I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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But You Are Dead!

Jia glanced at her watch after she presented her last slide before the shareholders of Catherine Fields Group of Medical Centers. It was already four and Jian must had been waiting for her already. Anthon was  neither available to pick them up since he personally took care of a certain project outside the city.

She asked for a five minute break  before she would answer all  their questions. It had been eight years since Mr. Wayne fully entrusted the responsibility to her. And under her management,  Catherine Fields got an impressive and steady rise all throughout the years.

This meeting today was about their hosting for the launching of the new Hailey's Pill. She was giving them reports on how they would smoothly accomodate all the cancer patients who would be enrolling in the treatment course and what would be the estimated cost. Hailey's Pill still retained it's name but it was no longer in the form of a tablet. It would now be administered intravenously so that the patients would really come for the treatment for close monitoring just as how the rest of the chemotherapy were administered. Through this way,  product control would be obtained and proper administration could be ensured.

She glanced at Mr. Dale,  the representative of Hailey's Research Lab,  formerly known as Gracienne's Research Lab, and excused herself to make a call.

The Ybañez family granted Hailey the full ownership of the research lab as they ventured out into another business line. Demands for Hailey's Pen was still rising and new models were released through the constant innovation of Dr. Aijohn's new team.

"Darling, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting again. I'm stuck in the middle of a meeting. " Jia worriedly apologized to Jian.

"Don'r worry, mom,  take your time. Daddy is here. " Jian excitedly blurted out.

Jia sighed with a sense of relief.  Anthon was there? So it meant, he left early to catch up with the kids.Perhaps, he already predicted that she would be caught up in this meeting today.

"Take care of your sisters, my love. "

"I will, mom. "

After the call,  she went back for the open forum. In regards to topics which pertained the potency of Hailey's Pill,  Dr. Dale efficiently accomodated them all while in regards to the business side,  she did all she could to satisfy them.

Once the meeting was finally adjourned,  Dr. Dale came over to thank her.

"Dr. Dale,  please extend my deepest congratulations  to Dr. Hailey and the team. " She said as she extend a hand to congratulate him as well.

"I will,  Miss Wayne. "He graciously smiled back before turning towards the door.

As if she remembered something,  she called out. "Dr. Dale,  if you won't mind, may I ask if Dr. Hailey has remarried? " She asked but instantly regretted it. It was something very personal.

"Not yet,  Miss Wayne,  but we feel that she's getting married soon after this launching. "

She smiled and waved a hand to dismiss him.

When she went back to her office,  Anthon was already there. She fell into his lap and he, instantly,  treated her stress with a deep,  taunting kiss,  the way he always did.

He,  then,  stood up and gave her the bouquet of freshly - cut flowers from April's Garden.

"I love you more each day,  my love, and I will never get tired of loving you. " He said as he burried her mouth in his once again.

"I love you equally..." She also replied as she snuggled into his chest.

This was the scene that Mr. Wayne saw when he entered the office. Nevertheless,  he still went ahead. He already got used to this sweetness and display of affection for more than five years already.

Giving Jia a quick, last round of a kiss,  he stood up to hug his dad.

"Ton,  are the kids at home already?"

"Yes,  I passed by the school and the guard said that their dad picked them up so I presumed it was you. I also called home and they were,  indeed, there already. "

"I did not. Perhaps,  Nap picked them up. "

Mr. Wayne instantly dismissed the topic and asked another question. They had no idea  how nervous he was at the moment. He guessed that it was, perhaps,  Jim who picked them up.

Tomorrow would be the launching of Hailey's Pill and Jim would be coming home. He did not know how would they react and he also got no clue of Jim's plan. All he expected was that it would be very complicated.

"Darling,  would you be here tomorrow during the launching? "
Mr. Wayne fixed his gaze at Jia.

"Yes,  dad. " Jia answered absent - mindedly as her thoughts were still on the meeting a while ago.

He turned to Anthon. "Ton,  will you be here to support your wife? It would be chaotic as expected. We couldn't tell how successful we would be in controlling the people. "

But Mr. Wayne was not at all concerned with the people, even if there would be a stampede. What he was being worried about was how they would accept Jim's homecoming.

At the kid's school few hours ago...

Jim stood by the entrance of the school when Jian and his two sisters came up. They were withheld in the waiting area,  waiting for their guardian to pick them up. The school guard was new and he was not familiar yet with the faces of the parents and the guardians.

"Daddy! " Jian exclaimed as he saw Jim by the entrance, his feet were pinned to the ground.

"Your dad is here so the three of you may go." The guard carelessly released them as there were still many children in the waiting lounge.

Seeing that Jian did not move, Jianna pulled him hardly.

"Let"s go, kuya!  What are you staring at? " She said while she turned to hold her little sister.

"Jaimie,  fast! "

Jaimie ran to catch them up. "But where is daddy? " She asked as she did not saw him.

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