I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 88 : Our future

It was 10 at night when I got out of the bathroom after enjoying a relaxing hot bath before bed. I blew dry my hair off, combed it neatly and tied it into a ponytail. I slipped on my pyjamas and tucked myself under the covers.


As I was making myself cozy, I heard my phone buzzing on the bedside table and I sighed in disbelief. Who could be texting me at this hour anyway?


I reached out for it and looked at the screen. I gulped when I saw Justin's name appeared on the notification board. I unlocked it to read his text.

Hey babe! Are you asleep? I got bored with spending the night alone in this big ass house. Can I come over?

- Justin


Oh no!? Negative! Bad idea! Ain't gonna happen. He shouldn't even be driving yet. I knew I should've asked Steve to hide his car keys from him. Stupid!?


What? Come over? Are you mad? You're sick and you should be in bed, you idiot!


Oh c'mon on, babe. There's no need to be mean. I'll climb up to your rooftop and we can watch the starts together. How's that sound?

- Justin


Even though I couldn't see his face right now, I knew that he was smirking when he said that. He's trying to win this over. What a jerk!?


How about you go to bed? How's that sound?


Suit yourself! I'm coming over and you can't say shit about it. Period!

- Justin


Damn it! I knew he would say that. Why does he have to be so stubborn? God! I hate him.


I placed my phone back on the bedside table and quickly got out of bed. I grabbed a blue hijab from the closet and wrapped it loosely around my head then went straight outside to the balcony and waited for him.


After 20 minutes later, I saw his black BMW pulling over the roadside and he got out of the car. He was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and black pants with sneakers.


He waved his hand at me as soon as he noticed me watching him from the balcony. He began walking slowly towards the driveway, probably didn't want to wake up the others. Brilliant!


"Careful." I whispered as he climbed the tree to get to the rooftop. I waited for him to reach half the way up to the rooftop before started making my way up as well.


"Come here." he said, letting out his hands to hoist me up.


"Thank you." I grinned.



"It's nice out here, right?" he smiled, his eyes were exploring the entire sky.


"Yes, it is." I nodded.


"Let's sit over there." he demanded, pointing at the same spot that we spent the night together and I followed him as he led me to it. I sat down with my legs crossed and he plopped down next to me, sitting with his legs pulled into his chest.


When I glanced over at him, I noticed the sudden change of his expression. He was smiling and happy about a minute ago but it seemed like he was distracted by something. Something quite disturbing. I strongly believe that it has to do with his mother. Besides, he didn't mention anything about his mother at all since we have lunch together at his house.


"Hey? What's bothering you?" I asked, turning his face towards me with my index finger.


He sighed and grabbed my hand, "I was informed that she will be brought to court anytime soon."


"They've caught Mark as well. Nobody's getting away with this, Camila."

I looked up at him but he glanced the other way. He was pressing his lips together. I knew he was holding his tears. If only I could take all those pain away, I would do it.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked quietly.




"What's gonna happen to you if they take your mother away?" he glanced back at me as soon as he heard that.

"Don't worry about me. I mean..." he paused.


"This is all a big fucking mess." he ran his hands over his face.


"My mom should get what she deserved and I know that. But what's important is that you're safe. I just want us to have a normal relationship like everyone else out there."


"And..." his husky voice trailed off and he grabbed my hand once more.


"Maybe in a few more years we can get married and have children of our own. I'll be able to hold you in my arms and we'll be snuggling in bed together as long as we want." he smiled, drawing a circle in my palm with his index finger.

MasyaAllah! Our future that he imagined all this time was so beautiful and it felt so real. I wish it could be. I've wanted more than anything for us to be happy and escape this world for a little while. If we could just leave out all the rest and what's left is me and him. One day. Perhaps! In sha Allah!


"I'd like that very much." I grinned nervously.


When I heard him saying that we'll be snuggling in bed together sent goosebumps down my spine. I was getting butterflies all of a sudden. God! I hope my pale cheeks weren't turning red at the moment. If they did, it'll be so embarrassing.


"Sure." he pinched my nose and I pouted at him.


"Speaking of children..."


"I thought you don't like children." I smirked at him and he rolled his eyes.

"For the record." he put one finger in the air and shot me his arrogant gaze.


"I don't like everyone else's children and not my own." he clarified.


"Yeah right!" I said sarcastically and laughed.


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