I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Hailey's Heart And Selflessness

In the sports arena of Catherine Fields Medical Center  - Phils which could accomodate 5,000 people,  thousands of cameras were flashing as Dr. Hailey and her team went up  the stage.


In the front seat where the VIP's and the dignitaries were warmly accomodated,  Dr.Aijohn and the  Ybañez family were anxiously watching Hailey. A mixed feeling of awkwardness,  pride and awe were dominating within them. She was a great part of them but they hardly knew her.


Next to them were all the Waynes. Jia couldn't help watching  Aijohn's reaction as his eyes were glued on Hailey and the team. She wondered how it felt to watch her ex - wife who was now taking his crown off as she stood  confidently and gracefully before  thousands of people who were around and billions of people who were watching through the live stream.


The lady of the ceremony then took  the floor as she welcomed everyone who were present and the people who were watching online. Then, she gave the floor to Dr Dale,  the person who was tasked to introduce the most wonderful woman who created the most potent cancer cure.


Dr. Dale walked in and with a smile, he picked up a microphone.

"To all. who are here and to the millions watching online, good morning! " He ran his eyes to all the people in the auditorium.

" I am tasked to introduce to you the most brilliant woman who has successfully discovered the answer  to one of the world's greatest need, the cancer cure. "

"But she asked me to tell you her name only."

" To our honored guests,  friends,  ladies and gentlemen, I am most honored to introduce you  Dr. Hailey Ybañez! Shall we all welcome her with our loudest round of applause! "


Soon,  a deafening round of applause roared all throughout the stadium as Dr. Hailey stood up before the audience.


Jia couldn't help admire her. She looked like Dr. Grace but if one would look at them closer,  anyone would find her more beautiful. Her eyes were gentlier but sharp, speaking of the brilliance which emanated from within. Her body was firmer and her curves more striking. And when she started to speak later, her voice was beautifully resonant and her words were delivered fluently. No wonder Aijohn almost died when she left.


" Good morning,  everyone! " She said as she ran her eyes around,  then lingered at her parents, Grace and Aijohn.

"First of all, I would like to correct the statement of Dr. Dale, the one who just introduced me. " She said as she turned to him.

"This discovery is not all my success. This is a concerted effort of my whole team which started ten years ago. In the first five years, Dr. Aijohn Sphere and the team made a great leap in history when they introduced Hailey's Pill and Pen. " She fixed her gaze to Aijohn who was astounded when his name was acknowledged.


"In the next five years,  we divided the task. I went on with the team to improve Hailey's Pill while Dr. Sphere focused on the innovation of Hailey's Pen.  The success of Hailey's Pill wouldn't be remarkable without the synergistic partnership of Hailey's Pen. They are like husband and wife, inseparable... "


Dr. Aijohn's heart and the rest of the Ybanez family seemed to burst with shocking surprise. Never did they expect that Hailey would be so selfless for attributing her success from the effort and production of Aijohn. They thought that he would be forever blotted out from the pages of science breakthroughs. No wonder why they were given a special invitation including the whole  new team of Aijohn.


"Dr. Aijohn and the whole Hailey's Pen team, please come up and let the whole world know you." She smiled as she lifted her eyes to the big screen.


Video clips were then played on,  showing Aijohn and his team assembling the parts of the first Hailey's Pen. Then,  the clips proceeded to the second model which was created after he was sent out from the lab,  and down to the latest model he and the team had just completed!


A dawn of realization came into them.  Hailey intentionally drove him out because of his marriage to her own twin sister. If he stayed,  Grace would have died of jealousy or insecurities in knowing that they were working together. Their marriage would have been on the rocks because they knew how profound was their relationship which was founded by friendship and shared dreams.


Aside from that,  Hailey knew ahead of his capacities. She had already foreseen his innovation of Hailey's Pen which continued to rise even with the closure of Hailey's Pill.


Aijohn's team were already marching towards the stage confidently when Aijohn stood up. To his more shocking surprise,  two of his team were pushing forward the latest model which they had just completed that week! They were walking confidently with pride and with smiles,  no trace of being surprised at all!  


As soon as he was on the stage with trembling heart,  he looked at Hailey with a questioning look. Hailey understood it and she turned off the microphone.


"Dr. Aijohn,  your team knew about this ahead except you. " She said with a big smile.


Aijohn looked at his team one by one who were stiffling their laughter. No wonder why they worked overtime and aimed at its completion on a fixed date!


The crowd filled the atmosphere again with a thunderous applause as Aijohn was left on the stage to give an overview of the latest model. He was shaking but the sense of joy and gratitude which welled up within him,  quickly made him composed and collected.


Soon,  he fluently explained the advantages of the new Hailey's Pen as if he was long prepared for his appearance to the millions of crowd today. When he ended his task,  Hailey gave him a smile and a lingering look telling him how proud and happy she was for him.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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