I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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I'm Holding Your Life

"What exactly is his proposal? " 
Anthon asked anxiously.

Bryan's thoughts remorsefully flew back to the secret meeting he had with Mr. Wayne.

Bryan stared calmly at the brave,  old man before him. He already had white hair above  the visible wrinkles in his forehead. How brave was this man to personally show up and discuss his offer? How sure was he that his bribery would work out in him?  

"I want you to find a woman from whatever cave she is hiding. I already had my men take her in the midst of the jungles somewhere in Palawan. Who knew that she was brave enough to escape amidst the dangers of the forest?  Perhaps, she was lucky enough to get help from the tribal people. Wherever she may be hiding,  she must be found on or before Sunday.To make that possible and to extract her from wherever she is hiding, take his son away as a bait. What remained as a mystery to me now  was that there are no records of her exit from Palawan in both the air and shipping lines. Perhaps,  she's still in hiding somewhere out there. "

What a coincidence!  His team was just assigned to the area where she was hiding as a request of Mr. Rex. She was exactly the woman who appeared in all the tabloids and in some social media accounts with  a cash reward challenge.  Whoever could give any information that would lead to where she could be located would receive a big cash reward from two different men.  She had been reported to had been lost during her last day in EL Nido for a vacation and until now,  no one had found her. Extensive search operation had been made but ended out a futile effort.

"Sir,  may I know how are you related to this woman? " The impulsive man who always acted out stupidly out of anger gave him exactly the answer.

"She was just married to my son and this marriage is the bottom line of this trouble. They never lacked warnings from me but they are just to boastful to challenge the worst in me. Now,  let see. "

"Are you going to kill your own grandson also? " Bryan got curious. Just how deep is the wound they had caused him to the extent of not sparing an innocent child.

"I will not touch a single hair in their heads as long as they cooperate."

Then,  Mr. Wayne looked at him in the eyes. " I know that my son is doing every means possible to find her.  Hand her to me instead. Name your price. "

"Why me,  Mr. Wayne? How sure  are you that I would catch your bait and  would not betray you? " Bryan asked curiously but sincerely.

"Because I am holding your life." He looked straight at him again,  making him uneasy.

"In what way? " He asked.

"I am one of the shareholders of the bank you are issuing with bouncing checks.  An you know that those were not meager amounts. Aside from that,  you already know my secret and I can always hire someone to stop your existence anytime."

The moment he said this,  armed men in disguise walked towards them. As a police himself,  he could easily tell  who they were.

"Actually,  what I am doing now to this woman is just a slight form of punishment. If she cooperates well,  she can have the freedom all her 
life. "

Then, Mr. Wayne turned his back to him and got inside his car. Before he closed the window, he left him some imperative statement.

"See you tomorrow for your decision. Same time and place."

Then his car stormed out and left him staring into the distance.

Brian looked at Anthon with fear in his eyes. He was recognized for his brilliance but at this moment,  all his wit had been drained out by guilt and fear.

"See him tomorrow as arranged." Anthon said calmly but his thoughts were already flying out far, thinking  how he would save his son.

"Phyllis, what is your plan now? "
Judge Ramirez asked him straightforwardly.

Mr. Wayne went directly to his house after his meeting with Bryan. From the city,  it would take him three hours to travel to his place. They sat on a coffee table by the porch which overlooked the lush Mahogany trees lining up at the edge of his lawn.

"I'm paying someone to take away the child as a bait."

Judge Ramirez looked at him with a horrified look. His spine crept up with goosebumps at the extent of what he could do just to get in his ways.

"Phyllis,  Phyllis,  how can you be so impulsive to do such a stupid thing! " Judge Ramirez shook up his head calmly.

"Don't you think that Jim might lose his respect on you as a father and might even sell you out to the authority?  And of course, you will be hold as the main suspect! "

Mr. Wayne nodded his head lightly,  as reality dawned on him. Just how long could his son's patience hold? 
Yet, his aggressive behaviour couldn't help him from acting foolishly and impulsively.

The following day,  Bryan went to the agreed place at the agreed time. 
Ten minutes after,  Mr. Wayne  arrived. Bryan came out immediately from his car and stood leaning by his car's luggage compartment.

Mr. Wayne came out immediately as well along with the two men. While Mr. Wayne stood up before him to shake a hand with,   the two men went out to check his car to check for hidden cameras or for the possibility of bringing a companion with him. Bryan understood his motive so he pulled out his wallet and even pulled his inside pockets out to show him that he was not bringing anything especially those his enemy dreaded out, such as a  pen recorder.He also took off his shirt and let him check the lower part of his pants. He even jumped up in place,  to shake off any doubt.

"Clear,  boss! " One of his men yelled out.

Mr. Wayne, then, turned to Bryan with his intimidating look.

"Okay. Take the child to... I'll give further instruction. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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