I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Meeting The Accomplice

When Jia went back to the bedroom, Jim was already in his sleeping robe. Jia could not really help herself from getting so amused at what she did. Men! No matter how tough they seemed to be but in reality, they could also be weaker than women.

She never thought that Jim's remarkable display of sportsmanship was actually a defense against his insecurities!  Afraid to be rejected and abandoned, he tried to do his first moves to prepare himself. However,  he would never be able to escape in such case.

Her heart ached at the thought. He had done so much for her. She never thought he would harbor such insecurities. He had everything in life. He could even purchase beautiful women if he liked. Just who was her?  Without him,  she was just a desperate woman longing to fly high in her dreamed wings of educational accomplishments. But still,  she would have a very long way to go to be able to stand equally by his side.

She sat down quietly with him,  their backs on the headboards. None of them dared to mention about what had happened few minutes ago. She did not feel any shame, her acts could be justified.

Few minutes after,  she looked up to him. He looked back and their eyes locked. He then pulled her close,  just as he always did, and put an arm around her waist. She snuggled in his chest as he embraced her and the next thing she knew,  it was already morning.

The petals on the bed had not withered yet. She smiled when her thoughts brought her back on what happened last night. These petals would have been an enhancement of their first time last night, had she succeeded! Nevertheless,  it wouldn't be long!

When they both went out for their breakfast,  Jian was still asleep. So, Jim lifted him up into his arms as they went down to the hotel's restaurant. Kuya Nap was already there and he met them by the door. He then lead them to a table that overlooked a mini garden with few trees around.

"Give me Jian so that you both of you can go around and pick your food." Kuya Nap offered but Jia looked into his eyes and he quickly understood..

"Ah,  no.  Jia,  please,  go first. I have something to discuss with him.

"Okay. "

Jia, later on,  brought back happily to the table all those Cebuano foods that she missed so much. Dried danngit fish,  dilis, sizzling tanguige, paksiw,  pinakbit... She got so excited to eat and her appetite soared up!  

"Jim,  it's your turn. Please bring me back fruit and yogurt smoothies. " Jim nodded, oblivious of her trick.

She winked at kuya Nap. Those smoothies would take longer to prepare so they could have more time to talk.

"No wonder Jian is so brilliant. It's from you." Kuya Nap chuckled.

"Kuya, how is it?  Do you think we can we make it?" She looked at him eagerly. Kuya Nap got carried on by her excitement.

"You,  little chimpanzee ! I got really scared when I called my friend. Perhaps, you're carrying some pot of golds in your head that he happened to be free today and he agreed."

"So everything's okay. Why are you  calling me a chimpanzee? Don't I have an angel's beauty? " Jia brimmed in excitement.

Kuya Nap just chuckled. Jim was so lucky to meet someone as beautiful as her.

"Big chimpanzee,   make him busy this morning, okay? But be sure that he will still be handsome by 4 pm. "

"And why are you also calling me a chimpanzee? " Kuya Nap complained.

"Of course,  you're my accomplice! If he'd get mad after this,  we'll both go to jungle!  As expected of monkeys! "

Jia's reasoning made kuya Nap roll into laughter. For such so short a time,  they felt close to each other as if they had known each other for so long already.

"What happened then? " Kuya Nap was curious.

"Oh,  should I describe it to you? "Jia rolled her eyes in contempt.

The more kuya Nap laughed until his stomach  ached.

"Why don't you, instead,  ask why I made up my mind to rape him? "

"Alright,  then what? " Kuya Nap asked then. He also wondered what really happened that night that made her furious.

"I won't tell. " She said calmly,  as if she couldn't care less.

"You, little monkey! "

"Big monkey! "

Kuya Nap went laughing his stomach out again!

"Okay, I'll tell you."

Kuya Nap became serious as he listened to her attentively. She told him  what happened then during their dinner.

"And why would he do that? "Kuya Nap was angry this time.

"He said that there's no way he could ever win against him. Because,  I gave him a big part of me and we even had a son.  I insisted that he was just too unreasonable to think that way since we already had the marriage plan. But he argued and said that marriage is just a paper if my heart was not in it . How else could I prove him then than to give him also the big part of me? "

"Right, right.. Then why weren't you succesful in raping him? " Kuya Nap was already gossiping his own brother .

"Because,  as he said,  it was not yet our wedding night! "

Kuya Nap shook his head in disbelief. "Fine, then .Tonight,  you'll definitely be succesful! "

"Thank you,  kuya! Looking forward to it."

"It seems that the little chimpanzee can't wait. " Kuya Nap teased her.

"And the big chimpanzee is already excited of the gossip! "

"Who's the big chimpanzee? " Jim asked,  each of his two hands were holding a tray. The other one was his food and the other was her smoothies. 
The two chimpanzees were silenced.

Jia stood up to help him. When the smoothies were in her hands,  she shook her head.

"These smoothies are indeed beneficial. "

"To health. " Jim continued.

But Jia argued."No, but to some gossiping." She glanced sideways to kuya Nap.

Marilyn Lucero

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