I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Wedding 2

Finally,  Jia arrived in the site in a customized horse - driven cart.  The top was adorned with white ribbons and laces  while on the sides were beautifully - crafted  hanging peonies,  orchids  and calla lilies complemented with green dusty millers, chrysantemum and other green fillers.

In her hand was a bouquet of white roses embellished with few molucella and heather flowers as fillers. Anthon made it for her and ordered that imported flowers.  Not only that,  he took charge in all floral arrangement from the carts and wagons down to floral centerpieces,  from the flower chandeliers  to the floral pillars in the corners. He also made the bouquets including the bridal car decoration and also prepared the petals for the flower girls.

Still, not only that,  he prepared the gourmet dishes for the wedding menu as the special chef who created the White Rose Hotel's Weekend Specials.

All of these,  from the venue enhancement to the flower arrangement and down to the food preparation,  were an emblem for his love to the woman who was to marry his own brother.

However,  these would be his last love offering. After the wedding,  he would set out for another journey to find his own path to lifetime happiness. All things were ready including his plane ticket.

As Jia stepped down from the cart,  the crowd was captivated by her stunning  beauty.  She was in her off - white wedding dress that was fitted at the waist and then flared out  below the hips. It's  off - shoulder design  and it's sweetheart neckline emphasized the great contour of her collarbone and the shape of her arms. It was the design Jim had choosen for her. And aside from its great design,  diamond beads were embellished all throughout,  just as he wanted it to be.

Instead of walking down the aisle with the background of a bridal march,  the conductor raised her baton once more and the beautiful music floated beautifully into the air. Then, her angelic voice was heard as she sang her bridal oath,  melting down the hearts of her witnesses.

"Walk hand in hand with me through all eternity
Have faith, believe in me, give me your hand
Love is a symphony of perfect harmony
When lovers such as we walk hand in hand

Be not afraid, for I am with you all the while
So lift your head up high and look toward the sky...."

While she sang,  the crowds wept with her as their emotion was lifted into a state of melancholy and solemnity. More than anybody else,  Jim shed the greatest amount of tears. At long last, in the span of seven years,  he had given her the glamorous wedding he had long desired for her.

By the time she reached halfway,  
her parents joined her and she walked in between them.

Then Jim,  together with his dad and another woman,  walked slowly forward to meet her. Her look was familiar but she couldn't remember.
Before she took the hand of Mr. Wayne to take it to her forehead, the woman smiled at her.

"Jia,  I am your Ate Casey..."

Jia was too surprised and too moved that,  finally,  Jim's family was reconciled that she began crying.

"No,  darling. Do not cry yet. The ceremony is still to take place. " She laughed softly as she enclosed her in a warm embrace.

Then,  Jim took her hand  after the exchanges of blessings granted to them by their parents and Jim's big sister Casey.

Later into the ceremony,  while the minister was delivering his message,  a sharp cry of a baby pierced into the silence as the crowd was listening to the sermon. They all turned towards the direction of the crying baby. Jia and Jim turned as well and the minister paused his speech for a while.

The nanny suddenly got panicked that she rocked her wildly in her effort to make her stop crying. She became so afraid because the baby had already disturbed the ceremony. But she would not hush down. Jia became worried already as she looked at her.She was already tempted to go down and get her.

Then,  in the eyes of everyone,  Anthon came forward and took her into his arms.

" Stop crying now, my love,  daddy is here. "

Jianna suddenly stopped crying as she stared into Anthon's eyes and in the next second,  she giggled. The crowd heard it and they laughed as well. She was just too cute in her beautiful gown.

"Give me another dress. She's not comfortable with this. " Anthon told the nanny as he sat down on the nearest chair and began removing her lacey white headress and lacey shoes.

He looked up and glared at Jia  for letting the baby wear those itchy and hot gown and accessories. Jia glanced back at him and laughed silently.

Brian,  Giselle and Jay watched them and together, oblivious to each of them,  their hearts were ripped up simultaneously.

All throughout the ceremony,  Jianna remained in Anthon's arm,  now comfortable in her cotton dress and socks.

After the sermon, the couple began reciting their renewal of marriage vows. There was no more signing of contracts and marriage declaration for it was already done months ago by Judge Ramirez.

As the ceremony was about to close,  Judge Ramirez walked into the front and took up the microphone.

"Months ago,  I,  Judge Ramirez, with the authority vested upon me,  proclaimed this same couple as husband and wife to few of their witnesses. Now,  I would like to repeat that same proclamation to hundreds of you today...."

"Friends,  families of the couple,  guests,  allow me to declare again Dr. Jim and Miss Jia Wayne as husband and wife. "

A thunderous round of applause was heard as the couple made their first,  public kiss.

During the picture taking,  when Jia's high school friends were called up,  Giselle,  Brian and Jay came up.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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