I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Their First Night

It's actually a big, navy - blue tent , about 12 square meters in size. When she looked inside,  she gaped in amazement!  

It had a full - sized bed in an oak wood frame, an oak wood flooring,  and a rectangular navy blue carpet at the foot of the bed. It had white and pastel blue laces pinned from the center of the canopy which spread and hang down beautifully at the far end corners of the tent. It also had multi - colored, floral chandeliers at the four corners  with dim lightings and a breathtaking, blue- and- purple roses centerpiece at the small, oak wood round table in the middle side.

The sheets of the bed were also  combinations of white and blue microfibers which were magically -strewn  with white and blue petals.

"Ton,  did you ever sleep before this day? " Jia asked,  overwhelmed by such creativeness  and the overall work of arts from the wedding venue to the reception area and to this wedding night accomodation.

Anthon replied her with only a little laugh. "Do you like it? "

"Not only liking it. I'm actually so amazed by your skills. "

"If that makes you happy, then I am fulfilled. "

"I'm  overjoyed!  "

"Then, let's get changed so that we can  rest now. "

There was also another room which Anthon prepared for them. After a warm and refreshing shower,  they went back to the tent.

As they both lied down in the bed,  with Jia's head on his chest,  she, somehow,  couldn't help herself from feeling agitated. Although the light was dim and the whole resort was quiet, they were only covered by the thin material of the tent. Aside from that,  the door was left opened with only the net coverings being retained. From there,  they could get a good view of the sillhouettes of the city and of the stretch of slopes and trees below.

What if Anthon would finally take her down,  they could be seen or heard!  She shuddered at the thought...

"You know, I always dreamed about our wedding and it looked so real. " Anthon said while cuddling her.

"Hmmn. "

"And I even couldn't still believe that you are now my wife. " He exclaimed sincerely.

"Uh -oh.. " Jia's heart began to throb loudly.  She knew it!  This kind of sweet talk from a man would soon lead to her dreaded crime.

"Do I make you happy enough?" Anthon asked, as he gently placed her head on the pillow and  put one elbow down on the bed to support his head.

Dear skies! Her heart hammered louder...Next to this,  she could already guess it...He would start kissing her and then... Goodness!  The door is wide opened,  the dim lights were on...

She sharpened her ears, there might be movements outside the tent. She better catch the sneakers first!  Of course,  the people would likely peep because they knew it was their wedding night!

"Very happy. " She was a bit late in replying and Anthon started to wonder.

"Jia, is there something that bothers you? " Anthon asked while brushing her hair with his fingers.

She quickly replied,  her eyes remained focused on the door.

"Nothing. I'm just too overwhelmed. "
Her answer was true and honest but her heart was not in it. It was, instead,  vigilant to the possible sneakers outside the tent!

Then,  she thought of something to divert his intention. This was their first night,  and of course,  she knew he wouldn't let this slip away! 
So,  the best thing she could do was to keep on talking until he would get tired of listening!

She pulled his arm again and put her head on it and began executing her plan.

"Ton,  does Anna know about our wedding? "

"I have the keys of the resort and all the staff are on leave. " Jia's heart skipped a beat. Was she that transparent?

"You're not answering me. " She pouted, trying to play innocent.

"I am only addressing your 
concern. " He laughed and Jia's ears turned red.

"Hmmp! " She hurriedly turned to her side to hide her face. She's caught!

"Why would she need to know? "He said,  answering her question with a question.

"Then, how many times did you make love to her? " She asked and a pang of pain struck her heart.

She couldn't really accept the thought that he was wooing someone else. What happened to her ?Why did she ask?

"Every night." He teased,  sensing her jealousy against her.

She turned her back on him and curled up. She imagined his face, her eyes....and it really hurt!

"Ton,  let's sleep. I'm tired. "

Suddenly,  her plan to talk through the night changed. She just lost the courage and her fear disappeared. That 'every night' was just blowing her head away.

Anthon could read her through it all,
even from the very beginning. He,  then,  pulled her closer back to him,  laughed and pinched her nose.

"Come here. I love your little acts of jealousy."

She did not reply but she snuggled closer.

"As I said,  you were my first. And I couldn't wait for the second. So do not trick me off from it! "

She  suddenly got amused with the thought that she was caught and she giggled.

"How did you know? "

"You are my life so I can  see you through."

These flattering words once again! Finally,  she gave up and confessed her anxiety.

"Ton,  there might be someone around. I'm not comfortable. " She said,   her eyes squinted as she looked outside the door.

"Then let's put off the light. " He said as he stood up and blew off the candles.

Jia relaxed a bit but her gaze still fell on the door. Anthon got more amused so he zipped it off.

"I wish it will rain hard! "

Anthon couldn't help but smile. This woman had just too many excuses.

"So that you will not be heard? Let's play a loud music on! " He suggested, holding back his urge to laugh hard.

Marilyn Lucero

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