I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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A Sweet Surprise

"If Jim was this selfless,  why couldn't I?"

Feeling defeated,  Giselle looked into Anthon's eyes. She could not really fathom the depth of his reasoning. This was not a mere child's play that if one lost  the game,  it could just be restarted anytime. Or,  if one got bored, they could just stop or pick another one. This was a lifetime commitment that one should not put at stake. He was just as coward as a dog who keeps on barking when it felt endangered, but would quickly run away when assaulted.

How could she ever understand? What if she really had become her husband? She'd perhaps  die many times due to his extreme holiness!

Finally,  she found her words. "If I were you, I would kidnap her and run away!  Unfortunately,  you are just good in wagging your tails but does not even know how to bite at all!  Even if your only piece of bone is taken away."

Ughhh!  This hurt, she thought,  but it was better said that way.

Anthon just shook his head lightly and smiled without saying a word.

"I even did not understand why you consented to our supposed wedding way back then. Even if it was your dying brother's wish, he would understand if you had refused. There is only one thing I understand about you." Giselle looked up to him without blinking.

Anthon returned her gaze while she went on with her litany.
"You're destined to be lovelorn forever because you always welcome pain with open heart."

Anthon laughed. "You're so cruel."

Giselle, in her fury and defeat,  chose to keep her silence this time. Her head was already aching.

"Gis,  how about shifting into business topics? I'll make it sure,  you will not get disappointed."

Anthon chuckled as he said this,  wondering what it would be if he actually married this impatient woman six years ago. He could never imagine how long would it take him to accept someone he did not love as his wife!  

This woman was just so brave  enough to run away on their supposedly wedding day!  Brave enough to set themselves free from a loveless marriage and from the cruelty of his father!

At White Rose Hotel.

When Jia finally found the room she thought kuya Nap had booked, Jian was already in deep sleep. Her arms had numbed and she was already gasping for breath. Jian was a bit plump and heavier than his age. All she wanted at the moment was to slump directly into the bed!

After opening the door successfully,her eyes were greeted by a  basket of  red roses placed beautifully in a center table. Then,  at every corner, fresh flower cascades were flowing majestically. Golden hues from  dim lightings flooded faintly all throughout the room,  giving it a somewhat romantic aura.

After her eyes had swept all throughout the area, a smile broke in her lips. She never thought that kuya Nap could be this sweet and thoughtful in welcoming her.

A soft music was playing in the background, making the atmosphere more soothing and relaxing. But... wasn't it her favorite piano instrumentals? What a coincidence!

Looking at the doors beyond the sala set,  she noticed a signage hanging on one of the room's door knobs. Written on it was,  "Baby's room".

Having understood that it was exactly the room she should be placing Jian,  she did not give it a second thought. There were already pricking sensations in her arms,  so she hurried forward.

It was exactly a baby's room. The bed was  extra soft and small and the wall frames were about cartoon characters and some other childish stuff.

After placing Jian on the bed,  she removed his shoes then tucked him inside the covers. Her son was still sleeping like an oil,  undisturbed by the movements as she placed him down from her arms.

Relieved from his weight, her mind went back to what happened few hours ago...

When Anthon carried Jian in his arms...

Her gaze then went longer and closer to her sleeping son. An indeed, he was an exact replica of Anthon.

If Anthon had some business matters with kuya Nap,  she thought,  this place was not safe anymore. Chances of bumping into him every now and then would be so high. But who knew then if she would just get used to it?

And her senses would become numb.... as well as her heart.

She went out from the Jian's room and decided to peek into the other room. The romantic spell in the atmosphere mesmerized her so much that she got curious as well as to how it was designed inside.

Her eyes widened once more!  The bed were strewn with fresh petals of roses and a towel folded like  kissing swans was at its edge. Another bouquet of red roses was placed under the bedside lamp. She walked forward to pick it up and read the message written on the card.

To the woman I hold dearly in my heart...

Dumbfounded by the romantic set up,  she remained standing by the door for so long. She was lost in her thoughts once again.

Two men  held her dearly in their hearts...

Suddenly, a warm chest warmed her back and a familiar scent woke her senses up. Two arms wrapped around her waist altogether, drawing her evenmore to his embrace.

Startled, she wriggled to free herself but the more his grip tightened. Her heartbeats responded swiftly and it thumped louder and louder.

As soon as she looked up to see his face,  her lips were instantly covered and buried into the depth of a hungry kiss!  Unprepared,  her body  stiffened and his eyes turned dark. Then,  he stopped. Abruptly.

Realizing who he was and why he stopped, she snorted. "You scared me! "

Suddenly,  a sense of warmth glinted in his eyes as he chuckled. But then the sound of his laughter was drowned as she quickly took her revenge. She pulled his neck harshly and stood on tiptoe. In a blink of an eye,  her lips captured his savagely and ruthlessly!

Marilyn Lucero

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