I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Too Soon



Anthon looked at her silently, scared of her possible answer.


"You're blowing my mind away! " She said as she held his left hand and placed it in her chest.

Anthon still remained silent as he felt her racing hearbeat.


"That's too soon! Let me first take a deep breath. "


Too soon?  So, it meant she's not refusing.  His heart that was now wrapped with fear,  slowly calmed down.


"I'll wait,  Jia. "


"I'm afraid."


Anthon knew that this was something sensitive and his proposal, indeed,  fell like a bomb to her.  It was just two years since Jim passed away and he knew that this may not be enough for Jia to recuperate. Aside from this,  his dad was a business tycoon and Jia may be afraid that she would ruin his image. For the people who did not know about their story,  it might appear that she married Mr. Wayne's two sons because of her greed for wealth.


"Okay,  just forget it." Anthon said,  brushing her hair away.


"Not angry? " She asked as she looked up,  feeling guilty at the hurt expression of his eyes.


He smiled. " I love you,  Jia. And I understand. "


"I love you,  too! " She uttered it softly,  thinking that Anthon wouldn't hear her due to the loud music on the background.


But to her surprise, he laughed and his eyes sparked in happiness.


"But I love you so much more! Thank you. " He closed his eyes as he hugged her,  holding back the tears which threatened to come out.


"I know. " She said as she hugged him back, resting her face on his shoulder.


Anthon then led her out from the dance floor and brought her to his car. He slowly pulled out of the parking lot and soon found their way towards the hills. Jia opened the window to get a clearer view of the wayside. It was very dark except for the lights of the few lamp posts,  as dark as her agony many years ago when she ran away from Anthon. Who would have thought that one day, she would trudge this road again,  with him by her side?

Once they reached Blue Whale Mountain Resort,  Anthon placed an arm around her.

"Feeling nostalgic? " He said with a smile.

She smiled back. "Why are we 
here? "

"I love it here. This place holds my most bittersweet memory of you. "

Jia laughed, never expecting that Anthon could be this sentimental.

With hands entwined, they walked towards the cottage where Jia placed her tent many years ago.

"Ton,  I'm afraid that you will build our monument here. " She laughed as she couldn't still believe how he valued memories like this place.

Amused at her realistic joke, he pulled her abruptly,  making her unprepared for his sudden capture of her lips.

"I would also record this and build a studio to keep those many videos I have of you!"

She pinched him once again, not realizing that it already became a habit.

"By the way, Ton,  what happened to Anna? "

"Forget her. "

"I want to know. " She insisted.

Knowing that she would never be at ease, he began narrating their story.

"I ended it up before she would became more miserable. And I heard that she got married to a family friend. "

"If you got her pregnant,  then perhaps by now,  you're already married. " Jia said.

"I never slept with her. You were my first. " He confessed.

"Liar! " How could she believe it?

"You would also be my second tonight! "

"Why?  Are you planning to put up a tent?" She laughed, now that she could already look back at the memory of their first encounter without a heartache.

"Why not? "

Soon,  they heard noise and conversations.

"What is it? " She asked. The place was too quiet when they came in.

"It's them. "

"Who? " She asked further.

"Our group,  with the addition of Giselle and Brian. "

She sighed. She knew that she would be again the subject of their teasings.

At the Wayne's House in Jian's Garden

It was a hot afternoon and the father and son stayed in the gazeebo by the garden for a talk.

"Ton,  what is your plan now that your contract had ended? "

Anthon did not reply right away as he himself was afraid that his dad might not like the idea of getting married so soon with Jia.

"Do you want to marry Jia but you just don't know how you would break it to me? "

"Yes, dad. " He said shyly.

"Do it as soon as possible. "

"The problem is Jia,  herself. "Anthon confided. "She's not ready yet. "

"It's not about her readiness. It's about her fear that your marriage would ruin our name. And besides, it is still two years since Jim passed away. " Mr. Wayne explained.

"Are you also thinking the same way? " Anthon asked,  wondering about his opinion in this matter.

" You knew about my mistakes before but believe me,  son,  I am now a different person. "

"Thank you,  dad,  but please help me convince Jia.  She's avoiding me again. "

Anthon's house was already sold and all his properties were occupied so he stayed with them, using the guest room.

"I will. " Mr. Wayne assured him.

Kuya Nap then joined in and soon their topics went anywhere as they were catching up those many things which took place during Anthon's absence.

Jia,  then, came in later to bring them food. As they were wrapped up with their conversation,  she just smiled and kept silent as she placed the food on the table. When she was done,  she turned to make a silent exit but Anthon caught her hand.

"Stay with us. " He said while he tenderly looked into her eyes.

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