I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Runaway Fiancee

"Jia, all you need to do is to prepare my uniforms and a little house cleaning. If you can cook some food for us when I am home,  I would appreciate it so much. Most of all,  dad would not want me to be
alone. "

Jim explained her task gently,  afraid of scaring her with thoughts of tough and endless household chores.

"It's okay,  sir. I would love to. " Jia answered softly,  avoiding his eyes. "

She was extremely surprised at those very simple things he asked. 
She was even absolutely capable of much more complicated household tasks.

" Sir, I have a very difficult thing to ask. But in return for this,  I would serve you far beyond what you only require from me. " She looked into his eyes,  hoping he would see the depth of her sincerity.

"What is it? If it's not something impossible to do,  why not? " He answered with a big smile on his face, not a single bit threatened at all.

" Sir,  I am a runaway fiancee and about a month pregnant. My reason
for running away is because he is soon to marry my bestfriend who bears his three - month-  old baby in her womb."

Jim was astounded for a while. If she was also pregnant,  why, in the earth , would she not  fight for her own right? Why did she had to easily give him the freedom without claiming even a fraction of his responsibility?  

" For a while. Why do you have to do this to yourself? "

" It's because no one knew about this except the two of us. I , simply,  could hide from anyone, far from the contempt and derision of those accusing eyes.  And that is why I am interested to work for you."

"Sir,  could you imagine the trouble my fiancee and my bestfriend have to go through if I show up and claim my right? " She added.

Jim simply nodded. He could not quite understand her way of reasoning. However, her sincerity was something he could not argue about.

" Don't you love him? " He asked further,  trying to fathom the depth of
her wisdom.

" You just don't know how much. " Her voice suddenly betrayed her in  her effort to conceal her sorrow.

" I see . Then how could you work for me if you are, indeed, pregnant? "

"Don't give me any salary. Just feed me and my baby. I mean,  just please accomodate us. Then as a doctor,  you can attend to my delivery here in the house without the need to spend much."

He nodded. "Jia,  from now on, my name is Jim. "

Jim lifted her chin to plant a smack on her lips. " You make me feel jealous already. You're mind is somewhere else. " He said with a smile.

" I am sorry, Jim. But I am not thinking about someone else. I am thinking back on that first day you provided us a home." She suddenly became teary - eyed.

" I  may have provided you a home but you have filled it with  joy and warmth."




Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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