I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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"Daddy,  water, please? " Jian innocently interrupted the call.

Jim reached out for the bottled water in front of him and helped Jian sip  it properly. He completely forgot that someone was on the line.

"How old is your son, doc? "  The voice on the other line suddenly alerted him that the call was still on.

"How old are you,  baby?" He proudly asked Jian to answer for him.

"Daddy,  where's my ice cream? "The boy pouted, impatient with the crew's delay in serving their order.

"Hhmmn.. Dr.  Grace,  please forgive me,  but I have to hang up as of the moment.. " He politely ended the call.

Jim threw a secret glance at Jia and noticed that she was silent. Her eyes were on Jian but her stares were completely blank. She was only brought back to reality when the waiter brought up their ice cream.

Jian, indeed, was the happiest client at that moment that he grabbed his dad's arm and kissed it multiple times!

As Jim was helping Jian out with his teaspoon, he looked over at Jia again but still she was quiet and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"Jia?" He then stood up and sat beside her.

She glanced sideways first before looking fully at him.

"What is it that you are bothered with?"  He asked as he sweetly reached out to her other shoulder and pulled her tighter to him.


She pretended to be surprised at his question so she leaned  towards him and settled her head on his chest. She could not tell him that she was inwardly disturbed by that call. It had been the second time that she heard it. Though there was nothing wrong about her subject, yet her concern for him seemed alarming.

What if Jim was already fed up with her? Would she be happy with the freedom? Would she be running back to the waiting arms of Anthon?

However,  her stand to keep her words and her gratitude towards everything that Jim had done for her  stood out strong and immovable above all. She was willing to give up anything in order to give him everything in return,  including her happiness. As she had always said, "my life is not mine anymore", hence,  there was no turning back.

She then silently swear that before this woman could think of success in winning  Jim's attention,  she would immediately block her in her first step.

As if he had read into her thoughts,  Jim spoke up. "About Dr.  Grace....she's also on training with us. She's kind of a stubborn creature!"

"I see. She kept on calling you."

"Do you want me to block her? "

"Yes! "

He laughed gently, amused and thrilled by her slight display of jealousy.

Still unable to get over with his amusement,  he picked up a spoonful of ice cream and gently put it into her mouth.  She did not resist and even took every spoon willingly. Unconsciously,  he spilled few melted drops into her chin. Some melted contents also stained  portions above and over her lips.  Jim hurriedly wiped it up with a dry,  tissue paper on the table but still there were stubborn chocolate stains on her lips.

Suddenly,  he came up with the most effective way to clean it out! He held her chin up and quickly licked her lips gently and possesively until even her whole lipstick was all wiped away!  

Someone,  who was standing by the door, saw it all!

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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