I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Love Her Again

"Does it mean that until now,  you' re still pretending for my sake ? "

Grace wondered because wherever one of them went, the other was also there. They seemed inseperable.

"Gracie,  dear, you are already married. While arguments and quarrels are common and expected,  there could also arise  greater problems.  May both of you be open to understanding the root cause of every trouble.  And may both of you be always ready to forgive. "

"As for me and your dad,  we had been tested and tried and we were able to sail through the storm. "

Finally, Mr. Ybañez broke his silence.

"I'm sorry,  Gracie. How I wish I could hide this forever so you won't be bothered. "

Grace stood up and flung her arms around him. "How could I hate you,  dad?  You fill my life with so much love and thoughtfulness. How could I look back on your flaws? "

Touched by her words,  Madamme Ybañez broke into tears of joy. Grace saw her and so she threw herself into her arms.

"Thank you for the forgiveness, mom. Or,  else I won't grow up in a happy family. I would have lost my faith in love and marriage if I have not seen its beauty from the two of you. You are my best example in life aside from being my bestfriends. "

What she said was true. She could open up her heart and mind to them. She could speak up her ideas with no inhibitions. She could tell them her joys and sorrows. Most of all,  she could tell them the matters of her heart,  including her infatuations.

A successful marriage does not necessarily have to be perfect. It is in how the conflicts are being dealt and solved together. It is in how they keep the faith despite the flaws.

The sad atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by a phone call.  Aijohn glanced at the caller's name which was displayed on the screen. It was Anthon.  He, stood up and walked towards  a corner so as not to disturb them.

"Ton. " He greeted him.

"Dr. Aijohn, may I talk to you?"

"Sure. What is it? "

"It's about Jim. I would like to know about his progress and how long  would my bone marrow grow. "

"Let's talk about this personally. See you at my clinic in thirty minutes. "

"Okay. "

Anthon went back inside the house to look for Miss Cruz. Jia was also coming down from the stairs.

"Where can I find,  Miss Cruz? " He asked, still amazed by the gentleness of her physical attributes as he watched her descending from the stairs.

"In the guest room,  I think. " She replied,  avoiding his eyes, yet wondering why he asked.

"Thanks. " He gave her a lingering look before turning towards the guest room.

After  few knocks,  Miss Cruz opened the door and got surprised. 
"Sir? "  

"Miss Cruz,  please go with me to the hospital. I have this sudden stomach pain. " He said , slightly grimacing.

Jia,  who heard him,  spoke up worriedly. "Why? Where's the pain?  Show me! "

He came forward to her and whispered. "It's a gnawing pain inside my heart. "

Jia was left dumbfounded...

He,  then,  turned to Miss Cruz and beckoned her to follow.

Once inside the car,  he asked her straightforwardly. "Did he take it or not? "

With the sense of guilt bearing her down everyday which even made her want to resign for so many times, she instantly broke into tears.

"He did not. He instructed me to crush the pill and mix it,  instead, in Mr. Wayne's smoothie everyday. "

Anthon flushed in controlled anger the moment his speculation was confirmed.

"My goodness!  Why did you listen to him? "

"I'm sorry,  sir. I had tried so many times to convince him. There was even once that I ended up crying hard in my frustration and pity for him."

"He also explained the disadvantage of cutting Mr. Wayne's intake. While he has one more month to complete his course,  Dr. Jim  needs four. And his chance to get the full supply is very less. He said that you even raise it to a million, but no one takes the bait. So,  he decided to save Mr. Wayne, instead of allowing them both  to sink down. "

Anthon pulled out the car to the side as he was already unable to hold back his urge to cry. He leaned his head on the steering wheel and covered his face with both hands. 
He recalled all his goodness.  From accepting his son to giving him his name,  from giving him right to know him as the father to registering businesses under his son's name. Most of all,  his trust and acceptance of him as a family even before they knew the truth.

Later at the clinic of Dr. Aijohn, Anthon's eyes were still very red.

"I will have to look into his white blood count to see if the graft is starting to make new blood cells. It generally could be seen in ten days to one month. Typically,  the full recovery could be expected in three months to one year,  on a case to case basis. But I have a very high expectation in Hailey's Pill. "

Anthon sank back in his seat and tears gathered immediately around the corners of his eyes.

"He's not taking it. " Anthon then told him the details.

"His thoughtfulness for others is now causing his demise. But he has a point. He is  not just someone else. He is your father.  And true, we have a very tiny chance to get a four- month supply. "

"And as a doctor himself,  he knows  his life expectancy after being diagnosed around four years ago.
His suppressed depression,  refusal to hold on and his lack of faith in Hailey's Pill might be one of the factors that would lead to his deterioration. "

"I hate him.  Why does he want to die? Why is he not helping himself? "

"Because he knows,  that there is still no known cure for cancer. The 
treatment would only prolong the life span but in the end,  it will recur. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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