I Just Can't Say Goodbye

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And They Met Again

A lunch buffet was prepared by the hospital management upon the request of Jia,  never anticipating that the event she had carefully prepared for,  the event which made her extremely occupied and stressed with, was an event that would gravely tore her heart apart.

"Jia,  let's meet him in the ante  room. Dad and kuya Nap are already there. " Anthon said,  as he wiped her tears away.

She did not reply and did not move. 
She was angry,  hurt and confused. In this revelation,  she was the one who was being torn apart. Jim was unfair!  How would she accomodate these two great and wonderful men who were both parts of her life?  Two men she had both loved in different times. Men who both became her husbands and fathers of her children.

Why did he have to hide and disappear? Didn't she promise him a lifetime loyalty?  She could have taken care of him and assisted him in his recovery. She could have supported him in his advocacy.

Yes,  she had always loved Anthon even with him around,  but it would not make her waver from her vow to be his wife forever.

And now,  he's making everything  complicated and difficult for her. Was he going to claim her back from Anthon?  She could not imagine hurting him, as well. He did great things for her and showed her many ways how much she was loved.  She loved him and shared the same  bed with him for already five years!

If he would come home,  would he just sleep in the guest room and imagine her being in the arms of Anthon?  Would he just imagine the days they were together?  

If he didn't hide in the first place,  they would have never get to the extent of getting married. And her life wouldn't have been too complicated!

How could he make her choose?  They were both loving her unconditionally and were giving their all to her. How could she hurt one of them with her choice?

Anthon helped her stand up and guided her as they walked towards the ante room.  When Mr. Wayne,  Kuya Nap and Dr. Hailey saw that Jia went inside,  they went out to give them time. Anthon went out together with them as well. He understood their need of privacy!

As soon as they left and locked the door, Jia punched him in the chest and wailed. "How could you do this to me Jim?  How could you hurt me with this surprise?  Do you think I am jumping for joy to see you again?  Why didn't you allow me to take care of you? Why were you always hiding many secrets? Was I a bad wife after all? "

Jia cried bitterly and she felt limply on the floor. Jim picked her up and hugged her tightly while crying loudly with her.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. The decision was sudden and I could no longer turn back. Countless sacrifices were made, to which I could not just take for granted.

"I came home five years ago but you were already getting married with Anthon. When I thought I would really die back then,  I begged him to marry you,  to love and take care of you. How could I retract from my words?  I didn't want to hurt him. "

"I saw  and heard you, Jia,  when you said you missed me on that time you frantically knocked on the car's 
door. That was one of my sweetest memories of you. "

So,  she was right. It was really him!

She cried harder in her frustration and anger.  She loved both of them in different times but how could she have them both together?  

Jim's  heart was shattered. He realized his great mistake. He realized the grave mistake of overdoing his selflessness and extreme generousity. This would have not happened.

When Jia finally calmed down,  he held her shoulders with both of his arms and looked at her.

"You're getting more beautiful, sweetheart. If only you know how much I've missed you! "

Without waiting for her reply,  he tilted her head backwards and kissed her hungrily, as if he was making up for those years he had been away!  Jia gave in and responded, forgetting the fact that she was already married to Anthon. Dear saints, she just missed him too badly!

"I love you,  sweetheart,  and always remember this,   I will love you always and forever. " Jim said as he released her. Then,  he stood up to open the door.

Jia was already sitting on the bench when Anthon came in.  She saw them hugged and cried and the more her heart was shed apart. She went out to give them privacy, as well. All she wanted at that moment was to look for Aijohn who was suffering the same fate as hers.

Dr. Hailey stood by the door and she just couldn't avoid her. She looked up and smiled at her.

"Dr.Hailey, thank you for everything! "
She said as she hugged her.

Before Dr. Hailey could reply,  she released herself  and made a hurried excuse. She then called up Dr. Aijohn.

"Ko,  please, I need you..." She started to cry.

"Where are you? "

"In the ante room. "

"Okay,  wait for me!"

In less than two minutes,  Aijohn appeared. And as he was about to usher Jia out,  he saw Hailey standing by the door,  watching over them.  

Aijohn paused, and in the next moment,  he walked up to Hailey.

"Hailey,  thank you so much for everything,  for your selflessness and for your thoughtfulness."

Jia watched them silently and wondered if they would also be as emotional as she and Jim.

"All in the name of love we had shared before. " She laughed, making Aijohn laugh as well.

Jia was surprised. She could see that there was no sense of bitterness and pain between them.

"I'm so proud of you. But you should be getting married as soon as possible. You have already fulfilled our dream... "

Hailey chuckled out  and nodded. "I will. "

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.08.2019

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