I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Life of A Nurse

Over the breakfast table, Jim opened up the topic about Jia's plan.

"We'll check today  where you can  possibly get a bachelor's degree in business administration."  Jim  said,  while chewing his food.

"Ate Nita is coming over for Jian so you can get full time with your

Jia just nodded. She was already determined  to help Jim with the business. But all of a sudden,  Jia's thought wandered over something.

"But that woman can also have her full time with you." She made a face that made Jim giggle again.

"Sweetheart,  how old are you?  You're so cute!" Jim reached out to cuddle her.

"Jim,  I'm really not comfortable with  her around. She looks like a beautiful puppy that you would never expect any ferocity. But I am sure she's evil inside!"

Jim hushed her. "I did not know you were this childish. Please don't mind her. There's only one Jia in the world whom I love. " Jim comforted her but he knew she was right.

Jim was already drained out and sleepy after breakfast that he went to bed right away. After cleaning up,  while Jian was busy with all his toys and watching toddler's videos,  Jia sneaked out into Jim's room. Finding him fast asleep, she lied down beside him. With her head on his arm,  she went fast asleep while enjoying the comfort of his warmth.

Not used to the weight , he was awakened. As he saw her lying in his arm., his heart danced. She was so gentle and beautiful!

He pulled her closer and hugged her. After some moments while smelling the scent of her hair,  he realized how wonderful it would feel to spend all  nights of his life holding the one he loved. Then something came into his mind. The wedding!

While Jia drifted into sleep,  she saw herself in her dreams wearing a white uniform. She had a nurses'cap on top of her bun and an ID on her chest. She was running with a medicine tray in her hand,  a bp cuff on her shoulder and an IV bottle in her other hand. She was so in a hurry that she did not saw the food cart being wheeled in that she accidentally bumped into it!  

Due to the  impact of her fall,  she was awakened. She looked up and saw Jim's handsome face in a peaceful sleep. He was hugging her tightly. She never did anticipate that sleeping with the one she loved could be this wonderful!

She moved and turned to a lateral position,  her back pressing on Jim's body. Her movement stirred him up.

When he opened his eyes and saw her change of position , he pulled her backwards, closer to him again.

Jia thought about her being a business administration student soon. She would be shifting to a totally different field and her four years in the college of nursing would be put to waste.

Her mind brought her back  to her training as a hospital nurse. Jim, on the other hand,  was in his training for Internal Medicine. They were both in Catherine Fields Medical Center,  Philippines.

"Ladies, Dr. Jim is on duty today!  Call me once he will be here. I will accompany him in his round." Miss Cathy squealed as she cupped her face.

"OMG,  he's so handsome! "she went on,  so thrilled and excited.

"Nooooo!  It would be me this time! If only I could hold his hand,  I would die in peace! "

"What did you say?  His patients are assigned to me so I would be the one!" Another nurse butted in.

The nurses exploded into a boisterous laughter.

"Miss Jia,  you are so silent. What do you think? "

Jia remained smiling. The man they were so crazy about had been kissing her many times and holding her in his arms.

Soon,  Dr.  Jim arrived in white coat.  He had a sky blue polo shirt underneath,  her favorite color which she chose him to wear this morning.  A stethoscope on his neck,  an expensive watch on his wrist,  a shiny leather shoes. He was stunningly adorable!

"Ladies, good morning! Where can I find the charts of Mrs. Ganzon and Mr. Araneta." Jim smiled,  but his eyes were on Jia.

The nurses frantically searched the charts, competing who would find it first. Jia returned his gaze and smiled with a message only Jim could understand.

"Excuse me, Dr. Jim, I will go to my patients first. " Jia said,  pointing her eyes to the door to let him know he was blocking it.

"Ah,  sorry. Who are your patients?"

"Mr. Rivera and  Miss Chong. "

"Doc,  here are your charts! I'll go with you in your round. "Miss Cathy said,  stiffling her urge to steal him a kiss.

When Jia came back to the station,  Jim was already done with his round for Mrs. Ganzon and Mr.  Araneta. She saw Miss Cathy sweating and burning in excitement. All the other nurses were looking at each other,  communicating non- verbally their shared emotions,  being crazy with Dr. Jim!

Dr. Jim was flipping the charts, obviously not in a hurry. If he was going to stay there longer,  there would be a massive rupture of heart valves and  a rapid increase of exopthalmus ( eye protrusion) within the nurses. And surely,  his back would become a deep well!

"Miss Cathy,  can you give me the latest vital signs of these two? "

"For Mr .Ganzon doc,  it is 140/70, 37,  24, 82 and 99%  O2 sat.. but mine is 140!!!"

The rest of the nurses laughed, including Jia.  The normal heart rate of an average and healthy person is only 60 to 80 beats per minute.

Jia tossed her things at a corner and put on a clean gloves. She gave Jim a quick look, indicating that she wanted to be excused. She then hurry towards the patient's room.

"What room is Mr. Araneta and Miss Chong? " He asked without turning his head to them.

When Jim opened the room of Mr. Araneta,  she saw Jia cleaning  and changing him up into a new 
diaper. Afterwards,  she changed the top and bottom sheets.  Then, she set up the bed at a high back rest before picking up the feeding tube.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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