I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Lonely Hills and Plains

The bodyguards never saw Jia in her disguised look as well as the policemen who were assigned within the premises of the subdivision. So,  when Jia came out of the door where her bodyguard was keeping his watch,  he did not recognized her. He was really surprised when he realized that there was another person inside the house.

She was wearing a black,  short hair that curled below her nape and jawline. Her eyes were deep - set, in a grey,  vampire - eye design. With a black jumpsuit, she stood so tall in her pair of cream, spool - heeled sandals.

"Ma'am, are you going out with Miss Jia? " The bodyguard asked her, his eyes knitted together.

"No,  just please keep your watch."
She answered in a deeply modulated voice.

"May I know your name, please? " He asked,  looking more confused.

"Anna Reyes. " She plainly answered.

The bodyguard,  then,  remembered that the owner of the house was named Anna Reyes so it meant that Miss Jia was living with Miss Anna Reyes in her house.

" Okay,  mam,  I already understand. I did not know that there are two ladies inside the house." The guard was indeed confused.

She used the black car with the darkest window tints.It should have been the car she wanted Anthon to purchase for her but since she was able to meet Jim earlier,  the latter provided it for her. She made sure that she brought with her those falsified documents she had. It was her first time to go out since she moved into this house.

Few minutes later,  she was already walking towards the  receptionist area of White Rose Hotel. Seeing her approaching,  the lady behind the counter greeted her.

"I had booked Room 46 a while ago." Jia said,  her sweet smile not leaving her face.

"I see,  ma'am. Let me check. May I know your name,  please? "

"Anna Reyes. "

"Got it,  ma'am. Here's your keycard."

Jia gracefully walked towards the elevator,  her heart pounding. She did not know how extensive was the search conducted for her. What if those people found out about her disguise? Jim could not also come to her house frequently since it may raise a suspicion from the private investigators that Mr. Wayne may had hired.

Once inside the room, she walked hurriedly towards the wall across the main door. Jim had just discovered that all the rooms in this wing of the building had glass walls on its other side and it had exit doors leading to the cleaners lounge. Outside the exit doors,  was a half -  meter wide alley where the housekeepers passed through. The narrow alley was secured by a metal railings that looked like a long terrace if viewed from outside. But it was actually  the back part of hotel where aesthetic view was of lesser concern. She then twisted the inside lock  and pushed  the door sideward. Just as she was able to open it,  Jim appeared from the other door adjacent to hers.

"How did you know about these exit doors?" Jia asked as she quickly ushered him inside. She quickly locked the door back  and pulled over the curtains.

"The housekeeper unintentionally banged his mop on the wall so I checked it. That was how I found out about it. " Jim said as he crossed his hands at the back of her waist.

Jia locked her fingers as well at the back of his nape and before she could make any more comments, Jim claimed her lips ahead into a deep kiss.  When he finally released her reluctantly,  she hurriedly pulled  her make up kit out from her bag.

"Come fast and let's start your disguise. " She smiled,  teasing his unquenched thirst.

She very well understood that he had other plan. But that could wait until after she could meet Jian again.

Jim obediently sat down on a chair facing the vanity mirror as Jia painted his face. She created a wider nosebridge and a thinner eyebrows. A thicker lashes and an opaque lens...

After being satisfied with his new look, she dabbed him a final touch and fixed on his head a  synthetic wig. Minutes after,  Jim came out of his suite a  different person.

The couple stayed by the  main lobby waiting for the hotel's car they had booked to pull up at the entrance. Not long after,  they wound the long, uphill road towards the city's outskirt areas. The sceneries by the roadside changed from a busy and crowded hubs to  lonely plains and  green hills.

Jia could not almost wait to see her son again. They had outwitted Mr. Wayne as well as Bryan. They had successfully tricked the bodyguards as well as the police. What would happen to them in the next days? 
One thing she was sure,  this week,  she could finally meet her rescuer.


Brian shuddered when he found out that they all fell asleep and that nobody knew what happened to Anthon and the child. He hurriedly knocked at Mr. X's room as well as Judge Ramirez', to inform both of them that Anthon and Jian had disappeared!  

Seeing his terrified face and trembling hands,  Mr. X dispelled his initial accusation that it could be just his piece of trick. Who else among them could arrange another group to pick them up? Could it be his son who may had followed them?  
Perhaps,  but it couldn't be so soon...He had changed their exit route at the last minute!  He had cleared the place for possible threats. He was sure he had his men removed all those tracking devices that Anthon had. He also confiscated his phone and tab while they were yet in the first resort. None among them had turned on their phones that could possibly be the means to track them down.

If it was Brian,  why would he do that when this kidnapping task was supposedly initiated by him alone if it were not for his sudden decision to join in and to change their initial plan? If he was being careful to dispel all the means of being tracked,  why not him?  But looking at his terrified looks and trembling body,  it couldn't be him...

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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