I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 87 : No kissing

"This is excellent, babe!" Justin said with his mouth still full while pointing down at the pasta in his plate.

"You shouldn't speak when your mouth is full." I demanded, shaking my head from side to side.


"Sorry about that." he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.


"Yea. Your cooking is amazing." Steve interrupted and gave me the thumbs up.


"Thanks." I smiled, impaling a piece of chicken with my fork.


"You're a lucky guy, man. You'll be fat in no time." Steve joked, patting Justin on his back several times.


"I didn't doubt that but I ain't getting fat, okay?" he warned, giving Steve his best death stare and looked the other way.


I watched in amusement as they formed a close bond with each other although it hasn't been a year yet since they've became friends. It was like they've known each other for a long time. After all Justin had been through, he was always by his side until now. Steve is a true friend. I wish that Justin would know how lucky he is to have a friend like him.


"Babe? Are you still here?" Justin waved his hand in front of my face, pulling me back to reality. When I finally regained consciousness, I noticed that both of them were looking at me like I've grown two heads or something. Silly!?


"Uh, sorry." I scratched my head in embarrassment.


"Well, good thing you're still here." Justin laughed.


"Hmmm..." I stood up from the table and started collecting the plates after we had finished eating.


"I'll help you." Justin said while grabbing the plates from hands and started heading into the kitchen and I followed him.


"Let me do it. Just pass me those plates and I'll wash it." I said, turning the tap on.


"Sure." he placed the plates on the sink and lifted himself up onto the kitchen counter. I could feel his eyes on me at all time but he didn't say a word.


A few minutes later...


"Are you done?" he asked.


"Yup." I nodded while drying my hands with a kitchen towel.


"Hey! How about we go and sit by the pool for a second?" he offered, blue eyes met mine.


"Okay." I smiled. He got off the counter and led me to the pool in backyard.


As we made our way to the pool, my hand suddenly moved straight up to my lips when I recalled the moment he asked me to kiss him. He was so wasted at that time and it was all because of me.


I still remember that shouted I hated him in his face and demanded him to leave me alone. I watched him as he stared at me with sadness and frustration in his eyes. He was soaking wet for arguing with me in the rain for too long but he didn't give a shit about that. I've hurted him with my harsh words because I was so mad at who he was back then.

"Do you remember when you came all the way here because Steve called you and told you that I was drunk?" he smirked.


"Yea. Why?" I gave him a ridiculous look.


"Nothing." he shook his head. I knew by the look on his face that he was hiding something from me. That's why I intended to know.


"What is it?" I blink rapidly and pouted. He just hated when I do that.


"Arghhh..." he barked, rolling his eyes.


"C'mon." I pushed him.


"I'm just saying that I was drunk at that time. Besides, I'm not gonna kiss you like right now. I wanna save it for later." he rubbed the back of his neck. Why is he so nervous? I thought I was the one who's supposed to be uncomfortable?


"Later?" I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes at him.




"After marriage perhaps?" he lifted his eyebrows, probably afraid of his own thoughts.


He took a long and deep breath which seemed like he was admiring something, "I want it to be special, don't you think?" 

"You know what? You're right. I mean if you dare to try and kiss me now, I'll knock your perfect teeth in." I warned him in a gentle tone.


"Damn girl! You're too small. So don't try to do anything stupid, okay?" he laughed. Why does he always make fun of my height? I'm not that short? Right?


"Why do you always make fun of my height?" I scowled at him.


"I'm not, babe. I figured that petite is cute. I told you that I preferred smaller girls, remember?"


I reflected the night we went out to the movies and he did say something about girls.


"I prefer girls that are short and small so that I can toss them around when..."  that's what he said that night.


I never knew what he meant by that actually but I didn't dare to ask. He would probably say that I'm too young to understand. Yeah! That's his style when he's trying to turn down certain topics.


"Oh yeah. Now I remember." I lied. Even though those words never left my mind since they came out of his mouth that night.




"Hey! We've never talked about furthering studies? Where do you wish to go?" I asked excitedly. I don't know about him but I'm on cloud nine when it comes to studies. I've dreamt about going to university since high school and I'm a few steps away from achieving it.


"I don't know. I haven't decided yet." he said in a bored tone.


"Justin." I gave his shoulder a nudge.


"What? I know one thing for sure that I won't be far away from you. Don't worry, okay?" he pinched the bridge of my nose.


"Fine." I sighed.


"Oh yeah! I almost forgot." I exclaimed.




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