I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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In Keeping Their Words

Anthon was already quivering inside but he forced himself to look calm. His son was looking at him and was his source of strength. Sensing the danger,  Jian surprisingly didn't scream but his eyes almost popped out in so much fear. His eyes were red and his tears were fast flowing silently. He whimpered and wriggled vigorously to free from the man who succesfully grabbed him away from Anthon.

Anthon  could not move. Three men encircled him and pointed their guns towards him. He did not mind the guns. He looked at the man who gave the order. That must be Mr. Wayne. Despite his covers,  anyone could tell that he was in his golden years already. White hairs popped out from his bonnet and his slightly crooked built showed it all.

"Sir,  please take me along with the child. Take everything that is in me. Just let me be with the child."

Then,  the third car screeched to a stop right in front of them and Anthon saw Bryan hopped out from the driver's seat with a gun in his right arm.

"Mr. X,  what does this mean?  I accepted your offer in the condition that we will not harm an innocent child. Why are you taking him?"
Bryan confronted Mr. X angrily.

Mr. X got enraged. No one  ever dared to question his decision.

"Who in the hell are you to dictate my steps?" Mr. X yelled at him.

"We had an agreement!" Bryan yelled back.

"Use your head, Mr. Why would I harm my own grandson? You still have a greater task. Look for the mother,  instead. Be sure to find him before Sunday! "

"How would you deal when that child starts crying?  Are you sure you're not going to beat him to death, you coward old man?  Are you sure you're not going to throw a can of milk to make him silent? I can kill a million without being bothered by my conscience, Mr. X,  but I can't allow anyone to harm an innocent child. " Bryan fearlessly assaulted him with injurious words.

Replacing his gun back into its holster in a wink of an eye,  he quickly pulled out from his side an olive, spherical steel -  cased hand grenade. Everyone around knew that such explosives were only used by militaries in  battlefields and acquiring it was illegal. In a matter of four seconds,  after the lever would be triggered, the lethal radius would surely cover them up even before they could start up their cars to flee. Mr. Wayne didn't really had killing skills,  he only relied on his capability to hire.

Fear engulfed the old man. He knew that his men only had guns with them. And this man was fearless! What else were the illegal weapons inside his car and who knew if he had men hiding inside, waiting for his signal to strike? He only acted out of  anger and impulse,   not with deep thinking and careful planning.

Seeing that Mr. X wavered, Brian yelled out a warning again. "Release the child back to his companion and I will honor our agreement."

Immediately,  Jian was released and Anthon quickly ran to catch up his son. Holding  his son tightly in his arms,  he cried in relief.

"You are too brainless,  Mr. X. Didn't you know that right now you have fallen  into my hands and I could be awarded for arresting the mastermind of a mother and child kidnapping case? However, I know how to keep my words. "

"What do you want? " Mr. Wayne conceded reluctantly.

"Lead the way and we will follow. "

Brian said in a firm but threatening tone. He could act fearless at this moment because he knew that the enemy was helpless. Yet,  he knew that Mr. Wayne, with his resources,  could always purchase a mightier back up once given the opportunity. 
Little did he know, that Mr. Wayne was also afraid of him,  thinking that he might have sold him up to the authority already. Or perhaps,  he may be connected to some terrorist groups due to those illegal weapons he had possesed when, in fact,  he only showed a hand grenade.

"Alright! " Mr. X said as he and his men retreated back into their cars.

Soon, the three cars turned up in a convoy through the long and winding roads, with Mr. Wayne heading the way. It was never in the plan that he would personally take part in the abduction of Jian but as unsteady as the wind, his mind quickly changed. 
Brian and Anthon were communicating silently with their eyes even inside the car. Their senses where sharpened as they were in close watch of any untoward event that may happen again. Jian just clung  tightly to Anthon's neck while his small body was shaking.  

"Don't be afraid anymore, son. Daddy is here already."

Anthon wrapped him tightly into his chest until the child fell asleep. His thoughts went back to Jia's worried looks and puffing eye bags. How could he face her again if he would fail?

After about two hours in the road,  the leading car turned right to a narrow and rough road. The number of houses became lesser and lesser until all could be seen by the roadside were wild and lush greeneries. Soon, the lonely sea view was now clearly and vastly displayed under the canopy of  gloomy and grey skies. Finally,  after passing through rocky bumps along the way,  the first black car stopped before a tall, old - rose gate. A servant opened it up and the convoy went inside a privately  owned beach resort.

Mr. Wayne got out first,  and a man sitting by a cottage that overlooked the sea view,  stood up and greeted him. In a floral,  beach shorts and a  black sport shirt,  the face of the man became familiar. Anthon fixed his gaze at him.  It seemed that he had met him just recently. Why was he here? Was he Mr. Wayne's accomplice? Was he also another dangerous man he had to deal with?

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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