I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 89 : Moving on

The woman who was sitting behind the witness stands was unrecognisable anymore. There were dark circles around her blue eyes. Her once stunning brunette waves now vaguely resembled a birds nest and any clips that had once held them in place were long gone. She seemed weak and helpless.


I glanced over at Justin who seemed so calm on the outside, sitting right beside me, holding my hand firmly in his. He didn't glanced back at me but kept staring at the object of his affection. His mother...


The court's atmosphere buzzed with tension when the judge sentenced her to 5 years in jail for her attempted murder towards me.


With that, a gasp escaped his lips. His dry face somehow expressed the feeling that he should be crying at the tragic news. He was frustrated for all the times he had thought they were still to have and would now never share again. He was frustrated that he had felt too grown-up to get a hug last time they confronted and he was frustrated that he had lost his everything. But while his body seemed to grow weaker and his mind seemed to fill with mixed feelings, his face remained dry and empty.


He let go of me hand and pulled himself to standing as he watch his biggest love walked down the aisle towards us, escorted by 2 officers. It was like she's about to collapse onto the floor but I knew better that she is a strong woman. She has to be strong for her son. She has to be strong for herself.


Her eyes shifted to me and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. When she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She bit her lip tightly in attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth. My heart instantly sank at that moment.


I stood up as well and she stopped as soon as she reached the row where we were standing. We were staring at each other for a couple of seconds, I just kept silence. Her head chocked to the side, her eyes shifting from me to Justin and then back to me.


She took both of my hands in hers and we never broke eye contact. My eyebrows automatically plunged into a sad frown as I felt the deep pain that she is facing right now. The pain of keeping her distance from his only child. But it was too late...


Nothing could be done to turn back time. This is the reality. Right here, right now. It's happening right now.


Her lower lip quivered as words slowly made their way out of her mouth, "I'm sorry..."


She then pulled me into her arms and I rested my head on her shoulder before she released me. I gazed at her and she stroked my cheek gently with her thumb.


"Mom?" Justin approached her from behind me. I stepped aside, making room for him to get to her.


"Justin..." she held him in her arms and tears started streaming down her when he snuggled in her neck. He was holding her closely to him like he never wanted that moment to end.


They share their last embrace for what it felt like an eternity before releasing each other. She cupped his face and planted a kiss on his forehead.


A small smile was playing on her lips when she looked at me and then she switched her eyes back to him.


"You both deserve to be happy. Please take care of each other..." she gazed up at Justin.


"Take care of her." she whispered, staring at me and I gave her one last smile before she went on her way.


Those were her last words.


I would never forget those words until the day I die. I never thought she would actually approved my relationship with Justin.


Alhamdulillah! I'm grateful for that gift.


"I love you, mom." Justin said, his voice was getting shaky. His eyes suddenly swarm with tears and he hurried to wipe them from his face. He knew tears would lead to sympathy and sympathy would lead to more tears.


"I love you too, Justin." her eyes were red and her face was wet with tears.


Justin watched in frustration as they took his mother away from him. He sighed before placing one hand on the bench to support his weight. He looked completely awful and I really hoped that I could do something to take the those pain away.


"Everything's gonna be okay." I whispered in her ear and his eyes shifted from the ground to me.


"Okay." he finally nodded after a short break.




"So what now?" I asked, glancing over at the boy with blue eyes next to me. Somehow, it sounded more like a whisper.


He let out a harsh breath, "We keep moving."


His eyes were steady at the horizon. The rich hues of red blended with oranges, purples and crimsons were spreading beautifully into the grateful sky.


After we had finished at the court, Justin wanted me to accompany him to a place where he can get his mind right again. We spent the last few hours in the car while admiring the beauty of the sunset.

I didn't try to say another word or move closer so that he feels my presence, yet I remained quiet, allowing him to stay lost in the moment a little longer.


A few minutes later...


"Let's go home." he said, finally breaking the silence between us and I just nodded.


Justin pulled into the driveway and he stopped me by grabbing my wrist when I was about to open the door.




"Yea? What is it?" I turned my head towards him.


"My dad called me when we're at the court and he told me that he was informed about what happened to my mom." he said, keeping his voice low and steady.


"Oh, what did he say?"



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