I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Loopholes

Dr. Jim felt struck with a fierce wind. How could he reveal his father's shameful obession? How could he tell her that their marriage was supposed to be the token of his father's aspired fame and fortune? How could he tell her of his greed?

Though her parents were the first party to this agreement,  their intention was purely out of love for her.  Though it was still an absolutely wrong way. It was still  a contemptous act of greed,  knowing that they did not care about his own feelings. They knew that it was he who needed to give up the yearnings of his own heart to actualize this plan, it was he whose home needed to be broken,  but still their pursuit was pushed on.

The Ybañez couple stood dumbfounded as well. Their minds were not prepared for this confession.

At last,  Madamme got the nerve as the main culprit of this marriage set up.

"Dear,  few months ago when you called us  and you were crying in pain and defeat, we were also hurt. If you remember,  you asked your dad to help you. Even if we knew that our plan was wrong from the very start,   your happiness that we always care about outweighed it all."

Dr. Grace stared at her with furrowed brows,  quietly listening.

"We came to talk to Mr. Wayne that if he can persuade his son to consider you,  we would choose Catherine Fields Medical Center as the host of the research launching. When you told us that Dr. Jim was already married,  we had it investigated. Upon the release of his CENOMAR, we concluded that he may had only lied to avoid you. That's why we persisted. "

She turned to Dr. Jim. "Dr. Jim,  we are so sorry. We never knew that this would lead to a scary tragedy. We also hoped that through this engagement,  your wife would be released."

"Released from what? " Dr. Grace still did not get it.

Everyone fell silent. Nobody wanted to reveal it, in behalf of the main culprit. They were too afraid of Mr. Wayne.

Then,  Dr. Aijohn faced everyone confidently. He glared at Mr. Wayne and its sharpness could send out smoke and fire within. Before he spoke out,  he picked up his phone and made an order.

"Bring them in. "

Everyone looked at each other. What was he up to? His aura became domineering and his anger seemed consuming. In less than a minute,  footsteps were heard and the door was flung open. All heads were turned towards the door in suspense.

A tall and beautiful woman walked in. Holding her hand was a handsome boy. There looks were agitated and sad.  Dr. Jim suddenly stood up and he ran to meet them.

"Sweetheart,  Jian.." He immediately wrapped them both in his arms as he cried.   "I'm so sorry this happened again. "

Jia closed her eyes as she hugged him back. Her heart was already failing in too much fear. What was happening? What was going to happen to them? Why were they brought here? Why were all they here? Would they be captured together?

Jian was too scared that he could not talk. He just snuggled closer to Jia.

Mr. Wayne froze in his place as his eyes fell wide when he saw Brian walked in,  followed by Anthon. Next to them was a tall and bronze - skinned man whose looked was prim and authocratic. The last person who walked in was someone he recognized. It was another police officer whom he bribed to work for him. He was his ace of spades who finally located his prey for his final victory. But why were they all here?  What did this mean?  

Suddenly,  he understood something and he immediately trembled. He felt  his doom was at hand.

Everyone stood in their place quietly. The atmosphere became so tensed and the eyes of all the men who came in were alert.

Dr. Grace was suddenly scared.She was still confused on what was happening. Dr. Aijhon understood her reaction and his face softened. He gave her a quick hug before he returned to his fearful aura. He glared back to Mr. Wayne.

" Because of this marriage agreement, Gracie," he paused for a while as he looked at her,  "Jia was abducted and dumped in the forested outskirts of El Nido. If it were not for the risk taken by Rex, she wouldn't have been rescued and would have been left to die in fear.
While she went into hiding,  Mr. Wayne bribed one of our men to take away their son as his last means of extracting Jia from his lair. He brought him to a resort somewhere in a remote area and thanks for the cooperation of everyone. He and Anthon escaped through another rescue operation. "

Then, Mr. Wayne,  though inexperienced in this field,  was able to buy the loyalty of the resort attendant.  He lead his men towards the capture of these victims through his brother who also worked as a gardener in their new hideout."

Without blinking,  he went on.

"Mr. Wayne, it is so sad to know that the way you plotted your abduction is so predictable and didn't need much intelligence. And a part of your heart has still a sense of guilt in it because your order to kill was too late. You were just too unfortunate because all those men you have hired were our loyal men who played along  until the time becomes ripe to expose you."

"It's too sad that the first target of your first intent to kill and abduct is your own family. And your lack of experience lead to your stupid moves. There were just too many loopholes and evidences..."

His next statement made him limp and he instantly fell to the floor.

"Mr. Wayne,  they are here with a warrant by Judge Ramirez.."

Marilyn Lucero

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