. I bathed in the smell of his favourite cologne. I don't know about Justin Walker but he has his own smell. He smells so good.


Every once in a while, I briefly glanced over at him and there was a set of frown on his face. I know that he is still angry about what her mother had done to me. Should I say something to him? I don't think so. He is on his temper right now. I BETTER SHUT UP.


A few minutes later, we arrived at his house. He pulled into the driveway and unclasped his seatbelt. Wait! What are we doing here anyway?!


"What are you doing?" I asked.


"I'm gonna talk to her." he said with a serious tone and started making his way out of the car.


"What?! Why?" I started to panic all of a sudden. Oh Justin! Please don't make a scene. Not with his mother again.


"I'm not gonna let her get away with this." he began balling his fists and I immediately grabbed his shirt to stop him.


"Please..." he turned his head around and gazed down at me.


"Don't do anything stupid." I pleaded, blinking my eyes rapidly and still didn't let go of his shirt.

"I know what I'm supposed to do. Trust me, Camila." he reassured me and I slowly began to let go of his shirt.


"Stay put and lock the doors." he demanded and I did.


"What's on his mind actually?" I whispered to myself and sighed.


Justin's POV


I went into the house and noticed that there was no sign of my mother anywhere. The place was completely empty so I decided to take a look in her office. I quickly ran upstairs to her office.


When I got to her office, I saw the lights in her office was still on which indicated that she's in there. I stormed into her office which made her nearly jumped out of her seat. She was sitting comfortably at her table at that time with the paperwork scattered in front of her. How can she be so calm right now? After what she had done? She is unbelievable!?


"You're making yourself comfortable I see." I said sarcastically.


"Justin. Thank God you're home!" she cheered, walking over towards me while holding out both of her arms.


"NO!" I half yelled and she stopped a few inches from where I was standing. She seemed confused all of a sudden. How can she be so good at this?


"WHAT THE FUCK, MOM?!" I shouted in her face, clenching my fists by my side.


"Why are you shouting at me like that? Is it because I took your girl?" she started challenging me. Oh, this gets better and better.


"You know what? I found her standing alone on the streets about an hour ago. She was freezing and had nowhere to go. How could you?!" I narrowed my eyes at her.


"What do I care?" she lifted her chin up and crossed her arms.


"What do you care? Really, mom?" I shook my head in disbelief at her arrogant expression.


"What?" she pretended to be naive for no good reason.


"Why did you do it, mom? You almost killed her. Didn't you realize that?" I asked, tightened my jaw in an attempt to control my anger before I loose it.

Her blue eyes fixed on mine but she kept her silence. She didn't answer me or try to change the subject. FUCK! I'm done with this shit!?


"WHY DID YOU DO IT, MOM?!" I yelled and she startled. Her eyes grew wider as I gave her my deadliest gaze ever.


"Justin, try to understand that..." she didn't get to finish her sentence as I cut her off.


"TO THE ONLY GIRL I'VE EVER LOVED, MOM!?" I yelled once more but even louder this time. I pressed my lips together, feeling the flame inside of me burning and I began to pant out of rage and hatred.


"But she's not compatible for you, honey."


"You're making the same mistake as your dad. What's happening to you? Have you lost your mind?" she threw her hands in the air.


"I don't care, mom." I gave her a sign to stop.


"What matters now is that..." I paused while taking a deep breath.


"I love her and I'll do anything to be with her." I blurted proudly, standing firm on my decision to be with Camila no matter what.


"Nothing could ever keep us apart, mom."


"The only thing that can keep us apart is death." I could feel every single muscle in my body was bulging.


"Please don't do this, Justin."


"I thought you love me..." I raised both of my hands and she forgot about trying to persuade me to calm down.


"I once told you not to make me choose between you and Camila." I reminded her and she sighed out of frustration.


"I'm sorry, mom." I apologised before delivering those painful thoughts that I've been keeping inside of my head.


"You made me do this..." I trailed off and she lifted her head with watery eyes. It's like she already knows what's coming up next. What I'm gonna say to her.


"I choose her." I lightened up my tone and the tear drops that she was holding streamed down her cheeks the moment those words hit her.


"No...Justin..." she dropped to her knees and grabbed me by my arm. I tried to back off but I couldn't.


"Justin, please. Don't leave me like this." she pleaded.


"I got nobody else. Your father had already left but not you too. Please stay..." she wrapped her arms around my legs, begging for me to stay. He tears began to soak my pants. DAMN IT!



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