I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Resignation Letter

"What happened to you? " Jia was really confused of this sudden decision.

"This is all my fault. I could have suggested some other courses for you to choose. "

"And what's wrong with my profession?" Jim seemed to  be irrational.

"Jia, I just don't want to see you doing all those things you did yesterday. It makes my heart break. I even hire garden and house cleaners, only to see you so pulling dirty sheets,  changing diapers and running for due medications. You skipped your own meals just to feed others on time. " Jim explained sadly.

"Jim, I would still choose the nursing profession because I love to serve. I love to play a great part in the healing of  every sick people under me. And I want to be a part of the healing ministry. " Jia held his gaze as she replied to him.

"Be a singer instead or study anything about music." Jim said seriously. He never forgot that night when she captured the hearts of the crowd through her voice,  including himself.

"Jim, if there are no nurses who dedicate themselves in caring for the sick,  there would be no medical breakthroughs. Nurses are the true epitome of care and healing because they are the ones who walk through the pain and struggles of the sick until their health are restored."

"While doctors give their orders and prescribe  their medicine,  nurses are the one who stayed with them and the one who understood how  tough are the battles they are going through."

"Jim, someone said that a nurse is  just another word to describe  a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone." She let out a gentle laugh while saying this.

"You should be the one to understand nurses the most because you had taken the oath to serve,  protect and restore health... "

"Alright,  alright, I admit defeat! "He raised his hands,  making a sign of surrender.

"But you have to call me as soon as you are done. I'll take you home."

Jia turned her head around to see if anyone was watching them and then  stole Jim's hand for a while and held it tight. It was her way of thanking him for his thoughtfulness and,  most of all,  his unecessary worry over her workload.

Back in the nurses' station, Miss Cathy met her with the news that they had a newly - admitted patient assigned to them.  A 55 years old male who came in due to complaints of hematemesis (vomiting of blood) and a productive cough for over a month already. He had evident weight loss, night sweats and loss of appetite. So, he was initially diagnosed as having a Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB).

Later on,  while Jia went towards a patient room,  he passed by the room of their newly - admitted patient. Just as she was by the door,  his wife came out sobbing and screaming for help,  as he staggered inside the bathroom and vomited too much blood that made him pass out. Seeing this, Jia forgot about the contagious case of the patient. She hurriedly went inside,  wearing no protective gear like gown or mask. As she saw the patient slumping inside the CR,  she swiftly helped him to get up without minding the blood that splattered into her uniform. Together with his wife,  they were able to place him back on the bed. She immediately attached him to a nasal cannula for his oxygen supplementation and then raised up the head part of the bed to put him on a high back rest.

Her fellow nurses shuddered upon seeing her like that so they immediately sent her to the bathroom. PTB is communicable!

She picked up her phone and called up Jim to tell him what happened.

"Okay,  okay,  wait for me there!"

Like a lightning,  he bolted into the doctor's lounge to pick  up his extra scrubs and then hurried up to the nurses' lounge. The nurses stared at him, too astonished why he came barging in.

"Ladies,  let me go to Miss Jia, please."

"Here,  doc. " One of the nurses lead him to the bathroom and left immediately the moment they were there.

Upon hearing him from inside,  Jia peeped out. Jim sighed heavily upon seeing her.

"Put this on temporarily and I'll come back soon to get your scrub suit. "

When he came back later, the prying eyes of her fellow nurses bored into her face and so she said, "We're cousins, " making Jim burst into laughter.

Jia giggled while recalling this,  making Jim woke up from his deep sleep. He raised an eyebrow to ask why and she answered, "I recalled something funny in the past."

"Silly girl!" He hugged her tighter, planted a kiss on the back of her head and closed his eyes again.

Jia, however,  continued giggling, making Jim's sleepiness disappear.

"Sweetheart,  what is it all about? "

"I just recalled the reason why you let me wrote an irrevocable resignation letter. "

And she continued laughing which eventually made Jim laugh over her craziness!

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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