I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Wedding 3

Seeing the logo in the uniforms of the food server,  the guests promptly concluded that the food must have come from the menu list of the Weekend Specials.

"This one is last month's special dish. "

"And this one is last week's.. "

"This one is new... and this is from the other month's.. "

The restaurant's manager who happened to hear them, excitedly took the chance to generate a higher sale for her own promotion.

"It's all Chef Anthon's special dishes. To try it again next time,  you may inquire ahead what's for the week's special dish for Weekend Specials. You can also make a separate  order for special occasions like this. Look,  Chef Anthon is there,  the one with the baby! "

The word spread like a lightning and everyone looked at Anthon.

"Is he the chef?  Wow,  he's so handsome! "

"But I heard him being called out awhile ago that he's an engineer. "

"Yes,  he is the developer of this subdivision,  Jian's Garden and the developer of this site,  Jian's Paradise.

"Wow,  really?  Is there anything he can't do? "

Brian, who happened to pass by them,  also added.

"He is also in charge of the decorations and floral arrangements so all the magic that you see here comes from his hands. "

"Wow, I'm instantly in love with him! "

"Is he married already? "

"No,  the baby is his niece. "

"But he is also good in taking care of the baby!  See,  the baby will cry if someone else pick her up! "

"Can someone introduce me to 
him? "

"He is just too perfect! "

Brian laughed. These fools did not know that Anthon had only one woman in his heart and that was the bride.

The wedding was indeed a happy and successful event. Through it,  Dr. Aijohn was reunited with Jia's parents and they truly had happy moments in recalling the past.

Jia and Anthon had also their moments with Jay,  Giselle and Brian. They also enjoyed in recalling the past and in sharing their present experiences.

"So,  Ton,  are you really sure about your plan? " Giselle changed the topic when she remembered what Anthon told her when they last talked.

Anthon showed her a photo of his plane ticket in his phone.

"So have you found someone to take over?" Giselle asked further.

Anthon shook his head and soon a notification of a new email popped up in his phone. With nothing to do, he opened it and was surprised to see the content! He opened it further and saw Giselle's Curriculum Vitae. She was applying as his manager.

Anthon turned to her and pinched her side that she giggled!

"You,  fool! You could have just told me about this directly. Who wouldn't be so honored to have you? "

Jia looked at them with creased brows. "What are you two talking about?"

"Nothing. It's strictly for single people only. " Anthon looked at her tenderly and laughed.

Jia pouted and glared at him. Jay laughed. "This woman is still in love with him, "   she thought.

Anthon reached out and touched her head. "Stop gossiping. It's not 
good! "

Brian also fixed his gaze at Anthon and thought to himself. "What a pity. He'll bring this love down to his grave."

After the event,  when all the guests had left including Jia's parents who could not stay longer due to age,  the Waynes  gathered around.

"Ton,  if you don't mind,  I want you to change your  family name." Mr. Wayne said seriously.

"Yes,  Ton." Jim, the most generous one,  seconded.

"Good decision,  dad." Casey agreed. 
Anthon felt warmth and full acceptance that his breathing became heavy. He struggled to hold back the tears before he thanked each one of them again.

"By the way,  Jia,  where are you going to spend your honeymoon?"
Ate Casey asked,  wondering why it was not announced.

"Ate,  since we are so blessed to have this reconciliation,  how about spending a week or two for our family outing? "

'Yes,  yes,  that's great!  But if you don't mind,  I want it to be here in our country's best tourist destinations."
Casey said excitedly."

Anthon felt sad. Those two weeks would only make his heart grow fonder or more broken to see Jia and Jim together.

"Can I bring over Giselle? " He asked,
thinking that it would be best if he had someone to share his heartache with. Or,  he would use this chance to train her for the business.

"Who is she,  Ton? Is she your fiancee? "

"She is my bestfriend. " He answered.

He almost told her that once,  she was his fiancee. Not only that,  she was his runaway bride!

"Good, Ton!  I wish that in two weeks,  the friendship would develop into marriage. You're already running out of age! "

Everyone laughed but a pang of pain hit Jia's heart. She didn't know why. Perhaps because,  Giselle had caused her a heartache before.


To Anthon's amazement,  Giselle accepted his invitation,  most especially because,  they would be using the chance for her training.

"By the way, how about your daughter?" Anthon asked,  wondering how easily she consented to the plan.

"She's with my parents and because she's very much pampered,  she did not go back with me to Singapore anymore. Also because, I always left her there with a nanny."

"What about your husband? " Anthon never heard her mention her husband except for that one time when she  confessed about her life.

"Ours is a forbidden affair eventhough he's literally single. He's been sick for two years already and eversince it happened, he no longer went home. His family is taking control of him. "

"What do you do for a living? "He asked further.

"He left me a great amount and a business. But since I am lonely and alone there,  I have decided to go home."

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