I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Ticking Bomb

"Yes. " She replied calmly." 
"Okay. I'll pick you up."

Pick her up?  She hesitated for a moment but then remembered that,  of course,  he would be bringing along his wife,  exactly as she asked.

"7 pm tonight.."
"Alright "
"See you,  then. "

At exactly seven,  Anthon parked in front of her house. He wondered for a while why she allowed him to pick her up. Wouldn't her husband mind?
But after a second, he recalled what Jia said,  to bring along Giselle. Just how much did she know about

Just as he saw Jia coming out,  he walked over to the other door to open up for her. She wore a blue,  sleeveless mini  dress in which the soft contour  hugged perfectly around her body.  Its hemline was about  three inches above the knee and she stood so tall with her pair of  white sandals and a white handbag. Wearing a light make up,  she looked too stunning in his eyes.

As soon as she was seated beside him in the driver's seat,  she threw him a shy smile. She may had sensed the way he stared at her.

"Where's  Giselle? Are we going to pick her up somewhere?"

Anthon gave a thin smile but did not answer her. Instead,  he encircled an arm over her other shoulder,  slightly pulling her towards her,  a gesture of acknowledging her presence. Little did she know  how he restrained himself from bending over and grabbing her for a deep kiss instead. She slightly inclined herself,  welcoming his gesture with a steady smile on her lips. Those lips, only heavens knew, how he wanted to ravagely conquer at this moment.

To ease the awkwardness, he teased her.

"You seemed to miss me so soon! " His pupils glinted into a spark as a wide grin appeared on his face.

Unprepared to what he had just said,  she found herself being startled.  Seemed confused on how to react, she instead creased her brows into an angry look.

"I wonder who made many excuses to see..." She mumbled but as she quickly realized that her statement spoke also of herself,  so she stopped midway. She felt a sudden heat rising in both of her ears.

"I wonder who called up to meet me now! " He suppressed a laugh for a moment,  sensing her own  embarrassment as he finished the statement for her.

As she rolled her eyes upward, he burst into a gentle laugh. The feeling was just too good and as wonderful as they were yet in their younger years. With this,  he  lightly brushed her head with a warm and gentle tap.

Changing the topic,  he asked. "Where's my son? "

She stared at him with a flash of frightened look,  but then quickly composed herself and smiled.

"With his tutor at home. "

"Does he need one? "

"Of course. "

"I don't think so. Intelligence comes from the mother so..." he paused for a while and then went on, "he doesn't need one. "

"I beg to disagree,  Your Honor! " She joked. "He get it from his father. "

"Who happens to be me." He said in a straightforward manner, dissolving  the smile that he was constantly wearing since they left her place.

Jia suddenly trembled inside. She wondered if he was just joking around. She stole a sideway glance  and saw that he was not smiling at all. She just did not know what to say. To shift the topic,  she directed another relative questions.

"By the way,  how many kids do you have? " She forced a big smile and looked at him sweetly.

"I have a five - year -old boy and the number of siblings depends on how would you decide about it."

Irritated and afraid at the same time, she exclaimed, " Stop kidding around. I'm serious! "

She's just not good in handling jokes and not clever enough to drive away  any unwanted topics.

"Am I not?  And by the way,  we  both  have the owl's eyes.. "

She could now feel the loud thumping inside her heart. She wanted to speak but words would not came out. It all stucked up in her throat.  She suddenly regretted this moment. If this would go on like this,  she might not be able to hold the truth.

Marilyn Lucero

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