I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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The Class Reunion

No matter how she tried to calm herself down, her heartbeats still went dubbing crazily. And to her disgust, drops of tears gathered  in the corners of her eyes and slid down fast, making her lost her focus. She laughed, brushed it away with a finger then made an apology.

"Classmates,  I'm sorry. I'm just overwhelmed with the memories of  high school days. " Her statement instantly sent up a ripple of laughter.

Her eyes,  unintentionally,  fell into Giselle who,  immediately, got carried away by her tears. As she watched her dabbing her face with a tissue paper, the more her emotion sailed off,  sending more tears into her eyes.

Someone ran up into the stage and handed her a handkerchief. She turned her back towards the crowd for a while to pat her tears away.

"Mr. Music Operator, take 2, please. "
She looked around with a smile then set her eyes down to gain focus.

As the music restarted,  she closed her eyes, trying hard to get herself into the song. It was a song titled,  "How Did You Know" , popularized by many artists like Chiqui Pineda and Gary Valenciano.

"I remember so well
the day that you came into my life
You asked for my name
You had the most beautiful smile... "

There was a complete silence as all eyes were glued on her while their hearts reminisced those bittersweet chapters of their high school days.

" How did you know
I needed someone like you in my life
That there's an empty space in my heart..."

Class Jade's hearts swelled once again into moments of feeling in love as the song revived those forgotten days which held  secrets about their young heart's puppy love and infatuations.

" I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way..."

As the song reverted into its chorus, Jia's eyes widened and her heart,  which had now rested, fluttered once again as she sawJerry coming up with a big bouquet of multi - colored flowers.

A note , which was attached at the bottom , was caught by the camera and displayed it on the big screen. And it said,  "It Is Still You In My Heart."

The crowd was brought into a frenzy as the last line of the song coincidentally responded to the message of the note.

"No words can express how much I love you. "

When Jia made a bow to signify the end of her song,  the crowd stood up at the peak of their frenzy state  and gave her those deafening rounds of applause. Suddenly,  one of them dared to shout,  "Jia,  who? " Soon,  all of them chorused the same question.

Of course,  she knew who the sender was. And she felt flattered that even at this event,  she was remembered.

After the dinner,  was the game portion,  and all were required to participate. Realizing that Anthon was not really there, Jia relaxed and willingly joined in all the games.  She was laughing her heart out for the first time.  Since Jim got sick,  she  already seemed to forget that such laughter could still come out from her.

She lost in many games and because of that,  the organizer ordered to punish her. The rule of the punishment was to set her into a blindfold then she had to guess the name of at least one of her three male classmates by touching their faces. If she couldn't make a right guess,  then she will be given another chance for the second set. Same rule would follow for the third set.

"Jia, listen to this. Please take a closer look at the nine of them before you will be blindfolded. Because, if you will fail after the three sets,  we will let you pick up a random number then you will kiss the most fortunate man who would win the lot. "

"Nooooo! That's too cruel!  "Jia cried in protest.

"It'a just a game!"

"Make a good guess,  then. "

"Can you please change the punishment?  Just let me sing! "Jia begged while laughing.

The organizer's eyes lit up with her suggestion.

"Wish granted,  Jia! Before you will kiss the owner of the random number,  you will dedicate a song for him first. "

"My goodness! " Jia giggled in protest. Who could ever imagine kissing one of his male classmates?

"Jia,  make one round of looking closely into the nine of them then let's start. " The organizer gave a firm order.

Jia then looked at all of them closely. Brian had large ears,  Jess had mole on his forehead,  Ed had earrings, Ric was curly - haired...

" Are you ready? " The organizer asked.

"Yes!  "

"Sure? "

"Very sure! "

Jia was then tightly blindfolded. Then,  the organizer guided her towards the first set. Jia then touched their faces .  She then recalled that Brian had large ears, Jess had mole...

However,  because of the awkwardness in touching them,  her memory suddenly went blank! 
The crowd then erupted into a round of laughter!

"Jia,  you may proceed to the second set. Please try to recall them. We had been great friends before so there's no reason that you can't make a right guess! "

Jia sighed and tried to focus this time. She then touched the faces of these second set. No matter how she tried to find the mole or the beard or Brian's large ears,  she really couldn't find!  The continous laughter of the crowd and their cheering set her mind again into a mess!

"Jia, focus!  Take a breath. The next set will be your last chance. " As the organizer cheered her on,  the more the crowd broke into hysterious laughters.

As Jia touched the last set,  the thuds of her heart were like the drumming of the cicadas on an eerie night. And as her fear set her thoughts into a turmoil once again,  she again failed.

The laughters and the teasing of her classmates were intensified that she was almost tempted to cry.

Marilyn Lucero

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