I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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I'll Wait For My Wife

From a rapid rhythm,  her heartbeats slowed down to a regular pacing. Jim was indeed holding her in his embrace  long enough until her fears disappeared. Until her tears subsided.

"Jia, if ever your fear would happen,  please stay and promise to fight with me." Jim knew deep inside that Jia was right.

"We'll be in this together, right? "Jim was now showing his own weakness that made Jia strong this time.

"Yes, we will,  I promise." Jia said that because she was still secured by the warmth of Jim's presence. Her real strength would then be measured when faced with this challenge alone.

Back in the wedding planner's office, Miss Max greeted them back with a wide grin. "So you've made up your mind already,  Miss Jia?"

Jia replied her with a smile.

"Okay,  then. So may we start now? " Jia nodded.

"First of all,  congratulations! Dr. Wayne is head over heels in love with you that he is spoiling you with such a glamorous wedding."

"Yes,  Miss Max."

She just did not know what were the right words to say. She's one in a million, indeed,  who was too fortunate to find a,  likewise,  one  in a million man like Jim.

"First, we have to decide carefully on your wedding date. Then on your wedding theme, places and down to your dresses. And,  of course,  your bridal wear and its details. There's also the type of decorations, color combos, your choice of flowers, invitation designs and all of those little things. I'll show you our wedding  guide so that nothing will be missed out. I hope Dr. Wayne will bear with us with the length of time we need for the selection. You know,  we women are meticulous. "

"Jia, may I , as well,  go and check Jian while you girls do that?"

"By the way,  Dr. Jim,  have you both decided on the date? "

"I want it to be as soon as possible before the school opening on August. I'll leave the choice of the date and everything to her. May we be ready in a month's time? "

"I'm afraid that would be so short a time for the preparation, Dr.Jim."

"If you need to hire more personnel or do outsourcing  to make it possible, Miss Max,  that would be better."

"In a month's time,  Dr.Jim. How about July 27?"

"Sweetheart? " Jim turned to Jia for her approval.

"If Miss Max can surely accomodate,  then that's fine! "

"I'd be happy then to plan for the first whirlwind wedding of the year! "

While Miss Maxine went inside to pick up her wedding guides, Jia looked around the room. In one corner,  stood a frame which contained a black- and -white photo of a happy bride and groom. In the photo,  a diamond wedding ring worn by the bride was highlighted.

Upon seeing this,  Jia realized the soonest possibility of being tied to Jim in marriage. Her thoughts brought her back then to the time Jim proposed the marriage.

Jim came home one day with burning fever. His skin flushed and his eyes red. Eversince that night in the beach resort during his first birthday that Jia had celebrated with, he already made it a routine to greet her with a kiss on the lips. Even though she never admitted her feelings yet,  she did not object to his customary kiss. Perhaps because she acknowledged his confession and had been so
grateful to be loved and accepted by someone like him.

But on that day that he was sick,  he avoided her and went directly inside his room. Jia,  who was not accustomed to his behavior,  followed him inside. Only to be horrified in seeing him quivering with burning temperature!

She hurriedly picked up a towel and did him a sponge bath. After drying him out, she  decided to change him into  home clothes. She hesitated to pull out his pants and changed it to a pajama but she could not bear the thought that those pair of scrubs was the one he wore at the hospital. She was more conscious of the bacteria and viruses that he might had contracted  than the awkwardness in changing him. She then took out an anti -pyretic tablet and assisted him to take it.

Jim was too weak to even resist. Besides,  he enjoyed the feeling of being cared for, in this way.

Jia was so worried that she stayed by his side doing him continous sponge bath until she got so sleepy that she squatted on the floor and leaned her head by his bedside.

Jim woke up the following morning seeing her in that position. He hurriedly stood  and picked her up,laying her down on the bed. He felt a wrenching pain inside his heart while watching her. He looked at her closer and longer.

She possesed an innate beauty that got deeper as you hold your gaze  longer upon her. She was not inclined to beauty enhancements and she only used light make -overs everytime she went out. However, she could attract anyone in a way that would find them hard to take their eyes off from her. She was just so gracefully beautiful!

When she woke up later,  she  realized she was already in Jim' s bed but he was nowhere!

She hurriedly stood up to look for him. She got so worried when she remembered he was burning with fever and that she fell asleep instead!

When she finally found him at the coffee table sipping a cup of tea,  she got so overjoyed! She walked fast to him and touched his forehead and his neck. The fever was already gone! She sighed in great relief.

"What do you want to eat? "She asked happily.

"I want. ." He paused and looked into her eyes who were waiting for his answer.

"What?  I'll cook it for you." Jia persisted.

He pulled her instead into his lap. 
"I want a wife."

There was silence. She became motionless in his lap. But Jim pulled his chin to look into her eyes.

"I want a wife,  Jia. Please,  marry me. "

She did not answer for a moment but then she replied softly.

Marilyn Lucero

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