I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Who Is The Sender?

It was about ten in the morning when Mr. Wayne decided to take a snacks with Jia in her office. It had been a long while since they talked sincerely. They may had meals together,  dropped and fetched the kids together but it was always with another person around.

He had just stepped inside when somebody else knocked on the door.
It was Jerry again,  the florist of April's Flower Shop, who was paid and requested by the sender to personally bring the flowers to her. It had been every Monday for one year,  every three days after that,  and for the last three months,  it became everyday.

"Good morning, ma'am!  Another flowers for you. " He said with his usual big grin which extended up to his ears.

Jia laughed as his smile was contagious. "Is the sender not tired of sending that? It's been two 
years. "

"For a lady as beautiful as you, who would ever get tired? He even gives me  special instructions on how to arrange it every time. " This description of the sender made her feel she knew him.

Jia laughed again. "Had the sender taught you also how to flatter me? "

Jerry scratched his head and smiled awkwardly as his response.

"Jer, can you just tell me who's that mysterious sender, please? "

Jerry hesitated. "I'm sorry, ma'am,  but he's going to see you soon. "
She knew someone's contract was to end and he'd be coming home.

Jia nodded and smiled.

"Thanks, Jer.  And please thank the sender for me. "

When the florist left,  Mr. Wayne touched the flowers as she placed it  on her vase.

"Admirer? "

Jia was tongue - tied for a while. " I don't know,  dad. " Then,  she giggled. The bouquet was just too romantic today.

"I have long noticed the flowers everyday and I just thought you bought it yourself. " He said.

"It's been two years since I started receiving it. " She almost laughed out loudly again at the thought.

"From whom? " Mr. Wayne pretended to be surprised.

"Who else could he be,  dad, but I guess he's your handsome son! "

It was Mr. Wayne's turn to extend his grin up to his ears.

"How do you like it? "

Jia shook her head.  "If I am right with my guess,  I don't understand why he keeps on doing that. He's already with Miss Anna. "

"I don't think so. "

Mr. Wayne then beckoned her to sit down across him at a coffee table. It was beside the glass wall  across Jia's table which overlooked the streets below and the outline of mountains far beyond.

"Darling,  you have been too busy lately and so alone. "

Jia laughed. "Dad,  why am I alone? You are always here with us,  the kids,  Kuya Nap... "

"Dear, you know what I mean. You're still so young.  Don't let the loss of my son kill your personal happiness. Open up your door to someone else,  and if there's no one else yet, why not my other son? "

Jia got tickled at what he said.

"Dad,  what would the people say? That I'm swallowing your two sons because of greed? They know who you are while they also know where I come from."

"That's my mistaken thought before. If the turn of events were something else,  I wouldn't have known how priceless you are. "

Jia was moved that she felt her heart was pricked.

"Thank you,  dad. "

When Mr.Wayne left,  her thoughts went back to their conversation. She looked at the flowers and for the first time after two years,  she missed him again. For two years,  she had completely put him out of her mind due to her guilt. She felt that her whole lifetime wouldn't be enough to return Jim's love and thoughtfulness for her. Thus,  she swore,  to forever hold the banner of being  Mrs. Jim Wayne.

Where is Anthon now?  Had he lived together with Anna?  If she guessed it correctly,  why would he still send her flowers?  Perhaps, he just wanted to brighten up her days for the sake of old times.

While pondering on these thoughts,  her phone rang. It was Giselle.

"Jia,  our class reunion is finally going to happen. Jay , as our class president,  is working it out now since she's coming over for her vacation. "

"Really? " She said weakly,  not interested at all.

"Yeeees!  And Jia, I'm already printing the program. You will be giving an intermission song. " Giselle enthusiastically announced, leaving her no chance to refuse.

"My goodness,  Giselle!  What song will I sing? "

"It's up to you. "

"Is Anthon coming? " She asked,  because if he would be there,  then she would not come.

Giselle was quick to respond. "I'm afraid,  he's not.  His five - year - contract won't end yet by that time. "

"Are you sure? "

"Very sure. "

"Bye,  Jia. Thank you. "


"Yes. "

"May I ask something? "

"Sure. "

"Is Anthon married already? "

Giselle did not reply right away.  Anthon had not mention about his lovelife anymore. He didn't even mention Anna.

"Jia,  I'm really sorry. I don't know anymore. The last time Anthon talked about his plan was when he informed me that they were canceling the wedding.  And that Anna suggested that they would just live together,  hoping that in that way,  Anthon would be able to move on. "

"I see. "

Giselle's heart sank. She didn't understand why Anthon went back to finish his contract in Dubai now that Jia needed him the most. And she didn't understand why they were not giving themselves the fulfillment of their love,  now that they were both free.

Jia could no longer focus on her work now that Anthon sank in her head  again. Two years without him made her forget her guilt.  Two years without seeing him,  made her miss him again. Those flowers held no value before but why did her heart, lately,  felt tickled every morning as she anticipated the coming of Jerry? 
She decided to go to her OB - Gyne for an annual check up, instead. Those stacks of paper could wait until her mind would be tuned in once again.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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