I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Children Don't Lie

As Jim entered the doctor's lounge,  Dr. Grace was in a hurry and about to leave. When she saw him, she paused and looked up at him.

"Dr. Jim,  you're back! Hurry up in there,  we have a new case in the ER right now."

"I see. How's the status? "

"Having the Beck's triad. 55 years old, male...we' re ruling in pericardial tamponade. Diagnostics done and will be wheeled in to OR right now for a stat pericardiocentesis."

"Thanks,  dokie." He smiled and gave her a pat at the shoulder.

"Now,  hurry up. You must have an extra energy,  now that you have just filled in your bed cravings."

She said in a demanding tone while walking out fast from the lounge,  her voice fading as she was getting farther away.

Jim could not help but laugh at her displayed annoyance for being lied to a while ago that he was in bed with Jia. A smile was on his lips as he took long and fast strides to caught up with her. But she was definitely right,  he had a new surge of energy. Not because he was in bed,  but because he was being told that he was loved. He had waited long for this, for five long years!

A circulating nurse met him as soon as he entered the OR and assisted him with his surgical gown , hair net,  mask and gloves. When he was done,  he turned to look at the patient who was already at the OR table. Standing nearby,  was Dr. Grace,  silently following him through with her eyes.

The patient was almost ready. Attached to cardiac monitor and a rebreather face mask, his expression clearly showed he was on chest pain. After being prepared aseptically,  the procedure began.

Cardiac tamponade is a clinical syndrome caused by the accumulation of fluid in the pericardial space of the heart. The condition is a medical emergency, the complications of which include pulmonary edema, shock, and death. 
To relieve the pressure,  the fluid must be aspirated through the procedure called pericardiocentesis. 
After the procedure,  Dr. Jim was still in a good mood that he unusually talked and joked around with the team. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented, Dr. Grace approached him.

"Dr.  Jim, I will help you with your gown. Turn your back."

He obeyed, as she said it in front of the team. However,  he felt inwardly disgusted as she also reached out to remove his hair net and intentionally touched his hair and forehead. His spine crept up!

If only it was Jia, he might as well close his eyes and clasp his hand over hers,  then bring it down to his lips. He instantly missed her again! That silly girl who might be sleeping tightly now,  never knew how easily she could turn his heart into a beautiful mess!

How about escaping again? His thoughts went wild but then realized that there were only few hours left before he could finally go home.

Someone from the team,  who had a day off last time,  commented as he watched Dr. Grace helping him with his gown.

"Dr. Grace,  you and Dr. Jim looked like a perfect match. You're such a beautiful pair!  Isn't that so nice that you both understand your line of duty as cardiologists? " He said in a wide grin.

Dr. Grace was flattered that she couldn't help herself from smiling as she stole a glance at Jim.

To save her from embarassment,  Jim responded. "Dr. Grace is too beautiful for me!" He feigned a smile and then immediately excused himself to the bath room.

Jim went directly to the lounge when he got back.  Dr. Grace also peeped in,  being thrilled and inspired minutes ago, and then called him out.

"Doc Jim,  how about a tea?  I have prepared a cup for you there in the dining.... "

The statement of Jia run through his mind. "I wanted to tell you that I would love to spend a lifetime serving you coffee and tea."

Dr. Jim's smile was beaming when  he looked at her, his mind was still on what Jia said. Thinking he was pleased with her,  Dr.  Grace felt triumphant.

"Come,  Dr. Jim!  There are also chips and cookies.. "

The team was watching at them, pleased at the thoughtfulness of Dr.  Grace.  Suddenly forgetting,  than in their last surgery,  Jim was caught kissing a totally different woman in the car!

"Dr. Grace,  it's so thoughtful of you but my stomach is upset right now."

He appeared kind and thankful but deep inside,  he was wishing she would evaporate instantly from his sight!  

When Jim finally went home,  Jian met him at the door. The boy immediately jumped into his outstretched arm and laughed in a shrill voice as he tossed him up into the air.

"Daddy,  I missed you so much! " Jim was so flattered by the sweetness of this tiny and lovely creature.

"Missed you, also, baby boy. I was here earlier but you were still 

"Why didn't you wake me up? "He asked in a sulking voice.

"It doesn't matter. I'm here anyway!  He said this while running tickling fingers into his body. And Jian immediately forgot his childish sentiment!  

"Daddy,  I love you so much! "Jim was touched. This little handsome never knew how to withhold any sweet things that could set out anyone's  day into a beautiful one!

"And I loved this lovely bunch forever! " He exclaimed while squeezing the boy's chubby body into his embrace.

When Jim looked up,  Jia was standing by the doorway,  smiling beautifully. "Breakfast is ready! "

Jim approached her hurriedly like he missed her for many years. He held both of her shoulders apart from him and see once more how beautiful she looked. Jia laughed, amused at how he behaved. But then he moved forward and  drowned her laughter into the depths of his mouth!  

"This is enough for a breakfast! " His heart swelled out in so much joy that he could no longer put it into words.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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