I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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When I Shall Say Goodbye

Jia was watching him as he ate. She cut the chicken meat and  put it on his plate. She did not take a single spoon at all,  she just lost  her appetite.

"Where's Jian? " He broke the silence.

"At the playroom." She answered briefly.

He nodded. "You should send Ate Nita here as soon as possible."

"Let her spend more time with her family until Jian would start schooling."

"Okay. I have hired house cleaners already. They would come to the house tomorrow."

"No need. Let me do it."

"No!" He insisted. " This is my rule and you should not object."

"What will I do? Jian doesn't need me all the time."

"Come here everyday. Breakfast,  lunch and dinner! "

"Are you sure I won't be disturbing? " 
She said with a low voice as she cast a sharp look at Dr. Grace who had been observing them.

To her surprise,  Jim laughed. "You make me love you more if you do that."

Overjoyed,  he turned to Dr. Grace and said. "Dr. Grace,  is my wife very pretty? And isn't she  prettier when she gets upset?."

Dr. Grace looked up and forced a smile. Yet,  she was already boiling in anger deep inside. In what ways did this woman surpassed her? She was already hunting him down many years ago and was only rejected.

Beauty? She had it?  Intelligence?  She 's a consistent recipient of the highest honors in all her school days. Wealth?  Her family partially owned a group of companies. What about her?  She definitely would find it out.

"Stop that romances in front of me!" She pretended to be kidding but deep inside, her emotions were flaming.

"Get used to it from now on." He stated a fact.

"I feel threatened." She gave a big smile as she looked at Jia's eyes. 
Jia knew that she meant it.

"Dr. Jim and Miss Wayne,  please excuse me. " She hurried then to get inside. She would think of better shows in the future.

She poured an iced tea in his glass as she watched him in elevated mood. "This man is so handsome!" 
She exclaimed silently.

Soon,  some doctors came in. They were quite surprised about his sudden revelation as she introduced her to them. He was already married? Just when?

"Miss Wayne is so pretty,  Dr. Jim!" Almost all of them repeated this same line as they all smiled politely at her,  acknowledging her presence.

Back at home, she hurriedly bathed Jian as her son was already tired and sleepy after running around in the playroom. After she tucked him up in bed,  she picked up her phone and checked on the messages.

There were many unread messages from Anthon.

He even posted a photo of a plane in the sky with the caption, "Missing you both so 
badly! "

And there were a hundred comments from their class itself.

He heart ached for him again. She perfectly understood what he meant. There was even a comment from Giselle that stirred a long exchange of comments.

"Why don't you follow them? This world is not big enough!"

She also commented. "If you love them,  set them free. "

Giselle replied. "What is this supposed to mean? Didn't I witness a romance back then? "

She hurriedly deleted her comments and signed out from her facebook account. She also sent a message to their class chatroom, "Permission to leave the group."

Soon,  many messages were sent to her privately. She ignored them all except Jay's and Giselle's. She simply replied, "I'll talk when I'm ready."

The rest of the class did not know about their love story but a commotion was created when she replied, creating some suspicions. They all came to a conclusion that there must be something between her and Anthon.

However,  she sent him a separate message.

"I am sorry, Anthon. I'm going to say this again for  the last time. I really did love you but my life is not mine anymore. Wishing you happiness, soon. Don't worry about Jian. He would always know that you are his biological father.Someday, he will understand. I will make him understand. Goodbye."

After this,  she blocked him from his Facebook and Messenger accounts, including her mobile phone. She also customized her Facebook settings and clicked on "Friends" as the option being allowed to see her future posts.  And her list of friends was limited to only few people from her high school class.

As she had sworn to herself that his memories would not go beyond the runways of Atlanta, she definitely would now fulfill it accordingly.

She would start a new life,  leaving all painful memories behind.

"When I shall say goodbye,  there's no more turning back." She muttered it loudly,  forcing her own self to listen and remember.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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