I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Trick

Halfway through their breakfast,  kuya Nap began to carry out their plan.

"Jim,  I want to show you the site. Then tell me where you want to build your own house. " Kuya Nap was not lying but he had suddenly thought of this as a good excuse.

"The lady of the house must decide on that. "Jim objected,  his eyes fixed lovingly to Jia.

Jia looked back at him. "That will be our matrimonial home so I want to leave it out to your taste. You know me,  I am used to the slums which already looked perfect for me back then."

Kuya Nap looked at her. The little devil... got a trick again!  

"Let's take a look at it together,  
then." Jim was firm so she had to hurriedly think of another way out.

"Sweetheart, I and Giselle planned to go to a dress shop this morning. I'm afraid she would have no other time to spare with me." Jia insisted sweetly.

Jim thought for a while. He knew through her that Giselle was just on a short vacation and that she would be flying back to join her husband somewhere in USA.

"Okay,  then. I'll pick choices for you first. Go ahead with her. "

Jia got ecstatic right away. She hugged Jim tightly and thanked him. Jim frowned. Her behavior seemed odd and suspicious.

"What's the meaning of that frown? Don't worry, I'll update you every now and then." She wanted to tell him instead that she was definitely not meeting with Anthon.

An hour after that,  kuya Nap dropped her to a mall while he and Jim drove to  Jian's Garden.  Anthon was already there when they arrived. They then transferred to a shuttle van as Anthon was discussing his plans with them in each particular site. He showed them where would he develop the clubhouse,  the court and the pool. 
He also discussed about the details of the model houses,  the entrance and the exits of the subdivision,  the water and electricity system and everything.

"Anthon,  where would be the best site for our own house? " Jim asked clumsily. He did not forget what he said last night that until their marriage would be consummated, Jia would still be free.

Anthon felt uneasy then. Though he was already losing hope,  yet he remembered what he said. Jia would still be a free woman until their marriage would be pronounced. He already lost the courage to fight but a glimmer of hope shone in him. Jim's statement was reverberating in his mind.

"...No matter how I cared for her,  I knew that in her heart,  there was only you.. "

This statement gave him a ray of hope that Jia would choose him in the end. He held on to the possibility that Jia would follow what her heart dictated. It was him. Jim even confirmed it.

And now, he was asking what would be the best site for their matrimonial home. It hurt. His towering hope had begun to crumble again.

He hesitated for some moments but he could not ignore him. This would be for the woman he loved and their son.

"I suggest that you choose the first corner lot from the entrance or the last at the exit so that you can have an easy access in and out."

He went on. "The clubhouse would be in the middle part so you can have some privacy. You wouldn't get disturbed by the noise around then. "

Jim nodded. "Jia would have the final say anyway."

Anthon's heart throbbed in pain. He had long built the house he dreamed for Jia and him. In fact,  that house which he put all his heart in building,  was already waiting long for the coming of his princess and his little prince...

In a famous dress shop, Jia carefully choose a cream, tight - hugging dress. Sleeveless and two palms above her knees, her great curves were beautifully emphasized. She then hurried to find a matching pair of high - heeled shoes.

Done for herself,  she then proceeded to  men's formal wear. She chose a grey three - piece suit for both the father and son. She did not have a generous time to choose.

On her way back to the hotel,  she called Giselle.

"Sel, I need to meet you later at four in the afternoon by the garden. Same hotel." Jia's statement was imperative.

Giselle got nervous. "Jia,  what is it this time? "

"I have no time to chat. Just please be there. I won't take no for an answer." Jia said firmly,  making Giselle's heart race. She had enough of astounding news last night. What would be her next bomb today?

She hurriedly got back to the hotel and made final arrangement with the receptionists. She had called about it earlier this morning. She then picked up her phone and ran her fingers through Jim's number.

"Jim,  how is it?  Where are you now? Can we have our lunch together? " 
Jia narrated her litany of questions.

"Where are you now?" Jim asked her in return.

"Back at the hotel." She answered.

"Okay. Will be there soon. See you at the restaurant."

"Alright." She was about to hang up when Jim stopped her.

"By the way,  my dear,  kuya Nap invited us to an event at the hotel's garden later this afternoon."

"Got it." She answered softly then hung up.

She took Jian  to the restaurant and chose  ala carte sets of food.
She should not eat much. After all,  she was somewhat still full from their breakfast buffet.

"Baby,  what do you like? " She asked his son who was amazingly obedient to all her activities this morning.

"Chicken fingers and mango frappe. "

"That only? " She asked again.

"Yes. "

Just when the food were served,  Jim and kuya Nap arrived. Jian ran to his dad and the latter swung him to the air. "How could my baby be so handsome always? "

Jian laughed as his spirit was suddenly lifted up. Jim showered him with many kisses before he bent down and gave Jia a kiss.

"How's your date with Giselle? "Jim asked.

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