I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 86 : Wake me up

After spending an hour at the station, we were asked to leave as Justin wasn't allowed to see his mother for now until the investigation is done. He was very upset about that but I told him to cool off.

The last thing I expected to happen is him losing his temper in a police station which will be a bad idea for both of us. I don't want him to get into any trouble. Not anymore!?


We got out of the station and made our way towards my car. I unlocked the doors and he climbed into the passenger's seat with a set of frown on his face. I hopped in and started warming the engine.


"Are you okay?" I glanced over at him.


He sighed and stared back at me, "I'm fine."


"Okay. So where are we going?" I asked.


"Let's go to my house." he forced a smile and I began driving over to the huge mansion on Genel Street.


"Justin?" I called, breaking the silence that we shared for a few minutes.



"What's gonna happen to you if anything happens to your mother?" I asked timidly, worried actually.


"I don't know, Camila." he rested one elbow on the window, covering his eyes with his fingers.



"Are you hungry?" I asked, my voice was soft.


"Sure." he nodded, pulling his eyebrows together.


"Don't worry. I'll fix something for you when we get there."

"Okay." he said, crossing his legs and leaned back against the seat. I glanced at him, noticing his icy blue eyes watching me carefully as I drive.


"Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?" I traced my lips with my fingers to reduce the nervousness inside of me.


"Nothing. It's just that..."


"You've never cooked anything for me before." he chuckled while rubbing his forehead.


"Well, you've never asked me to cook something for you." I challenged him.


"I don't have to. You're supposed to take good care of your future husband you know?" I joked and stared at me seductively.

"You wish!" I rolled my eyes and he laughed his ass off.


Alhamdulillah! It was nice to be able to see him smiling again. Maybe if we spend our time together, it could take his mind off of his mother even for a while. I wanted him to be happy and less worried.


I took a few seconds to glance at my watch to check the time and it was 11 in the morning when we finally reached his house. I unclasped the seatbelt before turning off the engine.


Moments later, I saw a familiar boy with golden blonde hair and blue eyes walking towards us. Steve? What is he doing here? Well, technically it's been a quite while since Justin left the house and...


"Nevermind. Mind your own business, Camila!" my inner voice was mocking me from the inside.


"Ehem..." I heard someone was clearing his throat beside me.


I glanced over to my right side to find Justin was already standing in the driveway with one hand resting on his hips, frowning at me.


"Are you coming or what? I'm not getting any younger here." he shrugged his shoulders.


"Yea, of course." I scratched my head while getting out of the car.


"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."



"What is Steve doing here?" I asked, pointing towards Steve who was standing in the driveway as well, a few steps away from us.


"Oh, I thought you said that we can't be alone in a private place." he shot me the most annoying smirk ever and I scowled at him.


"Well well well, it looks like you're getting better than me." I crossed my arms and pursed my lips.


"What can I say?" he held both of his arms out and chuckled.




"Hey Steve!" I waved at him while flashing a warm smile. 


"Hey!" he returned my smile.


"Shall we go inside?" Justin interrupted, patting him on the head thus messed up his golden locks.


"Ishhh!" I shook my head in disbelief but Justin pretended like he didn't hear me. What a jerk he is!?


We made our way inside the house and I went straight into the kitchen to start doing my business while Justin and Steve proceeded into the living room. BOYS!? I guess I would have to fix something for both of them since Steve is here too. Hmmm...

"What should I cook?" I asked myself while rubbing my chin.


I couldn't possibly say that I'm a professional cook but I can definitely say that I can cook. I just have to look at what's available in the kitchen and I'll figure out what to cook. Brilliant!


I turned my full body around and found a black gigantic double door fridge. The stainless steel doors were huge monoliths of metal with handles and it took quite an effort to open it as it was very heavy.


"Damn! All that money for a humongous fridge?" I made a joke just to cheer things up so that I wouldn't feel that lonely in this huge kitchen all by myself.


I opened the door and took a quick pick inside of it to examine what's available.


There were fresh fruits and vegetables stored in a clear plastic container, dairy products, fish, chicken and cold meat slices. There would be no doubt that they'll be running out of supplies any time soon. Everything was stored perfectly in here.


"Excellent! I can cook my best chicken pasta." I cheered, clapping my hands before taking out the ingredients that I need. 


I didn't mean to brag but mom always said that my chicken pasta was the best she has ever tasted. Even better than hers.


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