I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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It Can't Be Her

Madamme Ybañez hurriedly stood up and lifted Jim up. She started  crying  as well. To see a man crying and kneeling down at their feet, was such a heart - wrenching sight. She may had felt bad for such a declaration of his love towards another woman who was not their child¡  another woman whom he was about to dissolute his marriage with in order to marry her treasured daughter,  yet,  she was not too hardened to ignore him writhing in so much pain.

How she wished that the woman he was in deep anguish with were her own daughter. How fortunate she could have been! The fact that she was not being loved by the man she was dying to get married to,  was humiliating and painful enough. But her daughter was just too stubborn! if only she could be talked out of it. It was their fault that she became like this.  It was because they were giving in to all her needs and wants that she could no longer accept any defeat.

" We are not as evil as you think, 
Dr. Jim. We cannot do something as horrible as that. We never force the issue of marriage."

"When we learned that you were already married,  we even planned to talk to Gracie out of it and help her  move on and forget you. She doesn't even know about the agreement we have with your father. It was plainly our own another will to help her get what she wanted. You will understand this feeling once you will have your own children. "

Jim remained quivering silently in tears. He even did not mind that she seemed to forget that he already had a child.

"Don't waste your time in having us investigated. Put your energy towards the real culprit." She honesty suggested.

Jim went home directly after his meeting with the Ybañez couple. Then, he called his father again.

"When are you going to introduce me to your anti - social friend,  Judge Ramirez? Let's start right now as long as you will give her back to me." Jim challenged him.

" As I said, somebody else took her away. If you can start your annulment, I will help in finding her. "

Jim was enraged again. What kind of a father was he? With Jia's frightening situation now whom he himself had started,   could he still get the nerve of saying that?  Of offering his help? If only he was with him physically, he might have lost his full respect and punch him to death.

Anthon had been sleepless. He had met and dated many women before but he was never disturbed emotionally to the extent of becoming sleepless. The way this woman addressed him which was totally out of formality,  as if she was demanding a favor to a subordinate, would have been irritating. But he surprised himself with a kind of tolerance he  never had done towards a stranger.

"What will be the payment term do you prefer?  The price range and house design?" He sent another message to her messenger account. 
"Ready for occupancy, single - detached unit. As for the price and design,  it's up to you. I want to move today, if possible."

He almost went crazy!

"You have to pay me dearly. You're taking my full time already. " He replied angrily.

"I will.  Just do it fast."

Damn it, Anna Reyes!  I will multiply my professional fee and see if you will be happy.

Anthon had purchased lots of properties which he intended for transient occupants  or reselling. Just lately, he had furnished  a unit he  just purchased a month ago. And it is located right where he was living. It was even a block away from his dream house.

"You may move in right now. Give me your details so I can process the transfer of the ownership right 

"Do it later. Just pick me up as soon as possible."

"What?That's too much, Miss Anna.I can give you the location and I will be waiting here to give you the 
keys. "

"No. I won't be safe with anybody else."

" Then hire your own body guards!"
Anthon was already enraged.

"Even body guards are not safe. Please come in thirty minutes."

"Okay, Miss Anna. I will increase the price by a million! Would you still have the guts to let me come in thirty minutes? "He mumbled to himself.

"Arvin,  I'm moving today. Thank you so much for everything. Please thank your brother for me. I hope I can return his kindness in the 
future." Jia was teary - eyed when she looked at Arvin while sipping his coffee.

"Our pleasure,  Miss Jia. You will meet him,  one day. "

"I can't wait." She managed a smile through her tears as she recalled how she had been saved. It was something she would owe him for a lifetime.

"You did us a much greater favor before but wait until you will meet my brother to know the whole 
story. "

One thing she hated the most was to be left wondering or waiting but she could not help it. Arvin's mouth was tightly sealed and she just could not choke him to death to get the answer.

"Miss Jia,  I need to go somewhere. I may not be here when you will be leaving. Just please keep the doors locked."

Arvin stood up right then and placed his empty cup in the sink. He tossed up the handle of his sling bag over his shoulder then picked up his phone. Then he walked over to Jia and hugged her.

"Be extra safe,  Miss Jia. Your name is already in the news portals and in tabloids. Your husband is even giving a reward to anyone who can give a lead to your location."

"I will." More tears came streaming down as she hugged him back.

As soon as the sound of Arvin's car faded out,  she hurriedly went to the kitchen where the bunch of keys was placed. She hurriedly fumbled to find the key to the master's bedroom. She had to break what she promised herself about invading one's privacy. She won't be stealing anything, anyway!  She just wanted to see the oil painting. She just wanted to know who rescued her.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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