I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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Better Version of Hailey's Pill

When the video clip was ended,  Dr. Hailey gave the audience a lingering smile as she looked around.

"Five years ago, when Hailey's Pill was launched, it saved thousands of people from the horrible chains of cancer. However,  as humans are called to continously fathom the depths of God's infinite wisdom, Hailey's Pill had many limitations. Nevertheless,  it was still the best existing cancer cure. "

"Since it underwent hidden cruelties from an unknown force,  we decided to close its production until we could
find ways to make it better. "

"Our advocacy heightened after that,  our desire for something better increased with time. My prayers were heard and someone came along and commited his life to join us in this journey. We continued the research rigidly, burning our midnight candles, killing extra hours until our bodies cried out for rest. "

"The One who authored the creation of the intricate wonders of the Universe,  lead each one of us to discover His hidden wisdom in the dense forest and the deep waters in so short a time. Aside from that,  we are granted with another set of dedicated team who helped us in the processing and production of this miracle pill. "

"This morning, we are standing before you,  to introduce to you the better and more potent version of Hailey's Pill, as the means to stop the pain and agony of our people who are suffering from ugly and torturous claws of cancer..."

As Dr. Hailey shed a tear after her proclamation,  the people cried louder,  and those who were currently suffering from pain wailed in gratitude and victory.

"Ladies and gentlemen,  allow me to introduce to you my dedicated and devoted partner of this research,  Dr.  Jim Wayne. " Her eyes fell then at the widened eyes of Jia and Anthon.

A thunderous applause rounded off again but to those who remembered him,  were silenced and shocked. Wasn't he the heir of Catherine Fields? Wasn't he the son of the famous business tycoon,  Mr. Phyllis Wayne? Wasn't he burned by that fire blast?  Why did he disappear?

Jia almost fell off from her chair the moment Jim's name was mentioned.
And she almost died when he marched into the stage wearing a victorious smile. His eyes glowed with sparks of joy and triumph as he looked around but suddenly turned dark as it lingered on Jia and Anthon.

"To our honored guest,  to all of you who are present,  to the people around the globe,  and to my precious family,  good morning! "

"I knew very well that my presence here today is a great surprise, not only for my family,  but also for the people who knew me."

" More than ten years ago,  when my son was yet five years old, my world crumbled down when my doctor informed me of my diagnosis,  which was Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. 
I underwent into frantic treatment courses, badly wanting to be cured. I shouldered my pain and struggles alone because I didn't want my family to worry for me. I believed that with the existing advanced medical treatment, I could be healed. "

"For many times,  I pretended to work overtime,  everytime I was scheduled for radiation and chemotherapy sessions that my wife did not know that all along,  I was  wearing a wig. "

"I did not want her to worry,  her tears would have surely killed me ahead. "

He looked at Jia with misty eyes. She was already sobbing bitterly in Anthon's chest.

"Time came that I was no longer able to hide it. I, then,  refused to believe in any existing cancer treatment courses including Hailey's Pill. I had been into it and I was not thoroughly healed. If anyone still remember, we were also the host of the launching five years ago,  and I devoted a great effort and time to accomodate all the patients comfortably.  I made building expansions and purchased lots of Hailey's Pen."

" The irony of it was that I refused to be treated,  I had lost my faith. No one else could understand the fear and pain a cancer patient undergoes,  except those who are into the same struggle and bondage as we do. "

"I cried silently at nights when all my family rested for the night their frantic efforts to help me. "

"I cried silently watching my wife in my arms whose heart was also shattered because of me. "

"I cried silently everytime I watched my children.They were still too young to be left behind. "

"One time,  Dr. Hailey came to see me and offered to help me with her
yet experimental formula. I turned her down. Who would believe her?  My cancer cells were already widely spread and the pain was too fatal that I secretly took large doses of pain killers. "

"One time, while I was in the garden feeling the omen of my soon coming death,  my wife lost her control in holding back her grief. She went wild and wailed bitterly,  sending all the tables, chairs and flower pots in the air,  hurting herself... "

"I was too afraid and hurt with her bitter cry ..I could not imagine how she would mourn for me. All of a sudden,  I didn't want to leave them forever. To cut the story short, in the knowledge of everyone including my family,  I died in the fire..."

"Dr. Hailey patiently took care of me in an island far away from the civilized city.  I went into a comatose state for a very long time,  just as reflected in the video. " Jia sobbed louder,  why did he allowed someone else to take care of him? Why did he run and hide?

"I live, not  because of Hailey's Pill, but through a great miracle. I live because I am called to a higher mission to help the humanity to relieve their agony due to  cancer threats. Perhaps because I know how grave and painful cancer is  because I had been there. "

"Since then, I chose to dedicate my life into this research. Because,  I then understood my purpose and calling in this life, due to the fact that I miraculously survived and was unexpectedly linked into this quest for cancer cure. Never did I anticipate that I would be brought into this kind of dedication,  my line of interests was totally far from 
this. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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