I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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How Could I Make You Fall For Me

Early in the morning the next day, Dr. Aijohn was sitting down on a coffee table by the terrace inside the Ybañez couple's suite.

"Sir and madamme, have you already finalized your plan about the launching? " Dr. Aijohn asked the couple across him.

"There is no changes yet to the initial plan unless Mr. Wayne would back out. This old buddy is so strong - willed. Honestly,  I do not find it an easy thing  to destroy the marriage of his son."

"Dear,  how about talking to Gracie? Would she still be obsessed to that guy who is already married for six years? And with a child already? It's just so terrible." Madamme Ybañez explained.

"Your daughter knew about it from the start. But she's unmoved."

"Then what will we do? If that failure would bring down my Gracie to grave, I will definitely agree to the cancellation of Jim's marriage. "

"Glenda, can you really digest it? "Mr. Ybañez got horrified.

"Who's talking here? "Madamme reminded him of that incident more than 30 years ago.

Mr. Ybañez pursed his lip and shook his head.

"I am not really in favor of it. But she is our only child. How I can I bear to see her hurting? She had been obsessed  with that man for many years already. And have you even remembered that she is now asking for  our help? " Madamme started to cry.

"It really hurt me to see her facing Jim with his wife last night. I felt her pain. That's maybe why she did not wake up early this morning. Perhaps,   she was hurting so much that she was not able to sleep."

Mr. Ybañez's face flinched. "Then call Mr. Wayne and ask him how is he going to solve that? I could not blame Dr.  Jim. He never played with our daughter's emotion. He even persistently avoided her. Blame it to your daughter's stubborness! "

Dr. Aijohn knew all about the plan and he was not against it. In whatever ways it would be proclaimed, it would not affect him.His name would shine independently. It's the business side that would matter.  He could not even understand why these two were foolishly indulging to the illogical whims of their daughter.

However,  it would be a different story today. Had she met Dr. Grace earlier,  perhaps that stupid plan won't be carried out. Perhaps,  no marriage would be at risk. Little did he know that such absurdity existed in these wealthy elderlies just because of their doting love for their daughter.

"What do you think,  Dr. John? "
Madamme asked him. How foolish of her!

"Madamme,  I first agreed because I did not know that the man your daughter wanted is already commited to someone else. So, now,  I strongly disagree. If I were Dr.Jim, I would fight to my last breath against all odds. His wife  is not just a toy to be traded. Grace will eventually be the loser in the end. Since her way of winning him would be done by force,  she would bear the consequence of a loveless marriage,  of an unwanted wife all throuhout her life."

Madamme Ybañez was now sobbing. Dr.Aijohn was absolutely right.  "No,  no,  it should not be. "

While Madamme was sobbing, his husband called up Mr. Phyllis Wayne in a loud speaker mode.

"Good morning,  Mr. Ybañez. "

Mr. Ybañez was not in the mood to beat around the bush. "Mr. Wayne, how are you going to solve this. If my daughter is stubborn,  your own son is stubborn as well .And now,  he's even in a honeymoon."

"Leave the matter to me.  Did you say that that slum woman is also there with you in El Nido?  Well, the large forest of Palawan is waiting for her!"

They all looked at each other. Slum woman? The forest is waiting?

Madamme Ybañez suddenly got goosebumps spreading all throughout her body. With the disappearance of that woman, Dr. Jim would surely learn to love and accept her daughter. What they would only need was time.

"What are we going to do now, Dr. Aijohn? He seemed to have worse intentions."

"Actually,  this is just a simple matter." Dr. Aijohn shook his head. Why were they making this big?  Was their word worth a billion dollar bucks?

Mr. Ybañez shook his head as well. He never expected that Mr. Wayne , out of greed for fame and fortune,  would do some extents of evil deeds. However,  for the prevailing love for their daughter,  he might compromise as well.  If only she could talk her daughter out of this.

Dr. Aijohn went back to his room with a drooping shoulders.This matter was even more difficult than finding  physical cancer cure. But the cancer of greed and lust for power and wealth could never be treated.It only lead to  most grievous crimes that  human minds could never imagine.

The hotel's receptionist rang.

"Another bouquet for Miss Gracienne Ybañez, please. And a breakfast for two."

Then, somewhere inside a senior inspector's office,  another call went through. A tall and skinny man picked it up. His beautiful eyes was hidden beneath his thick, black glasses.

"Kuya, how may I help you. "

"Brod,  I'm in dire need of your help. Can we talk,  please? This is such an urgent matter..." He, then,  explained the whole situation to him.

"Kuya,  this is such a dangerous case. My reputation would be at stake. You know well  that a wire tapping needs a court order."

"Then,  let's do the move before the authority takes an action."


After making some calls ,  he quickly changed into a pair of shorts,  a white, polo shirt with a navy blue lining and a brown,  leather shoes. A black sunglasses was clipped on his chest.

He knocked on the door. After a while, the sweet, morning smile of Dr. Grace greeted him.

"Thanks for the flowers. Our breakfast is ready . Come in."

Grace opened a door in between the glass walls. It lead to a small terrace overlooking the emerald sea and limestone cliffs. He followed behind.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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