I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Power of Love

Jim was so  ecstatic that he could not almost contain his joy. His smile was so wide that its ends reached out to both of his ears. Jia was overjoyed as well to see him like that. Just few hours ago,  he was  depressed. And now,  his happiness was contagious.

"What will I do next? He laughed.


"Sir Wayne,  make a  SILENT wish and blow the candle," one of the singers said, emphasizing the word "silent".

"Okay,  okay. May this pretty woman by my side will soon fall in love with me."  He announced loudly instead!

The audience broke into laughter! They were both thrilled and confused. Soon in love with him?  Weren't they pecking like lovebirds just now?  Didn't that pretty woman just confessed her love and gratitude?  

Jia was flattered but apprehended.What was he saying? Was he just pretending to please the crowd? She suddenly did not know whether to laugh or smile. She had always admired him for his display of elegance even in speaking. But he was acting stupidly right now!

"Hahaha! Miss Wayne is blushing, Mr. Wayne." The speaker happily commented.

Jia blushed even more. She looked down as she silently cursed this man in front of him for embarassing her. Grrr!

Jim suddenly laughed as he put his arm around her. "Let her. She gets prettier when she blushes!"

The crowd screeched to a thrilled laughter as they chorused in unison, "Ayeeee! "

She composed herself,  took a deep breath and gathered her wits. She might as well ride the tide!

She grabbed the microphone from the singer and said, " I have always loved this handsome man down to the core of my bones," she said calmly with a smile as he greeted him again.

She said "handsome" because he also said "pretty" a while ago. Then she turned to him and hugged him tight.  After a while,  she held his hand and drag him out of the stage.She could not contain those teasing eyes anymore!  

Back in their seat,  the speaker closed the event with a short speech but he suddenly complained!  

"Mr. Singer,  you said, 'five songs' but it's only four. And it is so unfair. You did not even allow me to watch her as she sang!"

"Miss Wayne? " The singer looked at her.

"I'll sing for him in the bedroom 

She answered to dismiss them.  She's already uncomfortable with their "Miss Wayne! " She was sure she wrote her name "Jia" on the booking sheet.

"No! The sixth and so forth will be in the bedroom but the fifth will be now. "

The audience laughed again. "Go,  Miss Wayne!"

She knew it would be pointless to argue  so she stood up and went to the stage.

"What song would you want me to sing,  Mr. Wayne? "

Before Jim could think of a song,  somebody from the audience yelled,
"Power Of Love!" And soon the crowd joined in unison, "Power of 
Love, Miss Wayne! "

She felt she could die instantly. The song had such many high notes in it!  But the music began to play, sending chills in the air and piercing through the thrilled hearts of the crowd. So,  she could no longer do something else than start the first line, "Whispers in the morning... "

The crowd broke into hysteria and another wave of excitement. But she got lost into the rythm and soon their cheers became part of the accompaniment.

"'Cause I'm your lady!  And you are my man.."

She looked into his eyes as it met hers.  And it entwined long enough to make his heart flutter before she closed her eyes. When she stretched out an arm gracefully to emphasize a line,  he was almost tempted to run and grab her into his arm. She just sang so beautifully!  

The crowd was silenced until the last echo of the music ended. When they realized that she had already stopped when she made a bow,  they all shouted,  "More! "

"Thank you for making me so happy,  Miss Wayne! " Jim said as he hugged her once more.

"Let's get out of here soon or else somebody might bring over here a contract paper! " He smiled endlessly as he said this.

"You really sing so beautifully that my eyes dried out from resisting to make a blink! You really surprised me! "

"You flattered me, Mr.  Wayne. Thank you." Her statement made her giggle again.

He held her hand back into the room. He was too afraid she might stumble in the dim -lighted paths. His smile still did not end. He was too overwhelmed.

"Jia,  may I ask something. I'm really happy about it but did you really mean it? "

"What? "

"When you said you loved me.. "He cut it right there as he looked into her eyes.

"Jim,  you were just acting,  right?" She asked,  afraid to embarass herself.

"I'm not. I am really not. Jia,  can't you see me?  Can't you feel me? "
He paused and stood in front of her, wanting to see her reaction fully.

" I have loved you long ago already!
Not just tonight."

She was teary - eyed. How could she ever deserved the affection of this man?  She was heavy with a baby from another man. She came from almost nothing. And they  stood  separated with the distance of heaven and earth!

"I do not deserved you,  Jim.  I am sullied by another man and our distance is so wide. I am just your servant that you have clothed with dignity. "

Perhaps because pregnant women tend to be emotional,  she could not gather a strength to hold back herself from crying her heart out!

"Don't ever say that word again!  I have never slapped a woman yet and if you ever bring it back again,  I might as well slap you to death! "He snapped angrily.

Marilyn Lucero

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