I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Broken Heart

After a silent lunch where Jia was battling with herself in her urge to cry,  Anthon brought her back to her house. He did not bother her anymore as he felt she was fighting a battle he did not know about. Throughout this time, he was giving her a hard thought.  It was because there was one disturbing thing about her. And now he realized,  it was her similarity with Jia. The way she moved about,  the way she carry herself ..

At the guardhouse, Jim's entry was checked. When asked about the name of the homeowner, he  realized that he had not asked  her name.

He picked up his phone and sent a message again. "May I know your name? I won't be allowed to get in by the guard..."

Then,  he saw the guard picking up a ringing phone. Before he even placed the receiver back,  he  gestured for him to get in.  As he drove forward,  a new message popped out. It was a reply from her,  stating her name.

Anna Reyes. A name he could never recall having done any open - heart surgery under him. But her name seemed a bit familiar... he just couldn't tell why. His mind was just too clouded at the moment.

Then,  another notification appeared. It was a message from a bank notifying him that an amount was transferred to Anthon Rodriguez. He pulled  to the side to stop. He checked the message again and again! Jia transferred a fund to Anthon? Had she escaped?  Or was she forced to do it?  If so,  why Anthon of all people?  Was he the other culprit of her abduction? His heart raced so fast that he felt he was already having an atrial fibrillation.

He must clarify this with Anthon. He then called him up  but he was not picking up. Could there be something ongoing he did not know about? But no,  Jia knew he would find it out because it was their joint account.

He must go to this Miss Anna Reyes first before he would talk to Anthon personally. So, he turned back the engine  on then proceeded to the location she gave him. Suddenly,  Jian tugged his arm and began jumping in his seat.

"Daddy,  daddy,  look!" Jian pointed to the man walking by the roadside. Unexpectedly,  It was Anthon.

He opened the window to his side and Jian yelled out his name. He glanced up upon hearing his voice and stopped.

"Baby,  where are you going? " He asked while he reached out to kiss Jian who was sticking his head out. He then glanced at Jim.

"To answer an emergency call at house #53." Jim answered, setting aside his urge to ask him about the fund transfer.

"What?  What happened to Miss Anna?  You know her?" Anthon suddenly shuddered. He had just talked to her.

"She said she has chest pain and difficulty of breathing. You also know her? "Jim asked.

"Yes,  she has bought one of my house and  just moved in a while ago. I was even there assisting her and she seemed okay!" Anthon narrated which further confused Jim.

She bought one of his house. Had she paid through online  fund transfer, also?  But her name was Anna Reyes, it just couldn't be.

Meanwhile, Jia got extremely troubled. It never occured to her that in transferring a fund, Jim's name would appear. And Jim would also be notified that a payment was sent to Anthon. What would Jim think?

She paced back and forth when her wireless door buzzer chimed in. Her heart leapt in excitement! Finally...

She hurried to open the door and ushered her guests in. Her smile reached to her ears in joy and excitement but all she got was a cold response and deep gaze from both of them. "Miss Anna..."

The name "Miss Anna"  from Jim's mouth made her remember she was in disguise. She got so excited that she suddenly forgot that she was pretending to be someone else.

"Hello,  Miss Anna! The endearing,  childish voice of her son cut her heart into half, sending immediate tears  to her eyes.

Then,  the door opened again. They all turned towards the door. It was Anthon.

"Sorry,  Miss Anna. I just want to ask something to Dr. Jim. " Anthon explained.

Jia did not reply. Jim looked astonished while looking at Anthon. 
Jian, who got overjoyed to see him,  immediately ran towards him. He gave him a quick glance then   immediately scooped him up to his arms before speaking to Jim in a low voice. But Jia heard him well.

"Jim,  why are you transferring fund to my account?  How did you know my bank details? Are you paying me for taking care of Jian and for going after you in Palawan? " Anthon asked him in a humiliated look..

"No,  no.. I was even wondering about that.  I was even calling you for that matter but you were not picking up. " Jim explained.

He, indeed,  had missed calls from Jim. "What's the meaning of
this? "Anthon asked.

"It's not me. It means that Jia was transferring a fund to you. I'm afraid she's being forced to do that by whoever took her away."  

"But why me? "Anthon asked again. 
Does it mean she had escaped?"

"Let's talk about it later. " Jim dismissed the topic and he turned to

"Miss Anna,  I could not really remember you. What happened? Let me check you up." Jim offered.

"I have a broken heart..." Jim stared at her with creased brows. Was this woman out of her right mind? Somehow,  her voice sounded very familiar.

Anthon stared at her as well. Her voice changed  and was now different from how she spoke to him a while ago. It became familiar.

Jian, in his innocense, observed her also. Then, he quickly wriggled free from Anthon's arms and slid down to his feet.

With his eyes still fixed at her, Jim racked his brain to recall where  had he met her before. But he really could not remember. A layered, boy haircut in a chestnut shade;   thick,  arched eyebrows above dark grey eyes;  broad forehead with a thin,  upturned nose,  and a big,  black mole in his right cheek...

Marilyn Lucero

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