I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 79 : Dangerous woman

Mrs. Susan Walker's POV


The click sound of my car being unlocked was the sign for me to get in as fast as I could. Without wasting any time, I took out my phone and started tracing Justin's phone to know his location. It turned out that he was at the Hastanesi Hospital. It's only a 25-minute drive from here.


"I'm coming, honey." I spoke to myself, hoping that he would be fine before taking off.


My child is my child, has been and always will be. Justin holds my soul in his heart and my heart is forever his. He will always have my support and my guidance should have been his every wish to ask. I would walk through the gates of hell to keep him safe. He is the most sacred gift that God have ever given me.




Camila's POV


The walls of the ward are simply cream, not peeling or dirty, just cream. A curtain hung limply on the chrome railing, looking like it's been washed a thousand times. The air that hit my face had a perfumed scent as I keep walking towards what was lying in front of me. There he was...


When I approached the still form in the bed, he was perfect in every way, from the white johnny gown to the dark copper hair. Even though both of his intense eyes were completely shut, I could still capture every moment of his heart beating stubbornly in his chest. He was still in there alright, just sound asleep.


Instinctively, I reached out my bare hand to touch his face to wake him up. Upon contact he reacted my fingers as quickly as a child from a hot stove. But instead of heat it was coldness that shocked him, in the brief touch enough heat was stolen to slowly open his icy blue eyes.


For a few moments he stared at me, blinking his eyes rapidly as his eyelashes faintly batting against his lids when he blinked. Shortly after, his lips stretched into a smile but didn't quite reach his bright eyes. It broke my heart into million pieces to see him like this. He seemed so weak and lifeless. I was stunned and at a lost of words.


We shared an emotional eye contact, those blue eyes looking so deeply into mine and my breathing became softer. There was something about that gaze of his that I would never possibly find in another boy.


'Oh Allah! He has the most wonderful eyes. They are blue, mostly, but sometimes darken to grey in correspondence to his mood.'


"Hey." I whispered while brushing a strand of hair away from his face, breaking the silence that we shared for a couple of moments.


"Hey." his voice came out soft and faint, as if he had to squeeze it up from the depths.


"I thought I lost you back then." I said under my breath. I had to press my lips together to hold my tears back but it was a failure as I felt the cold tears rolling down my cheeks.


Justin gently wiped the tears off my cheek with his thumb and I captured his hand in mine, resting my cheek in his palm. I was feeling so grateful that Allah had given me the chance to get to see his face one more time. I was more than grateful actually...


I had been given more blessings than I felt worthy of. I still feel love, joy and happiness so strongly it made me tingle right down to my bones.


"I'm still here, Camila."


"I will always be here for you."


"Why did you do it? I don't want you to risk your life for me like that again." I frowned, raising my voice a little bit.


"Camila..." he pushed himself up with both of his hands so that he would be sitting on the bed.

"Hey! What are you doing? You should lie down. You're not well yet." I began to panic but he shut my mouth by placing his long index finger on my lips.


"Please listen to me..." he pleaded and I dropped my gaze.


"Do you remember that night when we went up to your rooftop and watched the stars together?" he asked while caressing the bottom of my chin with his fingers so that I was forced to look at him.


"Yea. Why?"


"Did you forget that I've made a promise to you that I'll give my life for you?" his eyes met mine.


"No, I remember." I blurted.


"That's what I did. I would give my life for you. I wouldn't want to live my life without you even for a second, remember?" he lifted his eyebrows, waiting for my answer.

I looked him in the eye. Of course I remember every word he ever promised me but I was just not willing to admit it.


"Justin..." I breathe out.


"If that promise would possibly kill you, I don't want you to keep it." I tried my best to maintain a serious tone but failed miserably.

"No. I'm still keeping that promise whether you like it or not." his voice was low but filled with stubbornness. I know him too well to protest what he said. He is not good at following orders. That's for sure.


All I can do was pray to God that he wouldn't do anything stupid that could get himself killed again. I don't want to live my life without him either. He is my everything!


"Okay." I formed a sad expression hoping that he would take back what he said but boy I was wrong.


"You know? The moment I realized that you were gonna get shot at the park, all I was thinking about at that time was you. What matters to me is you, Camila."


"Hrmmm..." I hummed although I was screaming from the inside for him to stop making more insane promises to me.


"I love you, Camila." he declared his love for me and brought his head to mine so that our forehead touched.


"I love you too, Justin." I spoke from the very bottom of my heart. I could even feel the bridge of his nose brushed against mine. We've never been this close before. NEVER!?


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