I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Leaving Soon

"Anna,  I'm sorry. " He closed his eyes, not wanting to see her cry. He did not deserve her tears.

"Hon,  listen to me. What will you do then?  Miss Jia would never be yours. Even if she still loves you,  you can never win her loyalty to her 
husband. She's commited and couldn't just be moved. "

Anthon looked away. His heart ached at the truth,  at the impossiblities. He could , also,  in no way betray his brother.

"Hon,  I'm not evil. I'm just hurting. How about forgetting that wedding ceremony since you are still not ready about it? Let's give ourselves more time, away from her. " Anna pleaded pitifully in between her sobs.

Anthon finally looked at her. "What do you mean? "

"Let's cancel the wedding and decide about it until you are ready. Then,  let's go back to Dubai and live together. I believe that if you allow me to care for you each day, to lay by your side each night and create ourselves a  home,  you will be able to forget her gradually. "

She was right.  And her reaction and attitude towards Jia was just nornal and common to any woman in her situation. Except for one in a million women like Jia, who  always chose to suffer silently beneath the cloak of pretense. He needed to help himself in order to move on.

"I'll think about it. " He said sorrowfully.

After sending her home,  he laid  awake in his bed,  thinking hard over and over, until the sun peeped into his windows. He derided Jim before for being so weak but the irony of it was to find himself so much weaker than him.

At six in the morning, he called up Giselle,  the only person who fully understood him even to the extent of a crazy decision to marry Anna and his stubbornness to let go of Jia.

Giselle laughed ahead. "What now? "

"I'm going back to Dubai tomorrow. "
He said calmly,  devoid of any emotion.

"How about the wedding? "Giselle was caught by surprise. She had been busy lately with the preparation, only to be told that he was cancelling it.

Anthon talked his heart out once again and Giselle  finally understood.

"Whatever you decide,  Ton,  I'm always here... "

Miss Cruz went back inside the house to look for Mr. Wayne.  She thought he was still in his room but he was not. He was already in the dining table, watching Jia preparing their fruit smoothies.

" Mr. Wayne,  here's your berry smoothie and your medications."

"Did you let my son take the miracle pill, Miss Cruz? " He said,  stressing out the importance of Hailey's Pill.

"Yes,  sir. In fact,  I went to him first. "
Miss Cruz smiled as she opened the glass of berry smoothie for him.

"Good.  The greatest responsibility that I would like you to strictly carry on  is to give him Hailey's Pill without fail. You already know the consequence. " Mr. Wayne had never been more sincere in medication intake like now.

Jia became teary - eyed as she listened to them. Both of them didn't have enough supply of Hailey's Pill. His father -in-law, who was taking it ahead and had completed the first six-month- course, was currently starting the second course. It was being required to take one complete course every three years to prevent any signs and symptoms of recurrence. But since he gave his supply to Jim,  she was also afraid for him.

"Thank you,  dad. " Jia said smiling, even with a falling tear which she quickly brushed away.

"I'm already old and besides,  I would still live long years to see my grandchildren. " He said but in the next moment,  his expression gloomed.

"Dad? " Jia saw his pained and worried look.

"I'm worrying for Tonton. "

"Why? "She asked,  wondering if there was anything that happened and she didn't know.

"I'm worried about his coming marriage with Anna. "He grimly replied.

"Why dad,  is there a problem? "Jia asked further.

"Not just a big problem but a  big trouble coming his way. Because he doesn't love her and I saw those sardonic glances in Anna's eyes. "

Jia did not answer right away. She,  herself,  saw Anna's cynical looks towards her. Not just that,  her small acts of jealousy,  her concealed attempts to hurt her.

"Don't worry,  dad. The fact that he likes their companionship means that he would be able to learn 
soon. "

"I don't think so. I see it in his eyes,  in his stolen glances,  in the way he cared. He still loves you,  Jia. "

"Hahaahha! I love it,  dad. " Anthon's laughter rang in the closed walls of the dining room.

None of them saw him standing by the exit door at the kitchen. Jia flushed deeply as he came to hug her and his dad.

"Ton, you're here. Where's Anna? " Mr. Wayne stuttered. He was just caught gossiping.

"I'm alone. " He said as his eyes fell tenderly at Jia who was staring hard at the mangoes she was peeling.

"Jia,  dear.  Is there a problem with the mangoes? " Jia was startled at his question, being unable to overcome  the awkwardness yet.

It was Mr. Wayne's turn to laugh. "Don't scare her. "

Anthon just smiled  as he touched the top of her head. Seeing her awkwardness,  he shifted the topic.

"Dad,  where's Jim? I need to talk to him. "

"In the garden. " Mr. Wayne answered.

He nodded and fixed a gaze at his dad.

"Dad,  I'm leaving with Anna for Dubai tomorrow. " He said, noticing her stiffening from where she stood.

He pulled out a chair and pulled her arm gently as he made her sit down in it.

"What?  What about your wedding? "
Mr. Wayne couldn't seem to grasp it.

"We decided to cancel it for now. Because the wedding song is too depressing. " He then chuckled,  pinching Jia's nose.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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